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Top 5 New Slots: Pink Elephants, Reactoonz, Blood Suckers II, The Phantom of the Opera, Planet of the Apes.

Planet of the Apes

This slot was created based on The Planet of the Apes Hollywood films or, if to be precise, – based on Rise of the Planet of the Apes of 2011. At this time, NetEnt decided to make its admirers enjoy, especially on the background of the latest non-appealing low-dispersion novelties. They did something new – two slot games in one that interact with one another!

Planet of the Apes

So the slot has two fields – a white one with Rise on it and a red one with Dawn on it. The value of symbols on the reels is completely the same. What is more interesting – both fields connected and not connected to each other at the same time. That is, winnings do not touch each other on lines but there are some new functions in the slot thanks to which, it happens that reels work together in a pair!

Linked functions:


When this random function is activated, both reels have one big symbol appear but they will be different at all times. The similar small symbols start to move on both reels and to ‘stick’ to the big ones, improving the winning in the end. If a small symbol is shown on the other reel (that is, it does not match with the big one), it is transferred to the other reel. But if the place of the small symbol is already occupied on the neighboring reel, a small symbol simply disappears. The totaled win is given out to a player after all small symbols stop being stuck to the big ones.

Stacked Wild

This function is the entire-line wild in Rise field on the reel. It is doubled on the same place on another reel into Dawn field and the total win is given out.

Not linked functions:

Rise Bonus

If this bonus appears in the white field of Rise, every symbol of a man or an ape is turned into winning coins.

Dawn Bonus

If this bonus appears in the red field of Dawn, all symbols of apes and men turn into one symbol (of a man or an ape) and the totaled bonus on the played lines is given out.

Rise Free Spins

Free spins start after three and more scatters appear in the white field.

Wild symbols will appear during free spins session to gather in the right area, after which they are randomly transferred on the reels on the last free spin, giving out the final winning.

Dawn Free Spins

Free spins start after three and more scatters appear in the red field. Unlike Rise freespins, Dawn freespins are far more interesting!

The right part of the reel has three additional fields: multiplication, wilds, and free spins.

When corresponding symbols appear on reels, they are gathered in the additional field. One symbol equals to one section. After fulfilling three sections, a player receives additional multiplication, additional wilds, and additional free spins. If both fields will have scatter symbols, then freespins will be started one by one – Rise first and Dawn then.

The maximal multiplication is x5, the maximal wild amount is x3, and maximal additional free spins is 3 with a possibility to grow bigger.

The slot’s RTP is 96,33%. The maximum theoretical payout per 1 spin is x600 without multiplication with 20 possible lines in each field.

It is a very exciting slot!

The Phantom of the Opera

Microgaming’s novelty based on 2004 film that is based on a musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber that is based in its turn on the novel of Gaston Leroux. Beautiful and classical slot by Microgaming with 243 lines is done in HTML5.

The Phantom of the Opera

The first thing you notice (as it occurs pretty often) is a random additional prize in an envelope named Letter Bonus that can multiply up to x20. Envelope only appears on the reel 5.

To the joy of the players, there is a function named Chandelier Bonus – analogical to droplets in Immortal Romance – the falling Chandelier from the film’s scene that provides a whole reel (but only on up to 3 reels as max).

Bonus The Phantom of the Opera

When three scatters appear, a player receives three bonus games at his choice and there is no need to gather anything else to choose between them – as the choice is available at once.

Music of the Night

Is the first bonus from the list. It gives freespins with random wilds on reels with a multiplication up to x4 (but the latter is optional). A re-trigger is possible with up to +5 free spins, as well as the random wild symbol as the Phantom of the Opera on the entire reel.

Masquerade Bonus

Is a possibility to select a mask with an opportunity to receive additional choice and going to the next level. The max number of levels is three. The first level gives 3 reels. If you guess the transition right, you are going to the next level with +2 choices. The same goes for the final level with +1 choice.

All I ask of You

Is the third bonus in the form of free spins. This bonus is appealing because of the fact that reels have the randomly-placed symbols of Christine Daaé and Vicomte Raoul de Chagny, becoming wild symbols. They can do it in different ways: usual two wilds or 4 wilds, wild reel, two wild reels, or multiplication at x3. It all depends how exactly they will be positioned one towards another.

The maximum theoretical payout for one spin is x2,430, which is not too much comparing to all other slots by Microgaming.

Blood Suckers II

NetEnt’s another thing, the continuation of famous Blood Suckers slot.

Unlike the first version, the animation is much brisker and more exciting here. There is a girl resembling Van Helsing outside the field with reels. As it turned out, she is not a vampire slayer, she is a real vampire named Amelia who is here to find the treasure chest in the old castle!

