3 Reel Slots

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Not to be mistaken for classic slots, 3 reel slots are a slight cut above from the classic fruit machine. Even today, under the shadow of 5 reel slots, these slots still have an audience. Despite more sophisticated machines, they still have a home.

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Why is that though? Well, let’s explore that.


The first iteration of the 3 reel slots was in the form of the fruit machine. These classic slots were found all over the place despite many people attempting to ban these machines. You’ll still probably find some in various bars across the globe. But it’s these fruit machines that inspired a string of other 3 reel slots we see today.

Why this type of slots persists is mainly from that nostalgic factor. For many players, this was the first game they played. And having other games that are similar is still good in their book. To these players, “classics” like these types of slots never meant they were “bad.”

All in all, these types of slots have changed very little. Despite the shift in designs, they are given the same treatment. 3 reel slots are simple in design and playing. There are very few or no extra features due to limited space. There are no stories either.

This standard is the same across the board. Modern 3 reel slots only have basic wild and scatter symbols. But apparently, that is still enough to keep the game interesting and lucrative for players and casinos respectively. And in some unique cases, some 3 reel slots have bonus rounds and extra features similar to 5 reel. But those are exceptions from the standards that these games have.

Because of these similarities, most refer to this type as fruit machines. The reason for that is thanks to the machine that started it all: the fruit machine. As mentioned, the fruit machine was the first popular slot machine of its kind. They were so widespread that stores and bars started banning them. Either way, calling them fruit machines is sort of an homage. Even though many have moved past using fruit symbols, they still act like fruit machines.

Still, you can find the classic fruit machines despite companies making Egypt or horror-themed slots. Many players enjoy these original slots as it reminds them of the festive Las Vegas atmosphere. This nostalgia is one of the main driving points for their continued popularity.

Which 3 Reel Slots Are The Best?

With an understanding of why 3 reel slots exist still, their advantages are clear. They are easy to play and have a massive nostalgic factor to many players. So despite a few changes to these games, developers have stuck to the classic formula quite well. They don’t deviate much from the formula. As a result, playing any of these kinds of slot means you’ll be in good hands.

That being said, there are some notable ones that are a slight cut above. Amongst classic popular slots you’ll find these to be worth your time:

  • Magic Love (Net Entertainment).
  • Double Diamond (IGT).
  • Cash Splash (Novomatic).

Each of these slots, along with other 3 reel slots have demo versions. That way you’re able to play these games for free and at little risk. There is an option to register an account and start winning real money as well should you want to try your luck and win your first jackpot.

And while most companies are switching to 5 reel, we’ll still keep you posted. Companies are still making kinds of slot machines. Just not as often. So we’ll be there to keep you updated whenever a new game of this type is released.

3 Reel Slots FAQ

How to play 3 reel slots?
Much like any slots, place your bet and then let it spin. The higher the bet the more money you can lose, but the more possibilities of winning.
How to win on 3 reel slots?
To win on 3 reel slots is simple. Much like any other slot machine, you win via pay lines. That is matching the same symbols in a row. Depending on how much you bet will determine how many pay lines. Considering this is a 3 reel slot there are only 5 pay lines: the three horizontal rows and the two cross pay lines.
What casinos have 3 reel lock and roll slots?
To best answer that, it’s key to know what lock and roll slots are. Lock and roll slots are skill-based slot machines which you can find in various jurisdictions. These games look like any ordinary slot machine, though are played more or less like video poker. They also follow very specific rules unlike traditional slots. For example, you have the option to hold reels in places (hence the lock) and you’re allowed to re-spin the others (hence the roll). Because of this unique nature, these slots are available in certain locations. Examples are Ontario casinos and casinos in North Carolina.