Multi-Player Slot Machines

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Multi-player slot machines gained popularity much later than traditional online games. Nevertheless, the new type of slot machines became more popular among gamblers. Multi-player games provide opportunities not only to get cash but also plunge into emotions with the same people as you.

What Is the Difference from Traditional Slots?

First of all, multi-player online games differ in gameplay from traditional slot machines. For example, you are the only person who controls the process of the game, bonuses and the jackpot in the user mode, whereas all gamblers have equal rights during the game in the multi-user mode.

How is it going? Commonly, users can cooperate in the online rooms playing together. However, there is a limit of 6 people who can play at the same time. The participants of the multi-user mode can communicate with one another in the specific chat.

Multi-Player Slot

You can discuss the process of the game in the chat room and also the gameplay, deciding how to deal with earned bonuses or which card is better in the risk game and other issues. Besides, a chatting room is a great place to share impressions as well as encourage and instruct a team.

Some of the casinos on the Internet provide opportunities to play multi-player games for free with virtual chips so that you try without money. Thus, free games are a great chance to learn how to play, understand clearly the mechanics of a slot machine, practice doing correct moves in the risky games.

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However, it is necessary to take into account that the mechanism of the multi-player mode works on a random number generator (RNG) as in the ordinary online slot machines. What does it mean? You cannot do any manipulations so that a machine gives you a better win or more successful combination during the next spin. Nevertheless, you can become a skilled hand at free multi-player games and be prepared to play for money.

Rules of Games in Online Casinos

A gambler visits an online casino and goes to a virtual room in order to play the multi-player slot machines. In case you prefer to play with friends in the same room, it is necessary to enter the casino at the same time.

Multi-Player Playboy

The game in the multi-user mode is similar to the traditional online slot. The winning chains of basic and special symbols are formatted when a user runs the spins. The payment corresponds to the specified amount from the information window of the slot machine.

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As usual, standard icons are cheaper than special symbols, bonus symbols open additional rounds as well as free spins and respins. Moreover, everything depends on the gaming machine.

Interesting: The participants of a multi-user game get prizes in equal parts and the total sum of the deposit, jackpot and so on are not taken into consideration. In addition, each participant can have a right to make a wheel rotation during the round of free spins.

Tournaments and Slot Games: Differences

There is a huge difference when a user plays multiple games and takes part in the multi-player tournaments. First of all, it is a team game with the main goal of gaining money with the same conditions for everyone.

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Secondly, you and your team are fighting against other teams for the first place and for the desired prize. Multi-player online slots are chosen for each tournament in a private order. There are buy-ins, jackpots as well as a cumulative function during a tournament. The amount of the entrance fee and the total prize sum usually are determined autonomously in accordance with each separate tournament.

Slot Developers for Multi-Player Games

Microgaming Company has the largest line of multiplayer slots. Some of the slots were developed originally in the standard user version, and others after the company proposed a multi-user version of a game.

Multi-user online games in the casino:

  • Centre Cort;
  • Terminator 2;
  • Sure Win;
  • Isis;
  • No Worries;
  • Wheel of Wealth.

The most popular multi-user online games in the casino:

  • Sex and the City;
  • The Dark Knight Rises;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • The Avatar;
  • American Idol.

Ladbrokes and Betfair are the official representatives of multi-user online games. You can play the above-mentioned games in a casino in Las Vegas. If you visit a casino, you can see a big screen and five seats for players who prefer multi-user online games. The controlling device for a slot machine is at each individual seat.


Multi-player slots are not only machines with backs and bonuses, there is also a variety of games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. The main principle of the gameplay in the multi-player games is similar to the standards rules, but with the following exceptions:

  • You do not play only for yourself, because you play together with others as a team;
  • During the tournaments, you play not only for yourself, you play for the whole team;
  • As a part of a game, you have to beat the artificial intelligence.

Before playing multi-player online games, you should practice on the ordinary gaming machines. You can read here all useful information about the slot machines, find instructions on how to bet and what to look for during the gameplay.