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The number of popular online casinos is well over the hundreds. But what’s more important is what goes into the most popular online casino in the first place? Today, we’re going to answer that.

Casinos Which Made It

First off, it pays to look at the casinos which have already “made it.” And while there are many, here are but a few examples of online popular casinos with free play:

PlayAmo Casino
Get Bonus $1,500 + 150 FS
LeoVegas Casino
Bonus Offer $1,000 + 200 FS
Mr Green Casino
Claim $1,200 Bonus + 200 FS

The list can go on for a long time as there are so many names of popular online and real money casinos. But that doesn’t quite answer the question, right?

Elements Of Popularity

When digging further into the most popular online casinos Canada has to offer; you’ll find each of these casinos has a particular air to them. Indeed, these gambling halls have specific elements to them. Those elements are:

  • They’re highly reliable. What this means is that amongst players, these casinos pay out a lot to those who play. It’s not to the point that you’re playing to win, but the opportunity to win money is still high.
  • The second element is honesty. Popular casinos have become popular because they help people solve money problems. It shows they value customers and their reputation over purely making as much money from people.
  • Another important element is that they are safe. Not only do real gambling es, but they’ll check the games and developers they are working with. They’ll ensure the games have security certificates, are data encrypted, and more. On top of that, they’ll also be running a tight ship security-wise as well.
  • The fourth element is reputation. Mentioned above, reputation is a big thing, and reputation can stem from a variety of places. The biggest is from the opinions and reviews of others. By no means will you find only positive reviews. If you do, then it might mean the casino is running paid reviews to mask anything bad.
  • The final element is luxury. While we think of lavish establishments, it’s hard to evaluate what luxury is for those online. It’s really simple as it can be boiled down to a handful of traits. Things like the interfacing of the site, the software it is using, how relevant the games they offer, the various bonuses, and lastly, the reviews and support.

From here we can start to see that the most popular online casinos around have a specific formula to them. That much makes sense when you start to look at their loyalty program as well.

Loyalty Programs Fit In There Too

Loyalty programs that are offered on the ground and VIP levels can boost popularity in a huge way. Part of that is because the casino is focused on that formula: serving the clients and giving them the most advantages while still staying profitable.

All of this leads back to the elements mentioned above.

These programs are part of their brand and offer a certain level of luxury or exclusivity.

The programs created boost the reputation of the company and can be used to push a theme. Unique bonuses and things like that can allow popular gambling establishments to be known for those things.

They also ensure safety. After all, if the place was holding back when people claimed their rewards, there would be a concern. The fact they are following through means they stand by everything they tell you. From “we will always be diligent about offering rewards” to “our systems are secure, and we verify the games that we introduce to our players.”

These programs also exude honesty and are insurmountably reliable. Again these companies are following through with their promises from these programs. This all leads back to their reputation.

Popular Online Casinos FAQ
What is required of me when I’m signing up for popular casinos?

All you need to do is prove you are who you say you are. For this, you’ll need to have some government-issued ID and only when you are depositing or withdrawing money.

Are there any online popular casinos with a free play option that I can try out?

The casinos that were listed above - as well as any casino you stumble upon - should have this option. The reason that’s the case is that casinos offer a series of games to their players.

And those games themselves will have demo versions, allowing people to try for free with no risk. The only thing to note is that you won’t be able to win any money by playing for free.

Are you able to play games free of charge?

Yes. But again, you’re not going to be able to win any money. Not only that, but good casinos will offer what’s called virtual cash. This is cash that’s used solely to practice the various games with no risk.

Are there any specific programs or software needed to play at casinos?

Aside from what was mentioned above about identification, the other thing you’ll need is the Flash player plugin. If you’re going mobile to gamble, you’ll need this plugin for your browser or phone.


As you can tell, the games that a casino picks up from developers isn’t what makes a gambling establishment popular. While that plays a role, the more important aspect is how they interact and engage with the people who come in and check the place out.

They have a precise formula that clearly works from every aspect of their business.