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Author: Daniel Sinoca

Do you like to stake high and earn real money online? How would you like some preferential treatment while at it? VIP online casinos offer you the opportunity to enjoy both in the comfort of your home. VIP online casinos are renowned for the mouth-watering bonuses they offer their gamers. All you have to do to become a VIP punter is to drop some huge cash on games consistently. Then, you can enjoy the various VIP membership programs available. Some of which include unlimited access to personal VIP managers, faster payouts, and VIP bonuses tailored exclusively for VIP gamers.

Platinum Play Casino
$800 in Welcome Bonus
Royal Vegas Casino
Welcome Bonus $1,200
River Belle Casino
Deposit Bonuses up to $800

If you’re up for this and you have the cash to walk the talk, you might just continue reading. In this guide, you’ll see reasons you shouldn’t be a regular low-roller, some of the best VIP online casinos in Canada - especially those with the biggest and best bonuses. And finally, the benefits and downsides of VIP casinos.

You Get Preferential Treatment

Due to the massive influx of players into online casinos, it has become necessary for casinos to create unique VIP programs for the high-rollers.

Being a VIP player does make you special. Online VIP casinos reward loyal players with the magnificence of the gambling life - including first-rate customer service.

Online VIP casinos are restricted to players that can place high bets. So, if you’re ready to join the club, pick a VIP online casino of your choice and deposit at least $10,000. Bonuses will be given every time you deposit large sums of money.

Workings of VIP Casinos

It’s simple. The higher your wagers, the higher your chances of becoming a VIP member. While small-time players get rewards like free spins and so on, the VIP players are feted with the real money bonuses.

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There are a couple of stages in the VIP programs that players move through as they make bigger and bigger deposits. The regular casino player can only dream about the rewards that come with moving through the ranks.

The bonuses available to VIP players include:

  • Exclusive VIP bonuses.
  • Free spins to play your best slots.
  • Gifts and weekly rewards.
  • Faster withdrawals.
  • A personal VIP manager.

As a high-roller, these VIP casino bonuses are available to you at all times.

Top-Rated VIP Casino Programs

Some important features to consider before choosing a VIP program include ease of payout, the variety of games available, maximum security, mouth-watering bonuses, and excellent customer service. Since most VIP casinos offer all these, choosing the right fit it boils down to personal preferences. Anyways, here are 3 online gambling websites in Canada with impressive VIP programs.

Jackpot City Casino: A unique feature of Jackpot city casino is that they offer one of the best rates of casino bonuses (you can get up to $1,600 on your initial deposit). You are not compelled to stake high amount at once, you also earn loyalty points every time you bet on real money slots. The higher your points, the greater the bonuses and extras you get from the casino.

All Slots Casino: With over 500 games to choose from, this is certainly a casino to sign up on. On every deposit, you enjoy a 10% bonus. You can amass up to $450 each month with this great offer. Not only that, via the all slots loyalty lounge, the casino offers loyalty points to high-wagers. That is, the more you bet, the more your points and the higher your chances of becoming a VIP member. Once you’re invited into the VIP lounge, you get to enjoy special bonuses, customized gifts, and a support team to take care of your gambling needs.

BET365: This casino slightly differs from others in that you go through fewer stages to becoming a VIP gamer. The stages include bronze; the stage where you get a rate of 100 points for every currency unit. When you hit 50,000 points, your initial bonus of $50 becomes claimable and it can be spent on real money games. It also grants access to other rewards and extras. Silver; silver status is attained when you get 150,000 points at a conversion rate of 85 points per unit of currency. $100 claimable bonus and additional prizes. Gold; the highest stage of the VIP program is attained at 500,000 points at a rate of 75 points per unit of currency. $350 bonus is awarded and personal access to VIP managers to attend to your inquiries.

VIP Casino Player Requirements

VIP memberships, despite their lucrative benefits, do not come without their own downsides. It is imperative that you high-roll responsibly. Here are the benefits and downsides to consider before becoming a VIP member.

  • A Personal account manager that serves as customer support and provides answers to all questions.
  • Exclusive bonuses and offers like no-deposits, multiple sets of free spins and free money to spend on casino games.
  • Faster payouts: VIP members do not have to wait up to a week to withdraw their winnings like regular members.
  • Lower wagering requirements: regular members have to re-invest their bonuses for a specific number of times before they can be withdrawn into their bank account. This principle is less severe on VIP members as they have higher chances to get their money even before they lose them.
  • VIP members need to spend extravagantly as huge deposit is required occasionally to relish the full benefits of VIP online casino.
  • There’s a need to retain the VIP membership status by playing with real money continuously as membership can be withdrawn if playing ceases.
  • Since VIP members stake large sums of money, they may carry emotional burdens if things are not going their way.

Vip Casinos FAQ’s

How to earn vip status in online casino programs?
Earning VIP status in online casino programs often involves a consistent commitment and an active playing schedule. Here’s how you can typically achieve this coveted status:

  1. Regular Gameplay: Most online casinos reward active players. The more you play and wager, the more loyalty points you accumulate, which can eventually lead to VIP status.
  2. Loyalty Points: Many casinos have a tiered VIP system based on the number of loyalty points earned. You usually gain points for every dollar wagered, and the number of points required for each tier will be outlined in the casino’s loyalty program details.
  3. High Deposits: Some casinos confer VIP status on players who make large deposits. If you’re a high-roller, you may quickly achieve VIP status.
  4. Invitation Only: In some cases, VIP status is by invitation only. The casino’s management reviews player activity and personally invites those individuals who meet their criteria for VIP status.

Keep in mind that each online casino may have different rules and requirements for their VIP program, so it’s important to read the guidelines and terms provided by the casino. It’s also crucial to remember that being a VIP comes with responsibilities, such as practicing responsible gambling and complying with all of the casino’s rules and regulations.

Who are offered VIP programs by online casinos?
Players who stake higher bets are offered high-rollers or VIP programs as special packages for being valuable to the casino.
How to join a VIP program?
Some casinos only allow existing gamers with high loyalty points access to VIP programs while others grant automatic membership as soon as a certain amount of money is spent.
What advantage do VIP players have?
They get treated specially on bonuses and rewards like free money, multiple free spins, faster cash outs, a personal account manager, etc.
Which casino offers the most beneficial VIP programs?
All online casinos have their terms and conditions sections that can be referred to, to know their best VIP casino list which is regularly updated.
Is a minimum deposit required?
VIP membership requires depositing some amount of money depending on the casino of interest. Some casinos require huge one-time deposits while others allow installments.
What is the difference between the VIP programs and regular games?
As a VIP member, you can get more bonuses, more free money and free spins hence, more winnings. These bonuses aren’t available to regular players.