Online Casino with PayPal

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PayPal (Online Casinos that Accept PayPal) is considered by experts to be the greatest digital debit system. It was founded in 1998.The founders made the system directed to the eBay platform. The latest integrated it after 4 years.

Online Casino with PayPal

PayPal – a comfortable means of payments in online casino

The popularity of PayPal is proved by the following:

  • it supports 26 currencies,
  • the people from 203 countries use this platform.

The key advantage of PayPal, which has been estimated by millions of people, is the depersonalization of a user, which is supplemented with the bank card peculiarities restriction. The system guarantees full confidentiality of transactions.

Attractive aspects of PayPal

The visitors of online casinos find the following advantages of the system:

  • the instant transactions,
  • comfortable applications for iPhone and Android,
  • small fees,
  • free transfers,
  • “anti-fraud” multi-stage protection system,
  • high level of security,
  • the welcome bonus depending on the deposit amount.

Registration in the system

The registration process is quite easy:

  • to create an account, it is required to use an email address and create a password,
  • the card details should be filled (remember that system works with VISA and MasterCard, the other card types need to be checked by the system for their compatibility),
  • the card is checked for the relevance, for this, a $1 is taken and given back (if the transaction is successful, it means the card is linked),
  • the system gives a code, which is contained in the transaction information (it can be sent in SMS),
  • the code, which looks like “CODE PayPal*1335” should be written in a window of the “My Account” section.

After the last step, the registration process is over and a user can apply the system.

Transaction fees

The minimum fees total 0.4%, while the largest ones are 1.5%. The percentage rate is determined by the counties list. The above-described is applied for the operations from PayPal account. If bank cards are used, the fees will total up to 3.4%.

The exchange operations must be also mentioned. There are 4% fees for exchanges. The best way is to withdraw money, as it is, which is free of charge. The fees for transactions may vary (some of them are more than 4%, the others as less).

PayPal FAQ
What online casinos accept PayPal in Canada?

Regarded as one of the most solid digital debit systems, many places will accept this form of payment. It’s popular for a reason.

What online casinos give real money into PayPal accounts?

Any casino that allows you to deposit and withdraw using PayPal. This will apply to any casino who allows this to happen since PayPal accounts can be directly associated with bank accounts.

Because of that, casinos are willing to operate with PayPal since they care about having banking information like the institution number, transit number and account number.

How to find reputable PayPal casinos?

PayPal specifically doesn’t operate any casinos but since the system is so popular, you’ll find most casinos accepting PayPal.


PayPal has a few disadvantages. However, there are obvious advantages, which are reliability, high speed of transactions, and small fees. All of them put the system in a leading position.