What Is RTP in an Online Casino?

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RTP is a percentage of the slot return a player gets. It shows how high the chances to win a slot are and how much will be paid back.

What Does the Slot Percentage Return Mean?

RTP means “return to the player”. It indicates how often a player can expect to win. Consequently, the higher the percentage is, the higher the chances to win are. It indicates how many bets a player can return from all bets set on a specific slot in a long-term perspective.

Let's take 100% RTP as an example. This means that the player's chances to win are equal to the casino's chances. That's why there is a large probability that at the end there will be a financial draw. If RTP is higher than 100%, this means, that with time, a casino will lose money. That's why one can rarely find slots with RTP exceeding 100%. In case, RTP is less than 100%, a player has a chance to win.

As a rule, RTP of an online casino must be from 90%. Reliable software providers make the RTP information on a certain slot or a game available for everyone. The standard for the ground casino is the lower RTP.

Cats and Cash RTP

It is important to remember that anything can happen during the game, that's why RTP mustn't be the crucial factor when choosing a slot or another game.

How to Calculate RTP?

It is possible to calculate the percentage of the casino win using a simple formula. To do this, it is necessary to divide an amount of the win by the bets and multiply by 100%. If knowing the RTP, one can calculate the percentage of the casino benefit. For example, you know that return to the player of a certain slot is 95%, this means that in the long-term run, the gambling institution will get only 5% from the bets made by the player during the game.

Interesting: Return to the player is a theoretical, statistical calculation. That's why one shouldn't take it literally. It is worth keeping in mind that the return to the player depends only on the slot developer-this refers to both slots of the ground and online gambling establishments. Neither a ground casino nor an online casino can influence a slot’s (return to the player).

That's why players can be sure that all their wins and losses are going to be fair as they are defined by the slot mechanics and the random number generator. The most important thing is to choose the reliable casino with the license and original slots.

Is There Any Connection Between the Frequency of Wins and RTP?

RTP may disorientate to a certain extent. RTP doesn't say how often you can expect to enjoy a win. Online slots with the same RTP equal to 97% can show winning combinations with the different frequency. However, there is an indirect connection between the return percentage, the frequency, and the size of the win.

Higt RTP Slots

Slots with the lower RTP provide payouts more often but their amounts are less while slots with the higher return to the player, vice versa, pay larger amounts of money but less often. This phenomenon is known as dispersion. Slots with high RTP usually have high dispersion, those having little return have low dispersion.

Accordingly, experienced gamblers who prefer playing the same slot for long should pay attention to the slots with the high return. Newcomers and those who don't want to take risks should pay attention to the slots with the lower Return to the player.

It is important to bear in mind that RTP is a theoretical figure, which shouldn't be taken literally. What does this mean? Huge random wins have always been and will be along with losses. Accordingly, Return to the player doesn't spread on such cases.

How to Win the Slot Knowing Its RTP?

One of the main rules of the successful player is learning the game’s peculiarities, its functions, and other details. Reliable online casinos provide an opportunity to learn all nuances of each game it offers to play. Depending on the functions of a certain slot and its RTP, it is possible to build a more profitable game strategy.

In this case, the knowledge of the return percentage allows the player to calculate how much time he/she should spend on the spins of this or that slot in order to win, which bets it is better to make, and what win he/she may expect.

For example, if a player plans to make 15,000 spins with the bet of 1 coin, he/she will be able to return 14,700 coins if the slot’s Return to the player is equal to 98%. Depending on how much time a player can spend on playing slots, it is possible to identify, how much time he/she will need to return this amount of money. The exact amount of the win will depend on the size of bets chosen by the player.