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More than half of the slots in casinos around the world are designed this simple game, the essence of which lies in a set of 21 points (online blackjack) on the first two cards dealt to the player. For a person who is more or less familiar with card games, the relationship with the Russian`s “twenty-one” becomes obvious.

Online Blackjack video

The American version is blackjack. Actually, they are relatives, it is one and the same game, the description of which was first published in the book of G. Komov, published in 1778 in Russia. However, the game itself originated under Louis XV. She was very fond of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Rules of the Game

Initially, the deck was handed over until it ended. However, this made it possible to calculate the cards remaining in the deck and with a high probability to predict the appearance of a card of a certain value. To eliminate this disadvantage, casinos started to use six or more mixed decks, which made it difficult to count the cards which came out. However, for a person with extraordinary abilities such a calculation remained possible. This moment is reflected in the film “Rain Man”, when an autistic with a mathematical abilities, played by Dustin Hoffman superbly, says: “Ladies! There are a lot of ladies left in the deck!”. This allowed his brother to buy a 18-point lady (3 points) and got a winning combination.

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For players with ordinary abilities, several simple systems have been developed. So, Arnold Schneider, an employee of the post office, proposed the following method: two, three, four, five and six were equal to +1; - the seven, the eight, the nine - to zero; - ten, jack, queen, king, ace - respectively, to -1. Summing up the cards, we get the estimated cost of the deck. If it is zero, then the deck is equilibrium, which means, it is approximately equal in all. If the deck has a negative value, then there are more small cards in it, if positive, then large ones. So we can predict the purchase of one or another (large or small) cards and change the strategy of the game.

Features of playing Blackjack for Real Money

Each of us understands that the goal of any game is victory. In our case, winning means a cash prize. Undoubtedly, in addition to positive emotions and a surge of adrenaline, we want to rip off easy money. The game, which is dedicated to our article brings a lot of cash to professionals and amateurs.

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After making a bet, the croupier opens one or two cards face up, the player (players) receive two cards after the dealing. Then you can add the number and increase the stakes, a combination of 10 and Aces is blackjack, that is, an unconditional victory. In different cases, there are specific features which may be invisible to the beginner, but affect the final result.

To gain experience and learn the rules, you can play at online casinos by choosing one of the options: Single Deck, Single Deck Euro, Six-Deck, Openly, Bingo, Switch.

If you are confident in your abilities, you should register and open an account to make your first bet. Up to 5 people can play a six decks, while casino customer can play one against the dealer in a one deck. Playing in the open, the croupier provides an advantage and reveals both cards. In the European version, the player first receives two cards and the dealer receives one.

The object of playing Blackjack

The object of the game is to collect such a number of cards so that the total amount of points are as close as possible to 21, but does not exceed this figure. For example, if a player has an ace and a five, we can assume that it is six or sixteen. If another five comes, there will be 21, if more than five, the ace will “weigh” one point - so you can avoid busting. Only one person can play single-deck blackjack. In this game bets are accepted on one or several boxes, the amount must not exceed the maximum for the table.

Online Blackjack

You can also try your hand at tournaments, which have recently been held quite often and have gained wide popularity among players in online casinos. Usually, online casinos are informed their users about the conduct of tournaments in advance via e-mail newsletters and on websites.

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A significant disadvantage of blackjack in online casinos is that the bets made when playing for real money, do not count in playing bonuses back or are counted in a certain percentage ratio. It is described in the rules and conditions of the bonus about exactly what percentage and whether bets made in blackjack are counted.

How to start playing Live Blackjack?

Despite the apparent advantage of online casinos in front of players, blackjack is the most friendly game which allows you to win and receive prizes. This is not just a gamble, such as real money roulette, it requires experience and skill, knowledge of the rules and a systematic approach.

Live BlackjackLive Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

This is one of the most popular casino games. Learning to play this game it is very simple. This is a game where not only intuition is necessary, but also a strategy. Thanks to live blackjack from you can play with a real dealer and feel the atmosphere of a real casino without leaving home.

Real live dealers work at the live BJ tables and there are 7 betting boxes available on each table. In live option, 8 decks of 52 cards are used, which are periodically shuffled (cards are shuffled at the tables of the usual online blackjack after each hand).

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It is available with various bets. In addition, you can play at private tables in many languages in online casinos. Just select a game and a table with the desired stakes (the sum of the minimum and maximum stakes per box is displayed). You should specify the number of boxes on which you want to play, and start betting (including additional bets).

Play Blackjack on your Mobile Device

This is a game in which the advantage of a casino is the lowest compared to other games. A few years ago, players made good profits using strategy and card counting. After the release of the film "21", which tells about the team of "counters", which earned millions in the casino. After that, players rushed to the casino in order to win a huge amount and ensure a comfortable old age. However, everything is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Casinos are protected from "counters", changing the deck of cards after each dealing.

film 2121 (2008 film)

The game of blackjack for money, like many other games, has been transferred to online casinos from ordinary land-based gambling establishments and, just like in the offline casino, has gained great popularity on the Internet. Currently, online blackjack can be played on almost any gaming site, each of which presents several varieties of this game.

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In order for your playing in an online casino to bring you pleasure, you need to approach the choice of places with special responsibility. Register only in establishments with an impeccable reputation and high-quality software. You can play live blackjack and other games in many live casinos on your smartphone and tablet running iOS or Android. Blackjack game tables are also available, at which dealers work in many different languages.

Play blackjack, roulette, live casino games and slot games on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using the app. Now you can play not only at home, but also on the road! Just install the app on your iOS or Android device using the links and play wherever and whenever you want.

Each company creates blackjack, taking into account the needs of owners of smartphones and tablets. When you start the game in a mobile casino, an adapted version of the model opens automatically. It won't take much space in your smartphone, it loads quickly even with a weak connection and allows you to play comfortably even on devices which do not differ in high performance.

Blackjack FAQ
How to play blackjack online for real money?
Go to a blackjack table through one of the many online entertainment establishments. BlackJack is standard across all casinos so whichever one you go to you’ll find it.
How to win online blackjack?
Since this is a game of skill, there is a lot of math and strategy placed behind this. You can find all kinds of tutorials around on the internet.
Where to find online blackjack?
Go to any casino both online and offline and you’ll find one.
Where to play live blackjack online?
You’ll have to play it by ear and check the various casinos. While everyone has embraced technology, certain casinos are a little bit behind in that they don’t have live versions. It also depends on the size of the casino and how long they’ve been around for too.
How to count cards in online blackjack?
Counting cards takes a lot of skill and it’s the exact same way as you would at an actual blackjack table. The only thing is this strategy is frowned upon and can lead you to getting booted out if they suspect you of doing this. Regardless, you’ll find many tutorials online on the subject.

No matter how you tinker with the stakes, you should not forget that the casino advantage over a long distance still will make itself felt. Therefore, you should forget about stable earnings, this is only excitement which can bring a gain.

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The ideal option for making money on blackjack is the option in which the player combines as a financial strategy with a basic strategy. It means, experienced player looks at both the probability of winning each individual game and the competent management of its capital.