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In 1994, the only kind of gambling most would expect was physical. A group of people sitting at a table playing poker, blackjack, craps, or other gambling games. It wasn’t until Microgaming entered the scene when a revolutionary product entered into the industry. That product was online gambling machines, specifically the framework to make these machines.

Since then, this platform developer has created a vast suite of games on all spectrums of the industry. How effective are they at alluring players? What sort of games do they have? How much real money can you make? We’ll explore those questions here.

Microgaming Online Casinos

Since 2002, Micrograming has been using the platform called Viper for the basis of all their games. Viper specifically is a platform that offers so much, it’s still the industry standard for all online gambling games.

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For casinos, both online and offline, you can expect the games Microgaming operates will be using this platform. Through this platform, they can offer a variety of games which is one of their key marketing strategies to casinos.

They also have a different strategy than most with the development and release of games. It goes by the name of “New Games Rollout Plan.” This plan is Microgaming’s business strategy which is making several new slots every month.

What this means to players is you can expect new games every single month from this company. Good chances of winning real money with new games.

Microgaming Online Slots

Part of their rollout plan is the creation of slots. Overall the games are structured similarly: 3 rows with multiple pay lines. Where they differentiate is mainly in the themes presented. You see, Microgaming doesn’t reinvent the wheel every month. They reinvent the design of the game.

Mega Moolah
Amazing Link Apollo
Ancient Fortunes
Game of Thrones
Cossacks: The Wild Hunt
Mega Moola The Witch's Moon
Ascension: Rise to Riches
Alice in Wildland
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You see this when looking at their games they’ve released over the years. They have one based on Game of Thrones, and Hellboy amongst others. All of them are the exact same in how they are played. Just different designs.

MicrogamingBut despite the same kind of feel to their games, customers don’t mind that. What the main appeal is more of the systems Microgaming has. For their games, you can expect honest games and good security. This is good for casinos as they can get a reliable fan base playing these games at their casinos.

But the big appeal for players is the progressive jackpot. Microgaming was the company that introduced this concept and it’s been popular ever since. The idea is whenever someone spun, the progressive jackpot got larger for every player across the globe. In other words, for any online gambler, one person can walk away with some real money big time. What’s not to love about that?

Microgaming Mobile Slots

Microgaming mobile slots have been around since 2008 and take the classic games and place them on your phone. For older players, this is great as you can enjoy your favourites on the go. For new players, this is an easy way to get a feel for their games.

Microgaming Facts

The gameplay is similar to their other games. The only difference is that to win real money you’ll need to register an account in order to play. What’s also really nice about Microgaming games on mobile is they have two modes. The first mode is a free demo mode which does what it says. The second is the actual game titled real money play mode.

Designs of the game are similar to that on the slot machines in casinos. They’re not as flashy as other companies, but they don’t need to be. They are smooth, sturdy, secure, and are fun to play.

Microgaming Casino Games

While Microgaming has a focus on slots, they haven’t been forgetting about other casino games. In fact, their library of over 620 games contains a variety of games. All have great odds of players getting real money.

They have standard casino games like roulette, blackjack, and dice. But Microgaming also has a vast library of others. Examples are Cyberstud Poker, Red Dog, Hold ‘Em High, and Chase Poker.

But that’s just card games. If you want other variety they have other selections too. Popular casino games are Max Damage and Alien Attack - arcade slots. Other special games are Keno, Granny Prix, and Turtley Awesome. With this much variety, you can definitely get real money and have a great experience.

Because of the influx of games, graphics are decent. As mentioned before, the graphics are decent, but the gameplay is smooth. As such, players can expect a few technical errors and smooth gaming. This is also a great deal for casinos.

About Microgaming

Microgaming was founded in 1994. They are considered to be the first platform to create online casinos. Today, they are the largest suppliers and continue to grow despite heavy competition. In fact, they are the most well-known deliverers of slots and casino games.

This achievement was mainly from their platform titled Viper. Released in 2002, it’s the top platform in the industry. The Viper software is considered the standard for all online gambling machines.

Microgaming infographic

Microgaming’s games are all bright with good graphics and amazing sound effects. It is without a doubt one of the most luring games for gamblers. It is due to the security features, and the fact they are built to last and are reliable.

But one their biggest appeals is their progressive jackpot. It’s a fantastic way to make some real money. And seriously big real money. To put it in perspective, the company has paid over €1 billion through this network. Their highest is the current world record for largest jackpot payout for an online gambling machine. That record is €17,879,645.12.