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Slots Online Canada is a one stop games spot for everything casino games and  free slots. Not only do we review the companies, but we provide some of the web’s most popular video slots. Not to mention including demo versions of games from big name studios: Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming, Play’n GO, Net Entertainment, Amatic, Big Time Gaming, GameArt. The list goes on.

If you are new to playing slots online then you might not be aware, but there is an immense selection of slot machines to choose from, depending on where you are playing. Some casinos are closing in on 1,500 slot games offered in one casino. To say the least, going through all of these to find the best slot machines will take quite some time.

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PlayAmo Casino
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NightRush Casino
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On this page we will list the latest new online slots releases and list the reviews we have done of them. Given that there are so many slot machines created nowadays we are bound to miss some of them, but we will try to get up reviews of them as soon as we can. Please let us know if there is a title that you would like to check out a review of, want a free play version of or any other questions you might have.

The reviews that we provide go into look at the background of the company and explain the nature of their games. Our reviews cover special features and companies uniqueness too. We review the best slots and companies around so you won’t have to.

Lucky Blue
Fruit Million
Aloha King Elvis
West Town
Bonanza Billion
Big Bass Bonanza
Sugar Rush 1000
Gates of Olympus 1000
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With how much information we provide, our goal is to keep you informed. We want you to save time by choosing the best online slots around. It’s why we work hard on providing free demo games so you can play test and find winning strategies with no risk.

Free Spins Casinos

Slots Canada also provides reviews for casinos as well. We look for the best free casinos you can find. This gives you an independent selection of trustworthy sites that’ll challenge and expand your range of games.

There is actually a large range of free online casinos and each have their own compelling offers. Like with entertainment companies, we reveal the most important information to you. From the games to the incentives, we leave nothing up to guesswork for you.

We find this to be beneficial for starting players as there is little risk to the player. Signing up to a Free casino will earn you free demo credits. Furthermore, the approval process is short and you get immediate access to all the casinos games. Once you’re comfortable, you can open a real money account and begin playing.

Latest Slot Game Releases

Here we will compile a list of the latest online slot machines that are coming out on the market. This list will feature the most recent ones that we have taken a look at and given our impression of. Note that this does not mean that we are able to cover all the titles that are out there and might miss someone here and there, but do not worry, we are trying to cover as much ground as we can, and as soon as we can!

It would be a good idea to come back here when you have the time to check on what is going on with the latest releases. Usually these have better graphics, more innovative gameplay and cool new features, but as with everything, not always the case. Therefore you can let us do the leg work for you and find out if the slots are worth their salt or if you should look elsewhere.

Our list of the Best Online Slots

This list ranks the top 10 online slots out of all the slot reviews that we have done over the years. This is mostly our subjective, but also some objective thoughts on the different machines we have looked at. You should see if there are any of these you like the look at based on the logos and maybe check out our review or play it some for free before you make up your mind. There is a lot that goes into a casino game and you should see if it ticks of your fancies.

Here is a list of some of the features we take a look at when we rate online slots:

Return to player - This is very important to us, and should be to you as well. The lower this rate is, the faster you lose your money playing the machine, simple as that. We place a high value on higher return to player (RTP) than almost any other feature, but this is usually adjusted according to how popular the other features on the machine are.

Features - With high RTP you can play for long, but if the game isn’t fun, you wouldn’t want to keep on anyways. That is where features come in. If there is little to no interactivity, bonus rounds, free spins or anything else to separate it from other slots, then we likely will not favor it much. But note that there are exceptions to this rule with some simple machines like Mega Joker which is a simple slot, but still quite fun. However, usually you will find the feature rich machines to be the most fun.

Graphics - It needs to be pretty to look at for us to bother as well. Now with the way technology is racing away it should be no excuse anymore to make boring games. Hell, they even have 3D slots on offer now! If you can’t be hassled to create some decent graphics then our money will be placed elsewhere.

Jackpots - Although this kinda goes under the features tab (which is a big banner), we like to plug this in one of its own. Progressive jackpots are really something we value a bit high here, maybe unreasonably so, but it is part of why we love slots so much: the thrill of maybe scoring big. Let us face it, it is very unlikely to win big on slots if you are not hitting a jackpot, and thus one should be present for us to consider playing it. So this is a must for the best online slots in our book.

Often having a jackpot or progressive jackpots is offset by the fact that the RTP is quite low in return, so this makes it a fairly even tradeoff for our sake of reviewing here, but if you don’t like to have jackpots (or don’t care either way), then maybe look for our higher rated, non-progressive slots to find one to your needs.

Paylines - The more the merrier is often stated and here is another place it fits the mold. We love to have plenty of paylines, that gives us plenty of chances to win! Not really, but it feels better to have so many chances of bonus rounds and big wins. Again, this is a bit of a subjective one from our side, but after doing some surveying it looks like others kinda agree with us.

What’re The Best Slots Around?

While you have all this information, there is still one question left: what is the best slot for you? And all we can say is that depends on a variety of factors. We’ll provide the information of course, but it’s up to you to determine whether it’s worth it or not. Whether you are experienced or starting out, there isn’t a definition of the best slot around. Each one is the best in their own way in the eyes of a player.

But the beauty of having a site like this is the option to try the slots for yourself. The flexibility of choice and to do a trial run risk-free is a great benefit. That being said, here is some general information of the type of slots you can play.

