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There are all kinds of casino games available to try out. Below we explore what we have in detail, some trivia, and more.


Roulette has been around for a long time, as such it’s one of the most simplistic games around. It’s a highly relaxing game. In fact, it’s so old it was invented around the 18th century! Gambling was so simple then, grasping the rules is simple. The same applies to any kind of version of roulette as well, especially online roulette.

Fun fact, did you know roulette had French origins? There is actually a French word called Roulette which means wheel in English. Because of that word, we have an iconic wheel design that roulette is known for.

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Because the roulette has such a deep history, casinos today must have a roulette of some kind. It’s a game that so many players enjoy having. And while it’s not as flashy as slot machines or make you think like in Blackjack, it brings people in. It’s basic rules and designs make it easy for players to go to a casino and play.

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And when it comes to online roulette, it’s no different. The only different now is online you have access to three “types” of roulette: American, European, and French.

Regardless the rules are all the same no matter what you play. Place your bet where you think the ball is going to land and that’s it. The wider the net you cast the better odds of winning you have, but the smaller payout. The more specific your bet the higher payout you get but more risk of losing too. Roulette is simple and online is no different.


Looking for something simple, but more complicated than roulette? Look no further than the strategy game: blackjack. Blackjack is incredibly popular and has more strategy behind it. Blackjack is so popular that over half of casino game developers have designed an online blackjack game.

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The goal of blackjack is simple: you’re dealt two cards and your objective is to reach exactly 21. Blackjack is simple in that way. But where strategy comes in is when your cards don’t match 21.

In online blackjack, you have two options: either hold the cards you’re dealt or for the dealer to pass you another card. This is blackjack’s strategy element. After all, you could exceed 21 and lose. But in terms of strategy, that’s all there is. So blackjack is a small step up from roulette.

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Blackjack was first published in a 1778 Russian book. It was widely popular there that we now associate this game to the relationship Russians have with the number 21. It makes sense when considering this fact.


With new technologies surfacing, baccarat is becoming one of this century’s popular card game. Growing in popularity over blackjack, online baccarat makes you think more. However, it’s also a calm game, much like roulette.

First of all, baccarat has two types you can play: large and small. On small tables, the dealer deals with 6 decks of 52 cards. This can only mean that a typical baccarat deck has 312 cards. Big tables follow the same rules, but there are 8 decks this time and three people at the table. One’s the dealer, the other shuffles the deck, and the other collects the chips from wins and losses. The third person on the baccarat table is known as the caller.

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The objective of baccarat is simple: reach 9 points. It’s kind of like blackjack, but the pointing system has changed. Aces are worth one while tens, and face cards are worth nothing. The rest of the cards are worth what’s on the card.

Online baccarat still has the same kind of strategy as online blackjack on the table and off the table. You want to pace yourself with your money. Once you’re on the table, you want to bet wisely and play with some strategy.

Baccarat is a game you want to play lightly and contemplate your moves to some degree. It’s not as intense as video poker per se, but baccarat still demands some thought. Figure out how much you want to bet before you sit down at a baccarat table. Pace yourself as much as you can and consider when to keep or move on to other things. This ensures baccarat will be fun for all.

Video Poker

Out of the many online games, video poker is likely the first game to hit computers. From small handheld devices to now being available on computers, video poker is incredibly popular. Like blackjack, many game developers have created video poker games all over.

Video poker got it’s first draw in 1979 and grew in popularity during the 1980’s. It’s more complex than roulette, and has more strategy than baccarat for sure. It’s this reason why many people turn to play this game.

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Poker, in general, has been around for a while, so when technology came up, video poker was easy to implement. Today, many developers have video poker of some kind. However, video poker is more of a watered down version of the original game.

How is video poker watered down? Well in video poker, you are dealt five cards. From there you are free to draw from the deck and discard one card. The goal is to have a strong hand by the end. It’s watered down in it’s simplicity when compared to poker. Still, video poker has more strategy to it than baccarat as you’re pulling from a smaller deck.

Because you’re pulling from a smaller deck, video poker - along with baccarat and others - makes it a game of skill. Because there is a certain level of skill involved. When should you discard a card? What card should you discard? You can predict a little bit, but there is still a mystery. You don’t know the player’s hands and therefore all the cards in the deck.

That being said, there is still some strategy behind the simple online video poker game. Read more about it in our other video poker page here.

On top of that, if the risk element of video poker is too much, you can always play for free. The beauty of online casinos is there are free versions of these games. You can play with little risk and get the same kind of experiences.