Return to Player (RTP)

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How do you find out how much the gambling machine pays out?

For sure, you have paid your attention at the tables available in the reviews of the gambling machines prepared by our specialists. The lower line indicates information about the Return to Player of this machine (if available). It demonstrates the part of the total amount of bets of its users returned by the slot during the long term.

Sometimes this indicator is fixed. For instance, 97,6%. It happens that manufacturer of the software indicates it in some range, like this: 95,6% – 96,5%. In some other cases, the return rate depends on the additional conditions.

These may be progressive jackpots that are played out only with a maximal bet or some bonus options activated after reaching a certain amount of a bet on a stake.

The data is collected exclusively from the official sources – sites of manufacturers, payout tables, FAQ sections, and so on.

As you realize, casinos are opened with the purpose to earn. That is why more than 100% rate of return may be only extremely rarely and in some specific games requiring the acknowledged level of skills like blackjack or video poker. The norm for the modern machines without cumulative jackpots is 95% or higher, while many companies offer even 97%-98% of the return.

For sure, always pay attention to these numbers if you are a discreet gambler. Don’t forget that these numbers are theoretical. In practice, the result may differ in the separately taken session, may it be that even significantly from the proclaimed numbers.

It is perfectly fine – as you have a chance to win this way. But how can you watch after the level of paying out by some certain video slot for a definite time period? Recently this possibility is open for players of some casinos. We will tell you about these advantageous novelties.

Reports of auditing organizations

There is a number of independent international organizations in the modern world of gambling – they perform various checks of many Internet portals. For instance, one of such organizations is eCOGRA that collaborates with many solid Internet casinos. Its specialists test the work of generators of random numbers and define the factual numbers of payments from casino to gamblers. As a rule, the results of the check are brought to the public domain.


Several years ago, site started working on the Internet. It represents information about popular gambling indicating the profit rate (in percents), a periodicity of victories (also in percents), and maximal payout (in USD) for the past day, week, and month.


We do not judge how real the data there is. However, the portal would be interesting to all admirers of online gambling.

Data from the reference section

Since recently, the manufacturers of Internet gambling software started to publish in the reference section not only information about the Return to Player but also the real numbers of payouts indicated for some period of time.

World Match

We can refer to video slots of World Match company as an example. They manufacture really vivid machines with high definition. When you will open a page with rules (not the payout table but the separate section), you will see the following lines below: RTP (Return to Player) and Previous month payout (payout for the past month).

Scary Fruits RTP

The first indicator is a thing that has been input in this gamble and the second one is a ratio between the amount of bets and payout for a month to players. Lovers of statistics can find it amusing to watch these indicators.

We emphasize that some popular online casinos outline the gamble games with the highest Return to Player rate. For instance, the official Royal Vegas Casino site has a section named Payout Games that embraces machines that have the biggest Return to Player on the long time period.

Thematic resources

The additional sources of information are various thematic resources – portals, where people test various games and gambling to publish the test results. Such site is one of many, WizardofOdds, which owner is a known expert in the world of online gambling.


At the end, we want to aware our readers from the wrong conclusions about the honesty of casinos and software manufacturers. If the Return to Player rate and the real return level per month differ significantly, it does not mean at all that they want to deceive you. Such discrepancy may occur due to a number of reasons.

For instance, when a gamble piece is not in high popularity in some gambling house – people make bets in it rarely. So, the skewness may be on both sides very significantly. So do not rely solely on this data selecting your gamble.