Skills to Play and Randomness

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Every player divides games into two categories: the ones he or she loves and hates. Sometimes, only the mood affects the result of choice of what gambling game to play. However, there is one more significant classification of gambling in the casinos: games for luck and games that require skills to play.

Random games

There is a number of games that traditionally considered random ones (requiring luck). This category includes roulette, slots, dice, baccarat, bingo, keno and Sic Bo. When one talking about a random game, a gambler must understand a high advantageousness of the casino, that is, a player has only one chance to try to win – is to guess the future events.

Taking about random games, it is important to understand that the game is led against advantageousness of the casino and it can’t be simple. During playing dice, a gambler can win using own experience and some knowledge. Playing baccarat, you can’t influence the result of the game, as anything that plays a role here is randomness.

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If anything can improve the results of your play is only your attentiveness and skills to play. Analyzing a baccarat game, there is some conclusion can be made: it is unprofitable to bet on draw allowing the casino to have 14% of advantage – it is always better to bet either on the player or the casino thus reducing the casino’s advantage to 12%.

Besides randomness in the random games, it is one more evil hides there – the abundance of bad bets. During playing dice, there are plenty of bad bets and they all increase the casino’s victory chance for some N percent.

For instance, Pass/Don’t Pass add 1.4% of advantage, Any 7 bet increases it on 16.7%, and Big 6/Big 8 bet increases advantage on 9.1%. In order to avoid bad bets, you have to carefully study the game.

Games that require skills to play

Games for masters of their business are poker and blackjack – these are the games that allow applying your knowledge in order to increase a chance to win.

Master skills can influence the result of the game. Applying some mathematical calculations and straining your memory hard, you can become closer to the mark of reception of winning. Skills can lower the advantageousness of the casino, which is very important if you count on the victory.

The casino also can receive an advantage in games with skills by receiving it from ones who don’t know how to play. Not too many people want to think and strain a memory even if it’ll help them win.

A bad gambler increases the advantageousness of the casino, not decreases it. Knowing what type of the gambling game you will play, you will know whether to apply your knowledge or to consider only luck in the randomness.


Despite the division of gambling into two main categories (random games and games with skills), some games require both to win. These can be dice and poker – the ones (and the others) in which attentiveness and randomness can influence the result of the game.

Skillful gamblers may win due to their skills in some games, but it does not work with random games. However, the understanding of random games may prevent some harsh mistakes that will definitely be a reason for failure.