Bonus Hunting: How Do They Earn Bonuses?

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Literally, bonus hunter (bonus hunting) means "those, who’s after the extra cash". Basically, they’re gamblers, who rely on the so-called welcome bonuses of the Internet’s casino platforms or bookmakers for quick enrichment.

Casino Bonus Hunter

Read more on how to catch a bonus hunter, whether it is worth trying to become one and how to earn bonuses.

General Information

Bonus hunting is not necessarily linked to being frauds. Yes, in fact, this is a rapid enrichment, but the operators create their bonus systems so that clients could manage to play them and like it.

For extra money, the hunter uses the free spins, bets and/or money, that’s on the account offered by the casino as an introductory stimulus, which, if used correctly and with minimal deposits, will bring profit.

It can be accompanied by strategies because this term is applied not only to those who try to game the system but also to those who just love to discover new offers from casinos and receive all kinds of bonuses and gifts.

Tricks of Bonus Hunters

Free "buns" on the sites are mostly distributed by operators in limited quantities, so players must choose the highest level of play, using all the bonuses right before taking money from their account.

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Bonus hunters use pre-planned strategies to bend these rules. So, they prefer the most likely rates in high-class games to fulfill all the requirements, at the same time creating the highest probability of making a profit. If a player is caught using multiple accounts for bonus hunting, then chances are that he will no longer be allowed to play on these resources.

Among all types of gambling, the most advantageous for bonus hunters is considered to be an online casino.

In sports betting, players often take two bonus bets from different bookmakers, choosing each competitor based on the principle of a draw. Any win is guaranteed to cancel the opposite loss, therefore, the player will save a certain amount of additional funds, which uses the scheme already at a different rate. This bet can be used against another free bet from another bookmaker. And again, the profit is guaranteed.

Royal Panda Casino Bonus

Of course, if you try to bypass the rules of casinos and bookmakers fraud, this is fraught with serious consequences. For example, if it is a question of having a bunch of accounts and using the "benefits" of a casino, after all, the operator will find a deceiver and, of course, restrict access to the game.

Types of Bonus Hunters

All kinds of bonus hunters are there. Some of them are looking for no deposit bonuses, and some are trying to break the bank, having received a huge deposit bonus. Let's see what they are and what are the risks of their activities.

  • The intruder. It’s an experienced player, who uses his money as well as casino bonuses in order to play gambling. Gambling establishments often launch new bonus lines, timed to any large-scale events or marketing campaigns. As a rule, the bonus hunter plays in certain, loved casinos every day, where he creates dozens of accounts. It is because of these people the casino is closed by special bonus programs and promotions. Violators simply reduce the conversion rate, and the casino begins to lose money.
  • Typical bonus hunter. This person lives by playing in a good casino. He spends a lot of time trying to learn bonus systems, promotions, and deals. In addition, he spends his funds, thereby relatively smoothing the losses of the casino and his. Having a rich experience in how to avoid getting caught in the eyes of the casino admins, it will easily pass any ID card check.
    This "player" does not create a lot of accounts, he is focused on earning on one, but a good promo offer. The most professional players play in Europe, where there are much more casinos. Although they are also some extent violators, managing to avoid locks and firewalls, their activity is leveled by the invested funds and therefore is forgiven by the operators.
  • The newbie is the one who creates the account, gets the bonus, immediately loses it and starts anew, without changing its IP address and without cleaning the cookies. Of course, when he wins and wants to withdraw his funds, he is blocked for not complying with the rules of the casino. And even if he tries to justify himself and avoid punishment, the administration cannot ignore the use of the shadow account.

How to Catch a Bonus: Hanging in an Online Casino

Bonus in the casino has always been a great way to make some money. Almost every online casino offers an attractive subscription bonus, the conditions are extremely favorable for the players.

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In the cases of online casinos, you must focus on matching the deposit and the bonus for registration at 100%. There is a mandatory condition: the requirements for acting out should be calculated in a tenfold equivalent, there should not be any restrictions on the game. Many casinos also use betting tactics for both (black and red), while respecting the requirements for the rates.

Bonus Hunters in Poker

It is relatively easy to get profit from bonus hunting on poker sites if the player has at least a little knowledge of the skills of a poker player. However, this kind of bonus profit is "long-playing", accrued on the player's account for some long time, therefore, in poker, this type of earnings is infrequent.

To receive a bonus on the online poker site, a player must pay a certain amount of rake each time he plays for real money. His task is to pay without losing too much money at the poker table.

Hunting in Sports Betting

Getting a big enough profit from bonus hunting in sports betting is not easy. The bonuses offered to new customers are not very large and they are basically accompanied by the requirements for betting, that’s why the excess is extremely unlikely.

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On the other hand, it is also almost impossible to recognize such a player because of the enrichment technique used: hunters make numerous, non-scale bets from different bookmakers. At the same time, they lose a minimum from the actual betting and receive a bonus.