Exciting game: Dream Catcher Lucky Wheel

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In 2017, a world received a new product for a live casinos segment of industry of gambling. Evolution Gaming company represented a wheel of fortune named Dream Catcher Lucky Wheel.

Video Dream Catcher - Evolution Gaming

The game has a mesmerizing size of the vertical wheel with gold and silver multipliers: x7 and x2 accordingly.

Dream Catcher 7x 40

The mechanics is as follows:

  • An agent rotates the wheel & participates with gamblers during each game
  • Gamblers make bets as usual
  • Winning numbers appear in several winning wheel segments at once & are paid according to the heightened coefficients
  • The gamblers are allowed to do the repeated bets for the chosen amount of rounds of the game using the auto-spin function.

A Dream Catcher’s wheel is divided into the same-sized sectors for bets with 6 various numbers of the unique color for each. Sectors with 1 are highlighted by the yellow color. Sectors 2 are blue, sectors 5 are violet, 10 are green, 20 are orange and finally, 40 are red.

Numbers with payment coefficients are located in this amount of sectors of the wheel:

  • 1 with 1:1 is in 23 sectors
  • 2 with 2:1 is in 15 sectors
  • 5 with 5:1 is in 7 sectors
  • 10 with 10:1 is in 4 sectors
  • 20 with 20:1 is in 2 sectors
  • 40 with 40:1 is in 1 sector

Here is an example:

If your bet is USD 100 on number 1 and the sector coincides with your bet, you get the bet + the multiplier, which is x2, totally receiving USD 200.

When making a bet of USD 100 on number 2, you may receive 100x2 + 100 = USD 300.

The math of Dream Catcher and a chance to win

The chances to win making the bet on certain numbers are:

  • 1: 42.59%
  • 2: 27.8%
  • 5: 12.96%
  • 10: 7.41%
  • 20: 3.7%
  • 40: 1.85%
The bonus game in Dream Catcher

The chances to receive it are:

  • x2: 1.85%
  • x7: 1.85%

If you will have these sectors, you will not have an immediate win but an increased chance to win 2 or 7 times more in the next spin.

Dream Catcher 2x

In order to catch x40 in the x7 regime, you have to hit eventually 1 to 108, so it means the 0.9% probability of a chance of such event.

Dream Catcher 7x

The chances of entering the bonus game & the subsequent game on the number are:

  • х40 - 0.9%
  • х20 - 1.7%
  • х10 - 3.5%
  • х5 - 5%
  • х2 - 14%
  • х1 - 40%

When we play the classic roulette, we lose 2.78% per game with 37 numbers on the wheel including zero. Hitting one number brings you multiplication of your bet at 36.

The Dream Catcher has 54 positions, 6 numbers and 2 bonus positions. It means that the bonus modes x2 and x7 make the dispersion & the distance bigger.

If you bet on:

Number 20 and Number 40, it’ll be a roulette game in chances to win, i.e. 1 to 36 and 1 to 75.

Number 2 – you win in 25% of the cases but the winning gives you x3 of the bet – making thus the scheme close to zero in total winnings.

This game has pretty optimal working characteristics for mobile platforms with not large screens & tablets. Choose a type of a picture you desire & get ready to roll the wheel of fortune. The game is optimized using HTML 5 to make the functionality the best. You’re able to play this game directly in your browser using a secured channel with the gambling house.