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The original slots that started it all. Appearing at the end of the 19th century, these have shaped the gambling world into what it is today. Largely popular to beginners and experts alike. Furthermore, you’ll find these in most online casinos. But despite their large popularity, don’t mix these classics to modern free video slots.

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Since modern free video slots, 3D and HD slots entered, classic slots have shifted out. Still, casinos store these classics in because some players like the benefits these games brought.

Classic Slots History

So why do casinos keep classic slots around? Why do companies keep develop these classic slots? Well while there are some downsides to these games, there are several upsides. The most notable is these games are simplistic in nature. This simplicity has won over many players. They prefer a low learning curve compared to other games who have additional features and more complex strategies.

It sounds odd, but you only need to turn to the fruit machine slots for proof. These slots were the original slots and they dominated the market. In fact, at the turn of the 20th century, this was likely the first machine people saw and played. It’s these machines specifically that have earned the title of classic slots. It’s because every classic slot created after those machines follows a similar formula. These slots have the iconic plums, lemons, and cherries.

But as we said, you don’t want to be mixing up these slots with different types. Players who play these slot machines today can notice additional features. Examples are mystery symbols in Head or Tail games or the Joker being a Wild Symbol in specific games. You also have progressive jackpots in some classic slots.

These features take a new spin to something old. They can provide the same kind of excitement as other modern slots. Pair that up with our reviews of these slots, you can uncover the specific features that makes these slots so exciting for other players.

Best Classic Slot Machines Online

Classic slots don’t have many differences from game to game. Save for a few features and presentation, they are the same. That being said, there are some developers that continue to impress players with these type of slots.

If you’re looking for fun developers, companies like NetEnt, Bally, Playtech, and WMS are solid choices. You also want to be paying attention to IGT’s slots as well. That company sets the bar for what the slots should be looking like. Some other notable companies are Microgaming and Aristocrat. They have had experience developing these games and it shows.

If you’re looking for specific games, here is a brief list to look at:

  • The Hot Shot and Quick Hit. Product from Bally.
  • IGT’s Double Diamond and Triple Diamond.
  • Bullion Bars by Novomatic.

Try These Games for Free and Online

Now that you have some options, do consider trying these games out. Thanks to online casinos housing these games, you can play these games for free and for little risk. As soon as you get into these slots, you’ll find there is a wide selection of these. So be sure to read up on these individual games so you’re aware of the features.

What’s also important is that these slots don’t need to downloaded to play nor do you need to register an account. This means that you can jump into the game smoothly and with little hassle on your end. Of course, if players are familiar with these games, you can always make an account and play for real money. We aim to provide the best for our visitors.

Classic Slots FAQ

What are classic slots?
If you’re not aware, there are all kinds of slots out there. From free slots to 3 reel and 5 reel slots. Where classic slots falls into this is that these are the “classics”. These are the slots that started the whole slots industry. These slots you’ll find everywhere and in online casinos as well, but don’t mistake them for actual video slots. Yes, they’ve certainly been modernized, but they are pretty much the same in terms of features and feel to the original ones in the 19th century. They remind many of the players who first saw these machines as their first time gambling. This is where the classic stems from.
How to play classic slots?
It’s simple. Place your bet, spin the slots and hope that you get the proper symbols you need. Each slot has their own sort of unique mechanics but each one at the base level works in this fashion.
How to win classic slots?
Depending on the game there are various win conditions. In most cases it’s matching a certain amount of symbols on the various pay lines you’ve bet on. The higher the bet, the more pay lines that are available for you to win.