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Author: Daniel Sinoca

You’ve probably already heard about online casinos. Now, you're probably curious as to what differences there could be between them and mobile casinos. They both provide remote gambling services. But online casinos have been designed to be exclusive to PCs, while mobile casinos are adapted to work on tablets and mobile phones. So, whether you’re bored at home or you just need a distraction in a meeting, you can easily play a few slots on your phone and make money while at it.

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Granted, some features of full-fledged online casinos are absent on mobile casinos due to the graphics and processing limitations of these devices. Still, nothing beats being able to play and win real money on the go. Interested already? Then you should continue with this post.

Should I choose Mobile Casinos over Online Casinos?

Online casinos are usually PC-based because more often than not, the games require processing abilities not feasible on smaller devices. Besides, to properly experience some games, you need to view them using large screens typical to PCs. Nonetheless, constant innovation has ensured the emergence of mobile casinos, tailored to fit into small screens. There is a catch though, these devices don’t pack as much power as PCs. As a result, mobile online casinos usually have a reduced game catalogue than online casinos.

How do they work?

Mobile casinos are either app-based or web-based. If you choose one that is app-based, you only need to install the app and you’re good to go. And if you prefer one that is web-based, you have to visit their website to play. And thanks to recent improvements in webpage publishing, the gameplay is hitch-free. Most online mobile casinos are adaptations of bigger parent casinos online. Since you probably already hold an account, you only need to log in to play. The methods of deposit and withdrawal remain the same.

What kind of devices can I use?

This usually differs across brands. But, generally, the most reliable brands have platforms covering both Android and iOS devices. However, it is important to note that differences in device specifications may induce differences in gameplay. Furthermore, some web-based mobile casinos’ webpages cannot be displayed on phones and therefore, can only be played on tablet devices.

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I will advise you to get good Wi-Fi before starting a session of mobile gambling as cellular service might be unpredictable.

What about bonuses?

You probably are already familiar with the ‘bonus culture’ of virtual casinos. You’re probably keen on knowing whether their mobile adaptations have similar offers. Yes, of course. The regular bouquet aside, mobile casino users get special bonus offers. All the more reason to try, right?

What kind of games can I play?

Generally, mobile casinos operate smaller game catalogues than conventional online casinos. Usually, they have 10 games. Towards ensuring that their users are all catered for, they usually provide options from the major game categories. So, whatever your preferences are, you can be sure to find a game that suits you.

A couple of platforms host live-dealer games. We know that hosting them requires hi-tech infrastructure. And, owing to the obvious limitations of mobile devices, only some of the biggest names in the industry have successfully developed the capacity to host these live-dealer games.

Mobile Casinos in Canada

Mobile casinos are mostly adaptations of parent online casinos. As you’d expect, the biggest names do not compromise on quality. So, if you’re new to this, you should stick with a brand you’re familiar with.

In fulfilling our obligation to you, we have taken time to curate the top 5 brands in the business in Canada. They include familiar brands like BetChan, Ruby Fortune, Royal Vegas, Betway and Jackpot City casinos. They all run on both Android phones and iOS devices. JackpotCity, Spin, and Ruby Fortune offer dedicated apps for Android OS and iOS.

Mobile Casinos FAQ
I heard about casinos can go onto our phones. What are these things you call mobile casinos?

As you are no doubt aware, technology has advanced and has started to change the industry as we know it. Through these advances, casinos have been able to move from a building to online. And now, they have the technology and the opportunity to make a leap from computers and desktops to mobile phones. Because of this, you’ll find that many online casinos have mobile versions to them. As for what casinos are on mobile it’s hard to list every one of them. After all, with this technology so readily available, many companies have taken the leap.

But if you are looking for examples, some that come to mind are Jackpot City, LeoVegas, and NightRush.

How many casinos are on mobile?

