Online Casino FAQ

The issue of online casino

Online casino is either a website available in the browser or software, which can be downloaded to your PC (or the other device). Both variations allow playing various gambling games such as slots, roulettes, cards, lotteries, and plenty of others.

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Is it possible playing with the real cash?

As in the majority of the casinos, it is allowed gambling both for fun and for the real money. The game with the real bets will be available after the deposit is made.

If you desire to try the casino and your abilities in a fun game, it is vital to know that the RNG (which is a random number generator) is different in the case of the real bets. Winning lots of cash in a fun game can be misleading. In a real game, the winning might be less.

Are the gambling games fair? Is it possible to win the casino?

It is possible to get lots of money playing in an online casino. However, it is vital to understand that it is impossible winning in a long run. The only exception is a 7-figure jackpot.

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All the games are fair if the casino has a license.Remember that the winning strategies do not exist.

Do any unfair casinos exist?

Today, there are plenty of websites, which just pretend to be casinos in order to steal the players’ money. Any chances to win or withdraw your money do not exist.

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You can easily define them. The key features are poor design, low-quality games, and extremely big bonuses, which seem to be unreal.

License Casino (FAQ)

There are cases, when such fake casinos are very well-developed, which makes them hard to figure out. First of all, it is required checking their physical location and license. Such data must be available in the bottom of the main page. The other variant is to get the information via the live chat making a corresponding request. If it is impossible to receive the data, the casino is more likely to be fake. Thus, depositing the money to it is dangerous.

Technical issues
How do the slot machines operate?

If you play in a popular casino, the games will work on the software produced by the developers and on their servers.

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The most famous slots developers are: Microgaming, Play’n GO, Playtech, Novomatic, and the others.

The gamblers always receive certain returns of their deposits to a particular slot. The casino itself does not influence losses or winnings.

It is necessary to mention the progressive jackpots. The jackpot itself can vary. The slot machines with jackpots have a common pool, while the jackpot is a part of the deposits invested by all the gamblers.

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In the situation with the fake casinos, the games are controlled by the servers of the casino itself.

The managers of such recourses can control: payments, bonus roundsthe, return rate, etc.

The greatest number of such casinos applies the scripts software. If you still want to try playing on one of such resources, it is better to find the reviews of the other gamblers on the Internet on the reputable sites.


Only after this, it is safe to make a deposit.

What is RTP in a slot?

RTP defines the general percentage of the deposited money, which the slot machine should return to the gamblers. For instance, if RTP in a slot totals 95% the return will total $0.95 for each $1 invested in a long run. The highest RTP rates are offered in the slots created by NetEnt and Microgaming. They total up to 96%.

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How to select an online casino?

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Several criteria

If you want to find a good casino on the Internet, it is necessary to follow several criteria:

  • The resource has good reputation among the Internet users, it has no dark facts concerning its history or problems with the withdrawals
  • The online casino is licensed and has a real physical address
  • The resource is allowed in the country of your residence (otherwise, you won’t have a chance to withdraw your winning, the only option available will be the return of the deposit)
  • There’re bonuses offered by the casino, which are available for the players from your country of residence
  • There’s the first deposit bonus offered in the casino
  • The resource supports various payment services (including the ones you apply).

Additional issues, which should be checked when selecting an online casino, are:

  • The period of withdrawal (how many days / hours each way of withdrawal takes)
  • The sum of the deposit (minimum / maximum)
  • The preferable currency
  • Availability of extra bonuses and cash backs
  • Loyalty program.
Registering an account and making a deposit

The form is usually understandable for every user. It is important to make certain that the data you give is fair and correct. Otherwise, the troubles with the withdrawals might occur.

Registration and personal information security

The casinos guarantee the confidentiality of the personal information you enter during the registration. The data is required in order to confirm the identity of a user. The detailed information on the issue is always presented in a privacy policy.

With any difficulties concerning the process of registration, it is possible to contact the support service. The quickest way is to use a live chat.


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Before making a deposit, it’s necessary to select the most appropriate way.

Among the popular methods, there are:

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To make a deposit, it is necessary to follow the instructions on the screen. The money is instantly deposited to the account. After that, you can start making real bets.

Bonuses in the online casino

The bonuses might give you extra money and free spins.

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There are several types of them:

Deposit bonuses include free spins and extra money. The biggest bonus’s usually given for the first investment.

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No deposit bonuses are provided by some of the casinos. They might be awarded on a manager’s decision or after the registration.

Tip: if you lose lots of cash, you can write to the support service and ask for free spins or no deposit extra bonus.

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Cash back is a refund of money, which has been lost during a certain period. If you, for instance, lose C$ 200 during one week, you’ll get C$ 10 (if cash back totals 5%).

How to choose a bonus?

It is advisable to observe all the bonus terms before you accept a bonus.

The following things are of importance:

  • The requirements (the sum of money, which a gambler must wager before he/she can be allowed withdrawing the funds)
  • The time, which is given for the fulfillment of those requirements
  • The biggest amount of withdrawal
  • The biggest bet (there are certain limits, which cannot be exceeded with the bonus funds)
  • The restricted slots (there are games, which are forbidden the bonus money).
Wager issue

A wager’s a multiplier displaying the number of times a player should make a bet with the bonus funds before the withdrawal. The average wager totals up to 40. The larger the value of wagers is, the more complicated it will be for you to meet the requirements. It is better to select the bonuses with the lower wager.

It is vital to focus on the issues described above. If the bonus terms are violated all your bonuses and winnings might be concealed.


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Why should a user verify an account?

The account verification is required to allow the players withdrawing their money. It might also help prevent the access to the casino for the people who are underage and avoid the creation of several accounts by one person.

Casino profile

What is required for verification?

The following documents are necessary to verify an account in the online casino:

  • a photo or scan of a user’s passport
  • a photo of a card applied for the payments
  • a utility bill or any other proof of a user’s location.
Which problems can occur?

The delays of payments

The payment might be delayed in any casinos (even the most reputable ones). If a user regards all the terms and has a verified account, the withdrawal will take only a few days.

The majority of the casinos the payments of the considerable money amounts in order to avoid the loss of money by the user. It is recommended to wait for the stated period and not to play the casino during that time.

The account termination and blockage

The user’s account can be blocked only in a case of the violation of the online casino terms.

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The violations can be:

  • the creation of multiple accounts
  • the usage of unreal data during the registration (incorrect name, address, etc.)
  • the abuse of the casino’s rules.