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Author: Daniel Sinoca

The internet age is constantly evolving and has brought about an explosion in the kind and number of services available on our computers and mobile devices. Online (or virtual) casinos now ensure that you don’t need to visit Vegas to get that Vegas-feel. Right there on your phone, you can access a wide variety of slots and various other games of chance. You can actually play some of these games for real money. As a matter of fact, online casinos have been shown to offer better odds compared to traditional brick-and-mortar brands.

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As it is with internet raves, there is a huge competition among the myriad of online gambling platforms that are available here in Canada. Also, there are a lot of unreliable bad eggs who have disappointed gamers in the past and can’t be trusted with your money.

Our job here is to provide expert reviews to help you navigate the jungle that is the virtual gambling industry in Canada and to make the best of your experience. So, if you want to stay ahead, keeping up with the best deals in the industry, make sure to read our reviews.

Playing for Real Money Casinos

In the beginning, online casinos did not involve real money. Players then simply played for fun. But many thanks to advances in gambling software developing, you can now stake and win real money in the convenience of your room. Most brands offer competitive real money bonuses and other offers to attract members. There are a couple of things to watch out for when choosing an online casino for real money in Canada, let us be your guides.

The Best Online Casinos

There are a lot of them in Canada competing for your attention. Coupled with the fact that there are a lot of criteria to assess each of them for, making a choice could prove quite difficult. No need to panic, we have done the research for you, check our list and reviews of the best online casinos in Canada to make your choice. We have made sure to include only those that make payouts of real money winnings in relatively short periods.

New Online Casinos

Every year, different new brands spring up in Canada. They bring with them new updates and better deals. As expected, some of them are frauds and unreliable. Here, it is our duty to protect you from them by keeping you adequately informed. More importantly, we work to keep you aware of the tips needed to take advantage of the various benefits put up by 2019’s new online casinos to earn real money.

The Best Vip Online Casinos

Every human craves special treatment. If you can afford it, you can be treated specially even in online real money casinos. As a VIP or high roller, you are entitled to a slew of benefits and they vary between brands. The best VIP casinos often provide benefits like increased limits, exclusive games, priority customer service, and prizes. We are here to help you get the best deals possible.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile gambling apps and websites, usually available on smartphones and tablets, target gamers who may not have access to computers or who prefer the smooth running of these sleek, smaller devices. Check out our expert reviews on these mobile casinos to help you make real money playing on the go.

Live Casinos

In live casinos, you get to wager real money in real time with live dealers. Thanks to recent development in gambling software programs, you can comfortably interact with them using video stream. This provides an experience more realistic than regular virtual gambling. To play and win real money on live casinos, we have prepared a couple of important tips for you.

In summary, you can rely on our reviews and guidance to help you understand how to avoid pitfalls, win real money and make the most of your gambling experience.

Online Casinos FAQ

What are online casinos?
The internet is constantly growing and changing our lives. It’s also brought forth a wide variety of innovation to a slew of industries. One such industry is the gambling industry with something that’s called online casinos. Online casinos are exactly what they sound: casinos that are purely online or have an online element to them. This is important to note as some physical casinos have been going online and have some games online that they offer to their patrons.
What is the safest online casino in Canada?
Determining the safest online casino in Canada is subjective, as it depends on various factors such as user experience, licensing, and security measures. However, one option that often garners positive reviews for its safety and security is Jackpot City Casino. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and certified by eCOGRA, Jackpot City Casino offers a secure platform with SSL encryption for transactions. It also promotes responsible gambling by providing various tools to keep users
What are the best online casinos?
The answer can best be summarized as: it depends. Indeed there are many top rated casinos, but ask any player and you’ll get different answers. That’s because each person is different and has their own experiences. The best online casinos around are the ones that you would personally enjoy. And that’s not really a cop-out. There are a wide variety of factors that come into play to determine what’s the best casino. From the games to the service, payouts, withdraw and deposit options, and more. All of that matters and it’s hard to tell on an individual basis.
How do online casinos work?
Think of it as a casino in your pocket. Because that’s literally what it is. An online casino is something that can be access from any computer from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. How it works is simple. All you have to do is sign up and start playing whatever you feel like.
How to win in online casinos?
Winning in online casinos boils down to the games you have to work with and playing them. If it’s slots, you win by matching up symbols. For table top games, there are distinct rules to each game that are outlined and understood by all the players at the table.
Why are online casinos based in Malta?
That’s because Malta is the first country of the EU to regulate online gambling. Since casinos need to be regulated, this same is applied to online casinos. Malta was the first country more or less to start regulating the gambling websites.
Which online casinos accept Paysafecard?
The amount varies from country to country, but here is a short list of 15 casinos that do allow PaySafe as an option.
Why do online casinos offer bonuses?
Not only do casinos offer bonuses to first time depositors and players, but there also may be loyalty bonuses or other bonuses granted during specific times. Why they offer this boils down to marketing. The goal of a casino is of course to run a profit and how they do that is to provide more reasons for players to come back and play. Because online casinos have the luxury of convenience, it stands to reason players will be visiting more often automatically. Bonuses are such a way to give players a reason to come back to the casino and continue to play. Even if that happens to be for a few minutes or a half hour a day.
What online casinos are legal in Canada?
As mentioned above, casinos are regulated and online casinos have the same rules and regulations. While there are some differences, the general rules about them being regulated and having to operate in certain boundaries still applies. Of course some still fall in the crack, however if you check review sites of various casinos, those sites only show off casinos that are indeed legal, regulated and verified.