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Problems during your interesting and gambling game may arise completely unnoticed. It is very unpleasant when your account is temporarily blocked at the time of your stunning winnings or, even worse, ceases to exist. And whether we like it or not, problems exist, and we can try to help. If one day you log in and see that your online casino account is blocked, there are ways to restore and launch it, and this is what we will discuss today.

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Urgently stop panicking. This is not a tragedy

For a real player, this can be a real psychological test. The account could contain money, and of course you just do not want to be blocked and no longer have the opportunity to play your favorite slots. First, imagine the situation. You play online slots and games in your favorite casino, and all is Ok. But the next time you log in, your account will be blocked. Even worse, your online casino account has been blocked, and your hard-earned winnings are also blocked!

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Firstly, do not panic! Do not open the chat in real time and immediately express anger towards the casino, because there is a chance that you will only worsen the situation or at least delay the situation. If this happens, do not worry, because we have several solutions for how to unlock your casino account.

Askgamblers locked account

Do not express immediate anger. Use our tips to unlock your online casino account.

Main reasons for blocking your account in an online casino

Undoubtedly, you may run into problems of processing casino accounts at any time, and there may be many reasons why this happens. Strongly, this does not mean that your blocked account in an online casino will remain blocked without the right to restore. But in order to know the reason for blocking your account, you need to answer the following questions honestly and without guile.

Country that is on the ban list

Online casinos are very strictly related to country restrictions. Most operators have the legal right to offer online gambling only in certain territories, and if your country is not on the list of allowed, the casino has no choice but to close your account as soon as possible.

Have you created more than one casino account?

Creating multiple accounts is in direct violation of the rules and conditions of the casino, which means that you will be blocked in the near future.

Have you successfully passed the verification procedure?

Most online casinos will not pay a penny if your ID is not confirmed by the casino security department. Verification is a one-time procedure, but it is not an easy task and requires time and effort from all parties involved - both casino representatives and players, and therefore it slows down the withdrawal process somewhat.

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However, it is worth it, as this is the only guarantee that your money and personal data are safe. If you neglect the verification conditions, be sure that soon you will be blocked.

How to avoid blocking?

This issue has a complex structure, which implies a large number of related factors and arguments, both from operators and users, therefore the complaint is considered for a longer time for these reasons.

How to avoid blocking?

The main and indisputable circumstance for filing a complaint regarding the closure or blocking of an account is the debiting of funds in favor of an online casino.

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In this case, from the legal side, the operator remains right, but since our resource was created by the players for the players themselves, we are ready to take into account all the arguments that will help solve the situation regarding the return of the winnings earned or at least the deposit amount.

Your independent steps to unlock your casino account

A casino account has been blocked? Not sure what to do? The main thing - do not panic! Remember that any blocked account can be unblocked at any time. It is important to follow a few steps that will help remove the lock 2 times faster.

  • You might be surprised, but in some cases the password in the browser just gets lost. As a result, you can not log into your account, and the inscription "your account is blocked" appears on the screen. Check if you entered the password correctly. If not, or you are in doubt, try entering your password again. It is advisable not to copy the password but enter it manually. If this method did not help, then the problem is more serious.
  • Go to the second method. The easiest and at the same time effective way. In your first letter, be sure to tell when exactly the blocking occurred. Write about that you followed all the rules of the game in online casinos, used one way to withdraw money and one IP address. Please note: the answer from the support service can only come in a few days. It all depends on the online casino.
  • What to do if you understand that you have violated the rules of the game on the casino site? The first is to send a second message immediately, in which write that you understand the essence of the problem. Secondly, if you have money on your casino account, ask for a remote withdrawal (in case your account is permanently blocked).
  • What if an online casino ignores your request? If the casino doesn’t receive a response within 7 days, then your account has been blocked not legally. It's time to move on to the third method.
  • Method Three: WRITING TO THE SPECIAL COMMISSION ON GAMES Usually, this is: the Malta Gambling Commission and the UK Commission (if online casinos are registered in this country).

Your casino account has been blocked? Do not fall into despair and worry for your money. If your account is blocked by accident or not for a serious reason, you can achieve unlock. If you hit a scam casino, the special commissions for games will help to sort out your situation.

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It`s important (!): Replenish the account in online casinos for the minimum amount (for example, $10). It is better to replenish the balance more often and overpay on commission than to worry about your money in the event of a lock. Agree, to lose $1 is not as insulting as $50!