10 Tricks How to Get Benefit from a Casino

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A professional passed the way from a player, a dealer to the casino manager, Bill Zender reveals some secrets of gambling activities.

1. Choose the Clumsiest Dealers

Ability to count cards and follow the game is a high skill. Professional counters make a living on it and so simply they will not betray themselves. Even if you consider yourself to be such, do not bother, since your advantage is small - only 1.5%

Zender advises not to count cards but closely monitor the distribution. Any oversight can come in handy. A clumsy dealer can light a card. Such a mistake can easily be turned into profit.

About Bill ZenderAbout Bill Zender

Once Zender earned his living by keeping a diary, where he recorded inept dealers in popular gambling houses. Using the "cardholding strategy ", you can increase the chances of 6% to 9%. Of course, there is a chance to be thrown out of the gambling establishment, but certainly not arrested.

2. Do Not Spray Attention, Watch Out for Details

A casino is interested in profits and tries to distract your attention from the game by any means possible. Alcohol, strippers, and dealers in bikinis have become common attributes of gambling houses. Zender's advice is simple: take a closer look. Drinking another cocktail or staring at beautiful shapes and you will not notice how the casino reduced the payout from 3/2 to 6/5. And this means it will again remain in the winning position. You will lose about $30 at a $100 bet.

3. Time to Stop

The wheel is considered to be an attribute of any casino. However, the ratio is 5% higher for the casino. So then if you've won several times already, it's time to stop. As soon as you enter into excitement and continue to play continuously, all your tokens will necessarily go away. Each casino counts up the moment of the guaranteed win. This figure 30 000 bets. That's why casinos are lured with the help of delicacies and deluxe rooms. A simple rule - if you win, go away.

4. Depreciation of Equipment

The basic laws of physics contribute to the wearing out of the roulette. Like any machine, the wheel loses balance or the partitions dividing the sectors with numbers can wear out. The more outdated the equipment, the more privileges it can give to certain numbers. The story remembers the lucky one who found a worn-out table and set it on the biased numbers. He won 400,000$ - for today's money, it's 7.8 million.

5. Choose the Right Slot

"In comparison with card games, slots cost several times more," Zender considered. In his opinion, a slot machine is a doubtful choice for entertainment and benefits. If you still want to pull the lever of the one-armed bandit, you should pay attention to slots with 5$ or more, and select the max bet. In machines with penny rates, the opportunity to win is reduced up to 20%

6. Do Not Play Keno

Do you sincerely believe that you can unerringly guess all 20 numbers? With the help of simple mathematical calculations, we can determine the ratio and it is far beyond a billion. Still, no player could guess all 20 numbers.

7. Practice

The most favorable option is video poker. Your chances with the casino are almost equal (0.46% towards the casino), which means a lot depends on you. So, it's time to train, as the main profit for the gambling establishment in video poker brings newcomers. With the proper level of skills, you can earn a respectable fortune.

8. Ignore Bright Colors

"Most people who come to the casino absolutely naively believe in their own winning. And do not even suspect that the opportunities have already been rigged, and not in their favor," Zender said.

A casino is a place where there is always a holiday. However, don`t be seduced by bright signs and brilliant lights. Usually, games with the least probability of winning are decorated in the most colorful way. Therefore, choose nondescript games, there is a good chance of success.

9. Buy a Good Watch

Did you notice that there are no windows in the playing hall or they are densely blinded? This simple trick knocks players into the perception of time. It seems that the time has stopped and, in the end, you cannot determine how many hours you spent at the casino. For the same reason, the croupier does not wear a wristwatch. So, stay tuned on your own. If you won once, do not stay long.

10. Buy Your Own Drinks

A free cocktail from a gambling house is a pleasant trifle, behind which lies the catch. The casino approximately calculates how much money you are willing to lose and allocates incentives to players from the special fund. Be sure of the lower the chance of winning the faster you get a cocktail.

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However, many people neglect any advice when it comes to playing for money. Passion captures them and they forget about time and wasted money.