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Initially, the bonus game was produced in order to give the gambler time for relaxing, to create the feeling of involvement and interactivity between the game and the players, allowing the latest participating in the process without pushing any buttons. After some time, smart and experienced psychologists have understood that bonus game is one of the key elements of the slot game, making the gambler excited and thrilled. Thus, they have decided to make this game type more original and thought-out.

Cloud QuestThe proved fact is that when the player gets the bonus, the resulting winning is already known. Bonus can provide the gambler with 100 free spins and appear very often, but it does not matter. The mechanics is that the game has to refund a particular sum to the gambler during the game, which is achieved by the winning combinations and bonuses.

Various slots have bonus rounds with different refunds.


  • DOA, 300shields: 90% of the games will bring no results, the average is weak as well.
  • Cloud Quest: it can give up to x200 winnings, but only once in 10 bonus games it multiplies the winning by 100.

The majority of games by NetEnt offer x100 winnings.

There are also slots with no bonus offered. For instance, Space Wars. It’s a boring game, but every combination is presented as a mini bonus round, where free spins are given with good chances to win. The absence of necessity to collect the scatters has made the users try to collect the crystals and aliens. Even here, as soon as you catch them, you’re waiting for a miracle, but you only receive x10 winning in the re-spin round. You can hardly want to live in such moments!

Psychology and Bonuses

The bonus game isn’t such innocent function, which aims at making you rich. If it does not appear for a long time, it drives you mad and forces playing more and more.

If you constantly have 2 scatters you can’t stay indifferent, because it makes you think the bonus is coming soon. You understand that it is an illusion only when your balance is over.

The bonus has appeared but has not brought the desired winning. Is that a mockery? You have spent lots of time and efforts to get it and it must have been a considerable winning! It’s necessary to make a complaint to the chat or write on the forum about the greediness of this online casino.

DOAIf the gambler gets the bonus, it guarantees nothing. In the past, playing in the real casinos, people had at least a kind of certainty and guarantees, understanding that one bonus round can help return the lost deposit for the whole session (the re-spin really gave such guarantee). And what now? Half of the bonus rounds are created in order to attract your attentions and that’s all.

The frequency of appearance

It’s opposite to the “no bonus” situation. When you have bonuses very often (it does not matter whether they bring winnings or not) there is an illusion, the slot is going to refund. What does it lead to? You make higher bets and keep playing. After this, you can get about 20 games with the winnings and then they are over. Having lost part of the deposit, you do not pay attention to the balance at all and only wait for the new series of winning. But you don’t get them. The bonus rounds are a powerful element, which makes the gamblers get loaded with adrenaline.