Blood Suckers 2

At first, one may ask oneself, why is she here. But after spending some time in a game, it becomes clear that she is a good shooter with a crossbow and can shoot you with a function named Scatter Shot Feature – it is the lacking symbol for free spins or a bonus to activate a series of free spins or a bonus game. She also can multiply the average symbols on x10 or even up to x100.

Blood Rose

Free Spins are freespins with x3 multiplier with a possibility to re-trigger them. It is not a novelty, though. But the bonus game itself has a few new changes!

Hidden Treasure

Bonus game consists of 5 levels, where you have to open treasure chests. There can be coins inside of them or coins with a key to grant you an access to the next level. Or it can be a ghost that ends the series of bonus games if you choose it.

It is interesting that chests may have symbols of new free spins, collecting which one can play more free spins after the treasure chests levels are over! In addition – if you will catch 4 symbols of a bonus game, all bonuses will be doubled. If you catch 5 – tripled!

Blood Suckers 2 symbols

The last surprise of this bonus game – if you collect a key on the fifth level, you will receive a super victory in 1.000 coins (the amount depends on your bet – just like in Steam Tower if you kill the dragon).

There are 25 lines in the slot. RTP is little lower than the original part and equals to only 96,94% vs. 98% of the first.


Play’n GO new slot is a remake of Reactoonz on the electric theme. Nothing is understood at the first glance – there is no usual Bonus inscription on the reels and there are too many symbols. But everything becomes clear once you play it!


All symbols play when collected from 5 pieces and more. If you will see 4 symbols appearing as a square, there’ll appear another one the same that doubles the victory. The played symbols disappear and the new ones fall from the top until the reels have winning combinations left.

But that’s not it! When they disappear, symbols fill up the scale and possess more quantum functions – there are 5 of them in total. The obtained functions work one by one and can provoke gaining of the next one. When the last quantum function is gained (named Gargantoon, which is the name of the monster with 3 eyes that is sitting in the right bottom corner), Gargantoon will come on the reels himself in his natural size and will become the wild symbol. He will work 3 times – one big, second lesser in two times, and 9 small ones in the third queue! You will be able to receive a nice winning if there will be only expensive symbols on the reels!

Quantum functions during the game that must be collected are the following and they work in the same queue:


Turns other 3 to 6 symbols to Wilds eliminating symbols around them.


Places a Wild on the center and shoots the same symbols with the X letter, including Wilds.


Removes all cheap one-eyed symbols and all the same ones.


One symbol is chosen and all other symbols are turned into it.


A beast coming to the gaming field.

A function Instability appears randomly during the game and puts 4 to 8 Wilds on the field – usually, this triggers Quantum functions collection but not always.

If the functions worked well during the game, symbols in the slot can talk, squeak, scream, and make other sounds. Gargantoon will fall asleep and will snore if a player doesn’t play the slot for a while.

Pink Elephants

Thunderkick manufacturer has decided not to give up and represented a novelty – slot about elephants. Pink Elephants has 6x4 reels with 4,096 active pay lines and is a dispersion-based slot. The maximum amount of payout, according to a manufacturer, is x8,200. It is a bit more than Microgaming’s - Playboy (x8,100 with a full picture of wilds).

Pink Elephants

All reel symbols play after being combined in 3 and more, except elephants themselves – they play from 2 and they are the most expensive symbol together with Wilds, as the latter ones don’t have the separate value.

When three and more nuts are shown on the reels, a bonus game starts that can initially give 7 to 19 free spins.

It depends on a number of nuts on the field:

  • 3 give 7 spins
  • 4 give 11 spins
  • 5 give 15 spins
  • 6 give 19 spins.

However, there is another option to receive a bonus: a Mystical Scatter!

During the spin, one nut or more can appear randomly! After some amount of them is shown, the other reels will spin with a possibility to receive this nut, for instance, to start a bonus game or to increase a number of spins in the bonus game. However, receiving two mystical nuts does not guarantee to receive the third one, so there may be no bonus game.

The bonus game itself doesn’t differ from the usual one but one additional type of elephants in addition to usual ones – an elephant with a light. Every one of these lights is transferred to the left on the special scale with animals, which we have four. When 10 lights are collected, one of the animals is turned into an elephant and gives 1 additional spin.

There is another pleasant addition in the bonus game – re-triggers.

If the reels show from 2 to 6 nuts, the additional spins are given:

  • 2 give 3 spins
  • 3 give 5 spins
  • 4 give 7 spins
  • 5 give 9 spins
  • 6 give 11 spins.

That is, your bonus game can last for quite a long time if you will be lucky enough. The slot’s RTP is 96,1%.