Statistics of Online Casino Players – Mobile or PC?

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The last few years an increase in the popularity of mobile casinos has been seen in the world of online gaming. This happens because smartphones are becoming an integral part of the life of every person.

In addition, development studios offer innovative solutions that can provide a unique gaming experience for both PC gamers and those who prefer mobile platforms.

Mobile gambling spread when the Apple iPhone was released. As soon as the company launched an application store, online casinos began developing mobile slots, video poker and board games that were easily launched using gadgets. Mobile sports betting services turned out to be equally popular, as bettors got the opportunity to bet, sitting right in the stadium, at home, or even on public transport.

Why are mobile online casinos becoming more and more popular?

We offer to consider the main advantages of the game in mobile casinos.

  • Convenience

Firstly, this is convenience. A gamer can play his favorite game anytime, anywhere. There is no need to constantly sit near the computer. For many people who prefer mobile gambling platforms, this aspect is decisive, because for most players, gambling entertainment is a way to relax, unwind and be distracted.

  • Security

Mobile betting sites use a security and equity rating technology of the same type as regular online casinos. You can be sure that your information is safe.

  • Bonuses

Mobile casino bonuses are one of the most attractive aspects for many players. Since mobile online gambling operators are still at the initial stage of development, such interactive casinos provide players with a lot of bonuses, the purpose of which is to attract traffic to their sites. Players can get free chips, free spins and great deposit bonuses.

  • Variety of games

When casinos first appeared, gamers didn’t have many variations of games. Over the years, everything has changed: now everyone has access to slot machines, video poker, board games, even games with live dealers on mobile devices.

888 Mobile Casino

However, mobile interactive casinos have some drawbacks. They also need to be designated.

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Cons of mobile casinos

  • Small screen

This is perhaps the most significant drawback in mobile online gambling. Managing the game interface on such a small mobile screen is not easy, and if a person has poor eyesight, it is almost impossible. Accidentally pressing the wrong button can not only cause irritation, but also cause loss of player points or money when performing an incorrect operation.

  • Limited functionality

Despite the fact, that the mobile online gambling industry is actively developing, and the range of games is growing, the functionality and entertainment of the game cannot be compared with its PC version. Here you can hardly customize the slot so that you can get maximum pleasure of gameplay. In addition, in the mobile version of the game, you will not be able to fully appreciate the quality of graphics, sound and animation effects.

  • Lack of demo versions

In many mobile casinos, players do not have the opportunity to evaluate the demo version of the slot. Sometimes it is necessary before playing for real money.