Free Spins Bonuses

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No doubt, slots are the main attraction that casinos can offer. And for good reason. There is a low learning curve, and you have good odds of winning too. But one other reason they are so good is because of this bonus: free spin bonuses.

What Are Free Spin Bonuses?

It’s pretty straightforward. These provided bonuses are issued for a wide range of slot machines. Or can be offered to newer slots. In short, you get free rolls on a slot machine game. Regardless, they are solid incentives for players to play slots or to try a new game altogether.

BetChan Casino
Bonus package $1,500 + 120 FS
Dunder Casino
$600 Bonus + 200 FS
BGO Casino
100% Bonus up to $300

The only real snag with this bonus is that it often comes with particular requirements. As long as these requirements are not met, you won’t be able to get any of the reward money you win. Because of this clause, we recommend reading the casinos terms and conditions about this bonus.

So How Do They Work?

While the concept is simple, how they work is different.

The conditions surrounding free spin bonuses vary from casino to casino. On top of that, how you get will vary as well. In most situations, a newbie will get this bonus upon signing up with a specific casino. Another scenario is this bonus being used as an incentive for loyal players.

While free spins certain are exciting, it’s also worth looking at the conditions around them. As mentioned above, the conditions might not be ideal or have restrictions.

Some restrictions can be that you are stuck on the lowest stakes, barring you from getting a jackpot from the spin.

Other conditions can be a wage requirement, forcing you to bet a certain amount before claiming any winnings.

Benefits and Downsides to These Bonuses

  • You get first hand experience playing slot machines for little risk. This can be good if you’re getting a feel for a new game or this is your first time playing.
  • The promos appear typically when new games are released, allowing players to try risk-free.
  • Free spins can add some change to a player who plays the game a lot.
  • The requirements of wagering can bar you from withdrawing winnings. Also this can pose as a higher risk of you losing money because you have to bet a certain amount. As such, make sure you’ve read everything about the promotions before accepting.
  • The fact it’s free can lead to players over playing and thus overspending what they originally intended. As always, we suggest you play responsibly.

What Types of Bonuses Are There?

There are three types of free spins bonuses. Below is a list explaining the types of offers casinos have.

  • Free Spin No Deposit Bonus - This one offers free spins with one major detail. In this bonus, you don’t need to deposit any money at all. That being said, there are higher wagering requirements since you’re not spending any money to get the bonus. This casino’s promotion can be offered in two ways in most cases: as a sign up bonus, or when a new game is released.
  • Free Spin Deposit Bonus - Similar to money matching deposit promotions, this promo is offered to players who deposit a certain amount of money. Based on the amount that’s deposited, you’ll be awarded an equivalent amount of free spins. This is a popular offer that casinos have as it allows players to play some of their favourite games for free. Also note that these deposit bonuses typically have no or lower wagering requirements. This is great for players compared to other bonuses.
  • Weekly/Monthly Free Spin Bonuses - The final bonus is free spins under certain conditions. As this bonus suggests, this can be awarded every week or every month. It’s up to the casino to decide. Regardless, this bonus is given to members who are loyal to that particular online casino. These bonuses can take the form of deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses in order to be claimed as well. What’s also important to note is the amount of these bonuses can range widely. Some offering between 200 or 500 free spins. Regardless, check the casino’s terms and conditions to get all the details and expiration of these types of bonuses.

Free spins are free money and you can’t really complain about that. But as always, be sure to check the conditions revolving around this promotion. Sometimes the conditions aren’t in your favour and getting those free spins aren’t worth it.

Free Spins FAQ
What are free spins?

Well that bonus in particular is certainly a nice one. As to best explain it, all I can say is that it’s exactly as it sounds. It is the ability to experience spins that are indeed free. Of course, these can only be used on specified online slots.

How do i get free spins at casino?

Unlike many of the other bonuses, these specific mechanics are offered up all of the time. You will be able to tell this by the fact that a large number of them will offer these on the side whenever you go and register an account with them. With this in mind, we know that some of them come in through welcome bonuses but casinos offer these on various occasions. For new games, they offer this. It’s also part of loyalty programs as well.

What casino site gives you free spins to win real money?

Considering the nature of this bonus, you can expect every casino you go to offer these to players.

What casino video games have free spins?

What specific games receive this special treatment of this mechanic is solely reliant on whatever the business decides. They’re the ones who decide what will get the bonus for whatever reason. As mentioned above free spins normally have conditions such as requiring you to play a new game or another specific game. If you’re looking for examples of specific games, they are often the establishments top-tier games. In other words, the games that most people will feel a pull towards.

Free spins no deposit keep what you win?

For as long as there has been gambling and casinos, there has been no such thing as that. So no. There is no such thing.


Well, it’s worth looking at the question you’re asking. First of all, a No deposit bonus is a promotion and marketing tool where the casino in question is freely and unequivocally giving you free cash.

What makes you think that these establishments would not only give you what amounts to free money followed up by free spins?

Sure casinos are pretty greedy, but even on a business sense it doesn’t make sense for a casino to ever do this. There are only two scenarios where this could ever happen. The first is these incentives are part of some loyalty programs and you managed to somehow get these bonuses.

The second is the casino has decided to do this anyway but they have very strict conditions and the rewards are incredibly low.

Outside of those scenarios there are really good odds that you won’t see this at all. After all, these bonuses are two separate and very different things.

How are people winning on online casinos with free spins?

They win by using the mechanic called free spins to be playing a game in which they are allowed to use this function. Not only that, but they are then meeting the conditions and requirements that are needed for an individual to be winning in that game.

Free spins when you sign up?

Is anyone capable of getting free spins whenever they sign up at certain gambling locations?

There is a good possibility of this happening to you, yes. That being said, the biggest determining factor is whether the casino offers this to their players.

Each business of course has their own agenda and specific methods that they would like to be pushing. That’s not to say that a business will never offer this to their players or as a marketing ploy. It’s more like their own preferences towards particular promotions they would use over that one.

Naturally, most places would offer this type of bonus.

After all, this specific bonus is not as one-sided as some of the others that are offered. With this in mind, you can expect many to offer either codes you can use on the side or as part of their bonus when you are signing up.

What is the online casino that is giving out 120 free spins that people have been winning?

Hard to say. As mentioned throughout this FAQ, these businesses have plenty of marketing sway with them and have many tools to use.

Because this bonus is part of it, you can be sure that many of the hundreds of established businesses can offer this.

To pinpoint to one specific one like that is difficult. That being said one that fits the bill is BetChan Casino.

What casino app was giving free slot spins as a promotional tool?

Similar to the previous question, it’s difficult to answer that specific question. Again free spins are things that many casinos offer as a promotional tool so people have lots of options.

To nail down on a specific place is tricky.

How do you get free spins on 888 Casino?

Similar to what was mentioned in other questions, these businesses offer them in various ways. In the case of this casino, you can get it through various means similar to any other place you might be going to.

You could get it as part of signing up with them.

You could get them through codes that other sites have provided.

Depending on how their loyalty program is structured, you might be able to get them.

Or you are attending a specific event where these are offered out for whatever kind of reason.

How to get free spins in Slotmainia Vegas Casino slots?

Again this kind of mechanic that’s offered would have to target those slots in particular or broadly. Whenever this promotion happens to be put up, it’s essential that you go and check the conditions behind them.