TOP 5 Most Common Mistakes in Online Casino

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Every online casino present to us the another world with the special list of specific rules, customs and even laws apply. The player is familiar with the culture of the gambling establishment and the rules of gambling, the less mistakes he makes. Therefore, we have prepared the list of five the biggest mistake’s newbies in the casino.

Let's consider in this article the most common and most ridiculous mistakes of players, which lead to the loss of money and disappointment in online entertainment. Take your seat in front of the computer and read carefully. Perhaps you will learn something useful for yourself.

The mistake 1: to think that the main thing is victory

The first and most important mistake of newbies in the casino is the thought that the most important thing in the game is victory. Experienced players know that pleasure should bring not only victories, but the process of the game itself. It is the attitude towards gambling as entertainment that is the most correct and helps to accept defeats and to react less sharply to them. In addition, no one even the most skilled player in the world wins permanently, because in any gambling establishment, fortune rules first and foremost, and it has an extremely variable temper.

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This relates to another rule of the old-timers of the casino - it is always necessary to postpone part of the winnings, and not to put everything to the last.

The mistake 2: continue to increase rates, losing

One of the five biggest mistakes in the casino is the increase in rates during a series of losses.

Very often, getting into a series of losing rounds, instead of withdrawing from the game, the gambler continues to raise the stakes, thinking that in this way one victory will cover all the lost rounds. It is necessary to consider that absolutely in any game of chance represented in the casino, the “house” has an advantage that increases in parallel with the increase in the stakes.

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According to this error, a common misconception is the idea that the “black line” should end sooner or later. Theoretically, this is a correct statement, but in practice a player can lose a large amount, which he can no longer “play”.

If a player falls into the bad luck, there are only two methods: the first is to stop playing, the second is to reduce the size of bets. The most effective is the termination of the game.

The mistake 3: use the strategy of the game Martingale

The essence of the strategy is to double the rate after the defeat. Thus, losing 5 units, the player bets 10 and, winning 10, compensates for the initial loss - 5 units and goes 5 points plus.

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However, we must bear in mind that in each individual gambling establishment there is a maximum bet that can be made in a game. Accordingly, if the limit of the casino in the game is 500 units, and the player starts with a bet of 5 units, after 8 rounds he will exceed the limit and will not be able to implement the strategy.

The mistake 4: the player does not consider the advantages of the casino

For many players, the phrase that a gambling establishment always wins is something from the field of philosophical reasoning, but its deep essence lies in precise mathematical proportions.

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Let`s imagine that the advantage of a gambling establishment is 5%, then it is necessary to understand that at 100 rates, 5 units are losing. For example, playing American roulette, we can expect a loss in the amount of 5.26 units per 100 bets. Therefore, sitting at a gaming table or machine, it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of gambling “costs” so as not to make one of the five biggest mistakes in the casino.

The mistake 5: the player does not pay attention to the speed of the game

It is necessary to indicate that the speed of the game means the speed of decision making by the player. Recognizing the mathematical features of the advantages of “house” is an important thing, but do not forget that each game of chance has its own pace.

The roulette is considered entertainment that has a slow game pace: on average, a player makes 40 decisions per hour, while mini-baccarat is a game with a speed of 150 - 200 decisions per hour. Therefore, the fact that the “house” in mini-baccarat has a comparatively insignificant advantage does not mean that the game is easier, or the victory can get off easy. As with such a high pace of the game, the advantage of a gambling establishment of 1% can even be dangerous.


We want to say that you need to know your weaknesses in order to get the coveted gain. A person who knows how to analyze his mistakes can achieve significantly high results. In our article we covered the main problems of many players, and we hope that we will become more successful and more successful after studying this material.