The Roulette: Examining the Game

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In fact, the roulette is a very simple game. However, let’s look a bit closer at it in order to understand the basic rules, elements, and its variations.What does it consist of?

There are two key rules, which have an influence on the winning in the casino:

  • The “zero” number. There can be one or two of them in the most cases. But there are also games, which have more.
  • The rule of half bet compensation (“En Prison”). The gamblers lose only half of the bet if they have “0” or “00”. There is only one “zero” sector in the European roulette.

Advantages casinoThe table demonstrates the advantages of the casino if the result
for the player is negative for all of the four combinations.

Popular roulette variations in Canada

  • Berlin - If the ball takes a “zero” sector, all the bets get frozen. They are usually left for the next spin, after which it might be either returned to the gambler without the winning if the spin has been successful or lost even if it contains “zero”. The advantage of the gaming establishment totals 1,39%.
  • Netherlands - This variation resembles the previous one. The only difference is that if you have “zero” twice, your bet gets frozen for two spins. In order to get it back, you require both spins to be winning. If you have one more “zero”, you will lose. The advantage of the gaming establishment totals 1,37%.
  • Hamburg - If the ball stops on “zero”, the Canadian gambler gets half of the bet. The advantage of the gaming establishment totals 1,35%. If there are more than two “zeroes” in the game (there are no existing cases, though), it is better not to play at all.


The most helpful advice is to select the roulette with the best rules. Play the roulette with just one “zero”. The Canadian gamblers playing with two “zeros” do not understand that the gaming establishment profit is twice bigger in this case. If the half bet compensation rule is active, it makes only one-to-one bets. Avoid making bets on five numbers in the game with two “zeros”, because it is almost impossible to guess the numbers, their place or bet amount correctly.

Bets system

It does not matter how often the ball stops on the red color. Betting on the red in the following round is the same as betting on the black. Despite the common thinking, the numbers, columns, colors, and other elements are always tardy. The game is almost 300 years old, and the players have always tried to find the winning combinations in it.

Some Canadian people consider that the bet range method helps win, the others are sure that it is necessary to bet on the numbers, which haven’t been in a game for a while. The researchers claim, from the mathematic point of view, the game can’t be thought ahead.


The “Martingale” system is the oldest and the most popular bet system. Every next bet gets doubled and the color you are betting on is changed.

During the whole history, the roulette players have tried to create thousands of systems, which are same effective as the attempts to put out the fire with a piece of paper. Never mind which system you apply, it is necessary to remember that it’s impossible to win the casino on “zero” or double “zero”.

The forecast of the wheel and the dealer steering

Many gamblers from Canada are sure that they can watch the roulette wheel. Is it really possible? Those, who believe in the system of “dealer steering”, think that the dealers have a really good memory and throw the ball with the same speed. They consider that the ball position can help guess, where it is going to stop. There are no proves for any of these theories. Besides, for the human eyes, it is difficult to watch the wheel. There were cases when the gamblers managed to win the casino using the computer analysis. How does it work? The computer helps indicate the wheel spin speed and the ball speed, guessing the possible sector, which would be taken by the ball. In 2004, in London, the players won 1,3 billion pounds by means of laser scanners and microcomputers. You just need to know that in some places, for example, in Nevada, it is a crime to use various gadgets, and instead of the winning, you will be put into prison.

It is the same as in Keno. The key thing is not the numbers you bet on but the place you select for gambling. Always try to find the games with one “zero” or the half bet compensation rule. The best variant is the composition of the two criteria. There exist plenty of systems but none of them is 100% effective. Remember that the gaming establishments’ aim is always to win the gamblers.