What Is White Label Casino?

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White Label in online gambling is an optimal solution for start-up entrepreneurs. The cooperation conditions are simple and favorable: an experienced team of the large operator develops a turn-key online casino for a young brand promoting it, getting a certain percentage from the profit gained.

White Label Program: Principle of Work

It is not as easy as ABC for a novice businessman to start an online casino due to the need to have a large initial capital, a lot of time, and endless patience for dealing with numerous juridical formalities. White Label can come to the rescue. The principle of its work can be characterized as maximum simple and budget.

Jackpot City - White Label Casino

The parent company provides a start-up with everything necessary for the implementation of the project: license, web-hosting, unique logo, platform, slots, financial infrastructure, consultation services. Within the short period of time, a young operator gets the finished product, which can be launched successfully. The use of White Label will allow both parties to win from the cooperation: the popularized online casino guarantees the constant flow of new clients while the operator provides the full service.

White Label Advantages

  • Minimal start-up capital: Thanks to the White Label, every startup businessman has an opportunity to found his/her own gambling institution without using credit money or other loans. The amount, which is necessary to start a gambling project on your own, exceeds the amount of investment required for the casino launch.
  • The absence of fears connected with big wins: One of the main reasons of the bankruptcy of the novice entrepreneur of the iGaming-industry is large wins of the gamblers due to the fact that the capital invested in the start of the independent casino site is just the beginning of the financial expenditures.
    If using the scheme of the white label, the system of payments is divided among the developer and the seller, where the developer is responsible for large jackpots, while a seller is responsible for bonus and prize payments.
  • The high-quality customer support: Only the best-qualified specialists having the knowledge of all nuances of iGaming-industry should work in the customer support. Otherwise, both the brand’s reputation and the gaming platform’s popularity may suffer. In the White Label concept, the operator of the parent company is responsible for the consultation services, which guarantees the top-notch quality service to the customers of the young gaming site owner.
  • Dealing with formalities: Thanks to the cooperation following the White Label model, an entrepreneur doesn't have to worry about the solution of technical site issues. He/she doesn't have to deal with juridical issues and other formalities. The settlement of all these points is in the responsibility of the project, which develops the turn-key online casino.

The Disadvantages of a White Label Casino

  • The selection restriction: The supplier is responsible for the selection of most details: online casino games, payment systems, additional software. However, the cooperation conditions may vary from supplier to supplier. Some suppliers provide their clients-young brands with more freedom in certain questions.
  • The fixed range of settings in the gaming platform: One of the major disadvantages of the white label is that the client gets the finished product with the already implemented range of settings. The developer is the only one able to make some changes.
  • The limited ways of the promotion of the young gambling-product: Operators providing services are concerned about their reputation. That's why there is a large probability that the start-up company will have to listen to the developer's advice concerning the marketing campaign, or even being under the full control.

Casino White Label. How Much Does It Cost to Start It?

The cost of the gaming platform launch in accordance with the White Label scheme depends on the company’s decision as well as the package of the services provided. As a rule, it varies within $15.000 - $50.000. The size of the initial investment shows the operator the seriousness of the intentions of the start-up entrepreneur. It will cost you much more if launching the project on your own.

Night Rush - White Label Casino

Despite a number of cons and risks, the concept of White Label is widespread being used in many countries all over the world. The popularity of such cooperation is due to its pros and profit for everyone involved in this process definitely exceed all possible negative moments. The online casino launch following the White Label scheme is a reliable solution for ambitious start-up entrepreneurs. This can be confirmed by a lot of successful gambling projects using this model.