High Roller Casino Bonuses

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Everyone wants to be living the dream when they go to a casino these days. People are looking for bonuses and to be treated right. But some people want that in excess. If that sounds like you, you might want to consider becoming a high roller.

But is it worth it? What do you need to do to become one? We’ll be looking at all of those details while we look at these high rollers.

First off, becoming a high roller at any casino of your choice is not as easy as it seems. While there aren’t any sneaky requirements, the requirement that’s in place can be steep.

Best High Roller Casinos

Jackpot City Casino
Deposit Bonus up to $1,600
888 Casino
$25 Bonus + up to $1,500
Mr Green Casino
Claim $1,200 Bonus + 200 FS

In order to be a high roller, one must be making large bets on a regular basis.

It sounds simple, but this can be difficult for those who aren’t making much money outside of gambling. As such, we recommend people to gamble responsibly and only bet what you are comfortable with. Betting large sums that are above your pay grade on a regular basis isn’t going to be sustainable for long.

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After all, gambling has a risk and you could end up losing a lot of money and causing undue stress in your life.

But what if money isn’t so much of an issue for you and you can afford this? What awaits you?

First is the bonuses. While there is no high roller no deposit bonuses that casinos offer, there are various other bonuses worth considering. Considering the fact that high rollers are the largest patrons of casinos, the bonuses that are offered to these individuals are on a whole other scale.

Similar to the social classes we have, those who can offer more will be earning more in every manner. The only difference, in this case, is the high rollers aren’t cheating any kind of system since this status is based on money put into the casino.

Types of High Roller Bonuses

So what are these high roller casino bonuses? Well, they can be broken down to the following bonuses:

  • Ample of free spins. We’re not talking about a few hundred here. High rollers get access to likely larger amounts for free on the regular. Like other bonuses of this nature, these are likely geared towards specific games.
  • Another is through unique bonus codes. In many cases, casinos award codes to those who are routinely gambling. High rollers get the same treatment though the rewards will be larger, of course.
  • Additional bonus awards via links. Similarly to the bonus codes, high rollers will get more goodies in the form of special links.
  • Exclusive loyalty programs are another perk that high rollers can enjoy too. The prizes will range widely, but this program is separate from loyalty programs other casinos push.
  • The last is deposit bonuses. I said before there weren’t any no deposit bonuses, but there are certainly some when high rollers deposit more money. In many cases, these bonuses are repeated 100% bonuses.

The other thing to keep in mind is that this is only scratching the surface. These rewards are going to vary from casino to casino and some will offer things not even mentioned in this list. While that can sound concerning, that’s the case with the high roller. Why would a casino tell you every single perk from the get go? They’ll tell you enough for you to want to work towards it.

So if high rollers get fancy treatment with these bonuses, claiming the bonuses must be different too? Not quite.

Claiming these bonuses is nothing challenging. The challenge is getting into that section in the first place. That being said, when you get to this point, how you claim them depends on how these bonuses are offered. For example, for deposit bonuses, you’ll likely input a code upon deposit. For bonuses that are offered through links, it’s a matter of clicking the link.

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But that’s not a cause to relax. Sure high rollers are unique patrons and get way more perks; they are still very much players like all the other regulars. What I mean by this is that you still want to be checking the terms and conditions surrounding the bonuses.

Sure, you’re getting more, but the casino in all likelihood will be asking for more as well. It’s hard to know the specifics, but if you’re betting large, it’s to be expected the demands will be large too.

Other than that, there is nothing suspicious about high roller programs. They are all legitimate and will vary from place to place you go. The best way of knowing the more specific details is to join one and shoot for the high roller perks if you can.

High Roller Bonus FAQ
How to become a high roller at a casino?

It was covered in our review, but to become a high roller and receive a high roller bonus, one must bet large and often.

What does it mean to be a casino high roller?

What it means to be a high roller at any casino means that you’re one of the many large patrons in that casino. You’re someone who is improving the casino’s bottom line significantly because you are coming to the casino daily or on a regular basis and making a point of betting large sums of cash.

What happens with withdrawals as a high roller and using a bonus?

Of course, every casino has its means of withdrawing cash, and you’ll need to read the fine print. Some will have specific requirements like placing a specific number of bets. It’s the same sort of nature as any withdrawal process.

How can a high roller player affect the casino?

While a single high roller isn’t going to have complete control over a casino, the casino is still going to give you special treatment. After all, you are contributing so much to the point that if you stop gambling or you switch to another casino, they’re going to lose a good chunk of money. As such they offer these high-end perks to these individuals in order to retain them and keep them gambling.

How to find a good high roller casinos?

Finding a high roller casino is easy. All that you need to do is go to any casino, either online or offline. Pretty much every casino is going to have something in place for high rollers. As for what that is, it’s hard to say.

But it’s safe to say that going to any casino, especially the larger ones; then you can expect they’ll have accommodations for that.

Where is the high roller casinos in Las Vegas?

As mentioned in the previous question, high roller casinos are everywhere. In real-world casinos, there’s going to be sections devoted to these people. Regardless, each casino online or offline is going to have some program in place for high rollers.