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We decided to dedicate our article to one of the most popular card games of the century - Online Baccarat. Its popularity is growing thanks to new technologies, such as online services, tablets, smartphones, etc. Let's take a look at what this game is and where it comes from.

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Punto Banco is the Spanish name for one of the oldest European card games, also known as “baccarat”, “chemin de fer” and besides “macau” and “nine”. Today it is a very popular game in the casino of the whole world, notable for the fact that the biggest money is played in it. Due to its aristocratic origin, the game has retained its special ritual, stiffness and mannerism, which are so appealing to real players.

Among the million card games, it is baccarat that occupies a worthy place among all popular board games. We are confident that the online industry will make this kind of card leisure more common and recognizable throughout the modern world.

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James Bond, secret agent of the British service MI-6, who has a license to kill, preferred baccarat to all card games. In this game, which requires composure and endurance, he instantly gained over his opponents the psychological advantage necessary for victory.

Rules of the game

Let's give a little attention to this old game that captures the hearts and souls of millions of gambling men and women. We want to show you the basics of this game, and we assure you that you will not remain indifferent.

Baccarat Table

The online casino has two types of tables for playing Punto Banco - large and small. Tables have special markup. In the game on a small table, 6 decks of cards of 52 sheets from two to an ace are involved, which form a "big deck" of 312 cards. On the big table 8 decks are used, so there are 416 cards. A large table is usually served by 3 dealers: one gives out the winnings and swaps chips, another shuffles the cards and collects the lost chips from the table, the third moves the dealt cards across the table using a special paddle called a pallet. The third dealer has a special name - "caller", because it is he who loudly announces combinations of cards and names the winner.

Card value

Aces are scored at 1 point, kings, queens, jacks and tens - at 0 points, the remaining cards - according to their rank (for example, eight - 8 points, two - 2 points). Card suits have no meaning.

Card combinations

The sum of points on several cards is calculated, as mathematicians say, modulo 10. In other words, only the last digit of the sum is taken into account and tens are discarded: for example, cards 9 - 8 give 7 points, A - 6 - 3 - 0 points. The maximum possible amount is 9 points. The minimum is 0.

How to properly manage your money when you play Baccarat?

Despite all its mannerisms and seeming complexity, the game is extremely simple. Each player can bet either what Banco wins or what Punto wins or that there is a draw (Egalite) - i.e. that the points Punto and Banco will be equal.

Online Baccarat NetEntOnline Baccarat by NetEnt

The range of bets - minimum and maximum - is indicated on each table on a special plate. Usually on Punto and Banco bets from $50 to $2,000 are accepted in online casinos, on Egalite - from $20 to $200.

Punto bet is paid one to one. The bet on Banco is paid one to one, too, but from this bet the institution keeps in its favor 5 percent. The bet on Egalite is paid in the ratio of 8:1. It is understandable - the equality of points does not happen often.

The ability to determine where to bet in baccarat is half of the success. Determining where to put your bet, decide how much to put. It is no secret that many players risk more than they can afford. This inevitably leads to collapse.

Here are some simple universal rules which will help you avoid losing money and prolong your enjoyment of the game:

  • do not play for other people or borrowed money;
  • before you sit down at the game table, decide how much you can risk today;
  • decide how much time you can flirt with fortune;
  • divide your money into bets which you plan to make in each round of the game and control their spending;
  • it is not bad, if during the game you will postpone a certain percentage of the winnings or even the entire winnings;
  • use the opportunity to "jump off" provided in the online casino, i.e. leave the game, breaking a solid sum.

This simple strategy of "common sense" will give you a chance for the same money to get a big dose of adrenaline from enjoying gambling, without the risk of losing everything.

Also we would like to say a few more general arguments about the Case and Luck:

  • Do not play against the casino. It seems to us that we have convinced you of the futility of it;
  • Fight the Event! Respect your fortune, even when you finish the game without winning and losing. You have already won, because when stayed with your money, it means that fortune has not turned away from you, it is still on your side;
  • Do not despair. You can not win every game you played. Winning or losing some night is not very important in itself and should not affect your game. Think about the total gain at the end of the year or month.

In online baccarat for money, the third card is distributed automatically. If a player has no more than 5 points at the first distribution of cards, the third card is issued to him. If more than 5 - no. The banker receives the third card automatically, if he has no more than 4 points. If a banker has 5 points in cards, he can receive another card only if there is a certain amount of points in the player.

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It cannot be said that there is a certain win strategy for the game of online baccarat: a lot of things depends on the will of the case, since the distribution of the first two cards is unpredictable and is determined by a random number generator. Players most often bet on the “bank”, since online casinos always has a certain percentage of advantage. But the choice is still yours.

Live Baccarat

Online Baccarat is one of the most famous games which is most often played in the VIP rooms of casinos from Monte Carlo to London and Las Vegas. This is a favorite game of secret agents and supervillains, and it can often be seen in spy and action movies. Now you too can join this legendary game without leaving home. You can always try to play live baccarat at many online casinos with real dealers and real cards.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat can offer you:

  • Realistic casino atmosphere;
  • HD video shooting;
  • Cute dealers who will be a nice addition to the wonderful pastime.
Mobile version of Baccarat

Mobile version of online baccarat must be personally tested by all its fans. It is all good: graphics, interface, rules and so on. There is no flaws at all. There is even a complete translation into any language. But it all depends on the manufacturer of the software.

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There is nothing complicated in baccarat, it is impossible to make a mistake in this game and give the casino a chance for a serious advantage. Fortune decides everything. The main thing is not to put on a “draw” or do it as rarely as possible. Most people make bets "at random" and it can also be a fascinating exercise, besides profitable, for such properties lots of people like card games.

We recommend that you carefully select your gambling house, learn the rules, and enjoy the process from the card game itself. It is not by chance that agent 007 himself devoted a lot of time to playing Online Baccarat free from secret missions.

Baccarat FAQ
How to play baccarat online?
Baccarat is another game that varies from online casino to online casino. Considering it’s a classic form of gambling you can expect this game to be tucked away in most casinos.
How to win baccarat online?
You win by giving the game a try. Since baccarat is a game of chance there is no skill involved and winning boils down to the same principles as betting in roulette and on slots. You try it out and if it doesn’t work it means probability was against you.
Where is the best place to play live dealer online baccarat?
There are all kinds of options to consider. Some of the top recommended are places like Spin Casino, Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune amongst others. Considering the game is a classic in casinos, it’s to be expected that you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. The only difference to consider is looking at the bonuses and assessing the casino itself.