What is the Dispersion in an Online Casino?

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Most users who have experience playing slots are familiar with what dispersion is. Every experienced player knows that online gaming will always remain in the black, this is connected with the terms "mathematical probability" and "dispersion".

However, many players do not know that there is a mathematical explanation for why some people are luckier. Fortune does not always go hand in hand with only lucky people. There is a very specific and logical explanation for it. It is called dispersion. But is it possible to use the school mathematics knowledge in order to win?

Mathematical probability and dispersion

What Is the Dispersion?

The very term "dispersion" is closely intertwined with the field of probability theory. Simply put, this is a deviation from the algorithmic, pre-calculated expectation of the probability of an event.

Just to better comprehend the principle of dispersion, we can consider several examples:

  • you toss a coin twice, it can fall once with a bar and once with an eagle, due to the theory of probability; but in reality, it can land twice as one side, and the other. This phenomenon is called dispersion;
  • giving an opposite example - a lottery. In this game, people choose several numbers that, in their opinion, will be extracted from the pool of possible numbers. The jackpot here can be several million. If you have 1 out of 70 million odds to get a $ 60 million jackpot and no chance of winning anything else, the dispersion will be over 50 million.

From these examples, one can clearly see that the dispersion looks for the probability of the expected results. In events with a low dispersion, players can count on approaching the return of the money. As the difference increases, the probability of the distance from the desired return increases. This phenomenon can go both in the positive and in the negative direction.

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As for slot machines, knowing the level of variance in the casino can help the client choose which one to play. So, if you want to get a chance at big jackpots, but are ready to lose more often, you will play games with high variance. Conversely, if you want to receive modest cash prizes, but more often, you should choose low-variance games. Consider the differences in more detail.

Online Slots with High, Medium and Low Variance

Gambling can carry a different level of variance: low, medium and high.

What is the difference:

  • slots with a high level of dispersion. Such machines are not characterized by frequent issuance of prize combinations, but the amount of the jackpot in them is much higher. As a rule, people who are patient and who have a lot of time left in their stocks prefer this type of gambling;
  • slots with an average dispersion level. Such gaming machines are characterized by an average level of prize amounts and the same frequency of their loss;
  • low-dispersion slots. Their main difference from the previous two types is frequent low winnings. Such a slot machine is unlikely to offer you higher winnings than the bet made.

What Gambling Entertainment to Choose?

It should be noted that highly disperse games are the most popular. The chances you have are not so high, but when this happens, the jackpot can enrich the gambler by a very large amount. It is this kind of slot machines that makes the gameplay so exciting and can quench your thirst for excitement. Classic single-line slots with three reels have the greatest variance. Multiline video slots have a lower level because the range of bets on the round is very wide.

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Typically, the average level of dispersion is often found in video pens. Fans of this type of gambling know that wins can be average, and the dispersion is almost always much lower than that of slots, suggesting that the strategy is correct. If you want to become the owner of a big win, play a single video poker. If you play multiplayer video poker, the dispersion decreases when you add more hands.

For gambling with a high level of dispersion, you can include keno, bingo, as well as direct rates in roulette.

If you are looking for a game with a low dispersion, you will get analogs of board games. Each of them has a relatively low dispersion. The game in the casino with the lowest variance is poker in the pay-go. Assuming that the player uses the optimal strategy, it's like "toss a coin" between the player and the dealer. Other games with low dispersion - baccarat, craps, blackjack and the like.

Volatility in Online Casinos

As a rule, the dispersion is not indicated in the descriptions for specific slots. But you can determine it yourself, relying on some indicators. So, if the player is offered a payout ratio higher than x10,000, such a slot can be attributed to highly disperse, if this value varies from x5,000 to x10,000, the machine is mid-dispersed. Accordingly, if this figure is below x5,000, you have a low dispersion slot machine.

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In addition, you can see the statistics for payments in the descriptions of the rules of the game of interest, or play a demo version.