Online Casinos that Accept PayPal

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Almost all sites which are engaged in reviews and analytics in the sphere of online entertainments, pay little attention to the topic of finance and the ability of clients to manage their money. We decided to correct this mistake, that is why we offer you a detailed review of the oldest and well proven company PayPal.

Online Casinos that Accept PayPal

Without exception, all virtual gambling establishments offer their clients a variety of ways to manage their cash. Sometimes such a wide choice baffles the players.

Nowadays, bank cards, electronic payment systems Skrill, Neteller and a couple of other transaction methods are the most popular around the world. But in our today's article we will analyze in more detail the most popular way to replenish the deposit and withdraw money to our own account or card in gambling establishments around the world.

Returning of the legend to the online-gambling market

Financial experts claim that PayPal company has already developed a plan of returning to the US online casinos market, however company representatives have not made any public statements on this matter yet. Perhaps the reason for the silence on the part of company management was the negative perception of news in the sphere of gambling, and perhaps, PayPal's fear, that their reputation would be spoiled by paying in the United States of America, where gambling remains an illegal way of making business.

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Gambling - is a huge business in the US. According to some estimates,the total income from the casinos in this country, reaches 70 billion dollars a year. The issue of legalizу online gambling establishments is raising in some states. According to Morgan Stanley’s experts, PayPal may find this source of income more profitable in the case of legalization of online casinos in other states.

This company is a real monopolist among all payment systems

This payment system is considered one of the largest among debit electronic systems in the world. Online casinos that accept paypal deposits is growing day by day. It is distributed in more than 190 countries and the number of customers using this electronic payment option has long exceeded one hundred and sixty million. It gained such popularity due to the fact that it successfully works with a large number of currencies, the number of which approaches 26.

PayPal and countries of Eastern Europe

We decided to touch this subject because there is a large number of clients from the countries of Eastern Europe among the clients of world famous online casinos and this number is growing every day. These are mainly countries with limited economic and social standards, which only recently switched to the market economy model and have not yet received all the privileges from financial freedom.

The opportunity to use this payment system relatively recently appeared in the countries of Eastern Europe, however, it was fairly well established and found many fans. Eastern European clients of online casinos, who prefer to play slot machines, often use PayPal for all financial transactions.

The reliability and availability of this financial service is an advantage for most of these clients, so PayPal has wonderfully proven itself in this geographic area.

Let's rate PayPal when working with online casinos

PayPal is one of the easiest methods to make payments in online casinos. In addition to ease of use, this company also boasts a huge number of supported online casinos that accept Paypal deposits.

Jackpot City Casino
Deposit Bonus up to $1,600
LeoVegas Casino
Bonus Offer $1,000 + 200 FS
Platinum Play Casino
$800 in Welcome Bonus
888 Casino
$25 Bonus + up to $1,500
Casimba Casino
200% up to $5,000 + 200 FS

PayPal payment system and casinos that accept PayPal have been working together for many years. In the beginning of the rising of online gambling (late 1990s - early 2000s), it was the leading global method of payment after credit cards. Almost every online casino mit PayPal and it brought huge profits to PayPal. But over time, the leadership of this company was taken by other, young and ambitious competitors in this market.

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It is also true, that in the past few years, the company returned to online gambling and began to make payments between players and online casinos, but it failed to become the leading payment system in this business and frankly, they didn’t really want to, because the company had enough profit even without online casinos - it is quite satisfied with its already taken place in the payment market.

PayPal principles at working with clients of online casinos

PayPal casino - is one of the first online casinos, which supports online wallet. The company has gained trust since its аoundation, as there was still nothing like paying online in 1998.

What was originally planned as a service for secure mobile transactions quickly turned into payment via the Internet. Great success came to the PayPal through eBay. The online store quickly realized the full potential of the revolutionary payment system and bought out the company in 2002.

The coverage of the electronic system is amazing: the company supports payments with about 26 types of currencies in more than 200 countries. At the same time, the identity and data of the bank card of the purchaser or the person making the transfer of funds are not disclosed.


A distinctive feature of the PayPal company that it uses real money for calculations instead of all kinds of title signs like most other similar companies. You will be able to pay in most online casinos that accept paypal deposits with it payment system.

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The general principle of PayPal is that you link a bank account and a plastic card to your account when you register in the PayPal system. The process of creating an account in the service does not take much time and is quite simple.

Why do many online casinos use PayPal?

It is very easy to use paypal online casino - you just need to select this system from the available and specify the amount of money, which you want to fill up your deposit. That's all, the money will be on your casino account almost instantly. Moreover, using this service you can withdraw funds from the online casino, which is also an advantage.

The pros of using online casinos that accept paypal deposits include:

  • Ease of handling;
  • High degree of reliability;
  • Greater prevalence in foreign online casinos and the ability to withdraw money from the casino.

The cons can be considered:

    • Limited feature set for residents of Eastern European countries;
  • Inability to preserve anonymity;
  • Low popularity of this payment system in some modern online casinos.
PayPal FAQ
How to set up a Skrill account online casino using PayPal?
You sign up through Skrill and only need to use PayPal to move money between the two. The process is straightforward seeing as you only need to go through the PayPal transfer option and go through your options.
What is the best online casino for us players using Paypal to deposit and withdraw?
Since each casino is different about their deposit and withdrawal processes it’s hard to say what would be the best one. Considering PayPal is well known, you’ll find that most casinos, even new ones, will support this payment option. As for specific names, there are way too many to list off considering the popularity of PayPal.
How do i deposit money in an online casino using PayPal?
Whenever you are at the online entertainment hall, there will be a deposit and withdrawal menu for you somewhere on the site. From there it’s a matter of selecting your preferred depositing method and following the instructions that the site will lay out for you.
Our findings

The services of the company are used by people from 200 countries and the total number of clients exceeds 150 million nowadays. Also, the number of casinos that accept paypal is growing every day. It should be separately noted that this company pays great attention to the security of the data of its users and the reliability of their transactions.

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The company is trying to minimize the financial risks of people, who sell their services through the “Seller Protection Program”. It extends both to tangible goods - that is, clothing, electronics, toys, auto parts and to intangibles.

The PayPal platform can become your assistant if you earn money by writing articles, developing websites or conducting online master classes, or just playing online casinos that accept paypal deposits. You should get an account and take money for your work on it. The letter with the completed order you have sent, can be evidence in the event of a dispute.