As mentioned in previous question above, that’s hard to give exact numbers. Again, technology is vast and casinos are all at various stages in their growth. Some will have the money to move to mobile while others may trail behind a bit. That or new casinos might make their first appearance on mobile. It all comes down to business decisions.

All that being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that any larger casinos have the capacity to move to mobile quickly. It’s a given that particularly large and well-known casinos likely have mobile options today.

What are some of the best mobile casino games that I can play?

When it comes to the best, it all is a matter of opinion. As mentioned time and again that’s subjective. Why it is boils down to the goals that you have.
Not only with gambling in general, but also with your goals when it comes to the casino that you are going to on a regular basis.

What exactly is your aim? Are you looking for the best bonuses that games have to offer? Do you want an immersive story that you can get lost in? What does the words great games or best games mean to you?

As far as the games go, it’s hard to pinpoint what would be the best option for you. However if you are looking for some kind of lead, you are best to consider the casinos that were mentioned above.

What are the benefits of playing on my mobile device?

Playing casino games on your mobile device offers numerous benefits, enhancing your gaming experience significantly:

  1. Convenience and Flexibility: Mobile gaming allows you to play your favorite casino games anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether you're waiting for a bus or relaxing at home, your favorite games are just a tap away.
  2. Game Variety: Most online casinos nowadays are mobile-friendly and offer a vast selection of games for mobile players. From slots to poker, roulette, and live dealer games, there's no shortage of options.
  3. Promotions and Bonuses: Many online casinos offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for mobile players, giving you extra value for your money.
  4. Seamless Experience: Modern mobile casinos deliver a seamless gaming experience, with intuitive interfaces, high-quality graphics, and smooth gameplay that rivals desktop play.
  5. Security: Reputable mobile casinos use the same high-level security protocols as their desktop counterparts, ensuring your personal and financial information is safe.
  6. Integrated Features: Mobile casinos often leverage features unique to smartphones and tablets—like touch controls and device vibration—to enhance the gaming experience.
What is the best mobile online casino game with a no deposit that I’m able to use and to win real money?

This type of promotion is hard to come by and isn’t massive. Because of this, you will be hard pressed to find a real gem in there, let alone finding a no deposit bonus that’s worth taking advantage of.

But despite the difficulty, if you want a easy and straight answer, one option to consider is the 888 Casino. This highly reputable establishment has one which is solid.

How many casino players use mobile?


Are mobile casinos safe to play at?

Yes, mobile casinos are safe to play at, provided they're licensed and regulated by reputable gaming authorities. These entities ensure the casino operates fairly and transparently. Moreover, trustworthy mobile casinos utilize advanced security measures, such as SSL encryption, to protect players' personal and financial information. However, players should also take precautions, such as keeping their devices secure, using strong passwords, and only playing on secure, trusted networks. It's also recommended to regularly update the casino app to ensure you have the latest security features. Always check the casino's licensing and security measures before signing up to play.

With mobile casinos, is it possible to keep any or all of your winnings?


Where can I find reliable mobile friendly casinos reviews as well as news?

There are several credible sources to find reliable reviews and news about mobile-friendly casinos:

  1. Casino Review Websites: Websites such as Casino Guru, AskGamblers, and Slots Online Canada provide comprehensive reviews of mobile casinos. They evaluate factors like game variety, software quality, customer service, and security measures.
  2. Gambling Forums: Platforms like Reddit or specialized gambling forums are excellent sources of user-generated reviews and experiences. They offer real-time insights from active players around the world.
  3. Industry News Sites: Websites like Casino News Daily, iGaming Business, and Gambling Insider are reputable sources for the latest news, developments, and trends in the mobile casino industry.
  4. Social Media: Follow your favorite casinos on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, promotions, and news.

Always ensure to cross-check information from multiple sources for a balanced view, and remember to gamble responsibly.

What mobile game provides casino rewards?

Because the mobile versions of casinos are based on actual online casinos, they’re going to be offering the same sort of bonuses and rewards through their games. The casinos mentioned above are ones that offer solid rewards.