Video Slots

If you’re a gambler, you’ve heard of video slots no doubt. This site is a video slots provider in a sense. The idea behind this is that now players don’t need to go to a casino and use real money to play the games they love. This site amongst many others offers players an option to experience video slots while at home.

Video slots is the overarching concept of slots being online and available through the internet. They are as exciting, fun, and give you those strong emotions like any other slot.

Classics Slots

Classic slots have been around since the 19th century. They are the foundational games that all gambling is built upon. So while there have been massive updates and changes in the industry, these slots haven’t been ignored. In fact, with HD, 3D, as well as modern free video slots, you can experience the classics yourself. Nostalgia for players is one of the two big hooks for these games. The other hook is that they are not at all complicated to play. The objective is clear, the design is simple, while still exciting.

5 Reel Slots

The main game you’ll find in casinos across the world. And for good reason too. When they were introduced, they slowly replaced 3 reel slots as the main staple game for slot machines. Today, both developers and casinos have their attention on 5 reel slots. With new 5 reel slot games being released every week, there’s a lot of excitement behind them.

The big reason they are so popular is the developers have more space to work with. 5-Reel slots introduced additional features like extra spins, higher awards, and random jackpots. There are all kinds of incentives that hook a player in. Each 5-reel and software provider has its own unique features to help them stand out. Few people complain about these games.

3 Reel Slots

3 Reel slots are more or less an upgraded version of the classic slots. With a few changes, these play the same as any classic slot machine. These too were in bars and they were tough to remove. Slots were originally banned on so many cases, but people’s love and passion for these games kept them around. These one-arm bandits were what turned the casino industry upside down. Then they evolved into the classic slots we have today.

Real Money Slots

When you’ve tried the various free online slots, this is your next option. The beauty of a site like Slots Canada is your ability to experience those other slots for free. Once you get an understanding of the principles and features, you can try your hand at the real thing. Naturally, we don’t encourage you to immediately pick these slots. This is a serious decision. Only go for these slots if you know the features and nuances connected with playing slots online.

With thousands of games available across a widespread of casinos, this is a safe environment for gamblers. You can test your skills and experience the game in a safe environment before playing for real money.

Free Slots FAQ

What are the options for great slots?
Each player has their own views for what is a good slot. Our answer is honestly it depends. It depends on what you are looking for. It depends on how much experience you have. There are several factors, after all, each game is good in their own way for each player. Our suggestion is to experiment. Look at what appeals you, take a few spins risk-free. Once you have an understanding of the game and features, then you can decide if it’s for you or not.
What are free slots?
They are exactly as it sounds: free slots. In most cases, these are demo games where you can’t lose or win any money. This is a great way to be familiar with new mechanics and features, try out strategies and more.
What are the best free online slots?
The best answer we can provide is that it depends. While many sites like this will provide the information you need upfront, the final decision to determine what is best depends on your emotions and other factors. What sort of factors are there? Well experience plays a role but there are other things like story, gameplay, payout and more. The beauty of free slots though is the fact that you can try out a wide variety of slots at your own leisure. This will help you to determine what is the best one for you.
Why do online casinos offer free slot games?
They offer free versions of their slot machines in the hopes that you would like to try them for real money at one point. It seems to be a very good marketing tool for them and many of the free players sooner or later gives it a go with real money as well.

Just remember that you never have to play them for real money, but some like to switch it up between playing for fun and gambling other times.

Take me for example: I love to play with real money, but let us be real, if I played for real money every time I wanted to play the slots I would probably be dead broke. It is a very expensive hobby, so therefore I dabble with the free versions from time to time.

Where can I play slots online for free?
There are hundreds of sites to pick from. From the online casinos themselves to other sites that showcase and review slots. There are too many to list off here but as mentioned you can go to any online casino and will have the option to try online slots for free.
How to play free slots?
To play them, it’s best to learn about what they actually are. And free slots, well, are what it says on the box. These are entirely video slots that you can play for free. These can be found with virtually any video slot you’ll stumble upon, but to play free slots there is one step that’s needed. When you go to a video slot online, you’ll likely be given two options. To play free slots, you want to be selecting the free mode. After that, you play the game as usual. While in this mode, you can’t bet so you won’t win nor lose anything. That being said, the game is often a preview, allowing you to get a feel for mechanics and features.
Why do people play free slots and not for real money?
I have already mentioned a couple of reasons, but there are other ones as well. This is not an exhaustive list, but a couple of reasons we have seen for why people do it:

  • They do not like to lose - Some are aware that the odds is stacked against you when playing against the casino and thus do not want to risk any of their money on a losing proposition.
  • They do not have the money for it - Most people have money, but there are not all that many people that have enough money for all the bills AND enough money to splurge in the casino on top of that.
  • Because gambling is illegal - Not all countries allow you to gamble online and thus some are forced to simply play for play money.
  • It’s fun - I guess you could see this one coming, but slots, for free or real money, are soo much fun. I might be a bit biased coming from a site called real money slots, but it is one of my favorite relaxing activities.

You will probably encounter others that play for totally different reasons, but we find that these are the most common ones for the popularity of free slot games.

If you have any slot games that you want us to take a look at we would love to have your request. Please get in touch with us and let us know if there is a machine you recommend that we play and review!