Gates of Olympus 1000

Gates Of Olympus 1000 slot
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Pragmatic Play
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Gates of Olympus 1000 Slot is a game that is taking the online casino world by storm. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this game is based on the theme of Greek Mythology that offers a unique gameplay experience. Released in early 2021, it has become one of the most popular games among players due to its scatter pays concept. The game has inspired a host of follow-ups, including Starlight Princess, an anime-themed slot with similar features.

Video Gates of Olympus 1000™ – Pragmatic Play

Starlight Princess 1000 followed soon after, with a bigger max multiplier and greater winning potential. Now, Gates of Olympus 1000 has arrived and promises to be another solid addition to the franchise. The game features all the classic elements of its predecessors, but with added features that promise big wins for lucky players. Don't miss out on this exciting slot game that promises to take you on a journey to the ancient land of Greece.

Gates Of Olympus 1000

Gates of Olympus 1000 is a highly volatile game that boasts an impressive RTP of 96.5%. With base bets ranging from 20 cents to $/ˆ100 per spin, this game is perfect for high rollers and casual players alike. What's unique about this game is that it uses a 6x5 aligned grid matrix, dropping 30 symbols onto the reels to create wins. The tumble feature removes winning symbols and fills the gaps with other symbols, allowing for even more chances to win.

While there are no wilds in this game, players can activate the Ante Bet, which increases the base bet by 25% and brings more scatter symbols onto the reels. With nine regular pay symbols, including gems, a cup, a ring, an hourglass, and a crown, players have plenty of opportunities for big wins. And if you're lucky enough to land an 8-9 matching symbol scatter win or a 12+ scatter win, you could be looking at a payout of up to 50 times your bet. Don't miss out on all the action and excitement of Gates of Olympus 1000!

Gates of Olympus 1000 Slot: Features Overview

Imagine you're playing a slot machine and the reels are spinning. Suddenly, a symbol with the word "Multiplier" on it pops up on your screen. You hold your breath as it reveals its value... and it's an impressive x500! That's the excitement that multiplier symbols bring to the game. As you continue to play, you'll notice that these symbols can appear on any reel and at any time during the game.

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Whether you're in the base game or a free spins round, multiplier symbols are always there to boost your winnings. And when a tumble sequence ends, you'll feel the rush of excitement as the values of all multiplier symbols are added together and used to multiply your total win. It's clear that multiplier symbols are a valuable and thrilling aspect of any slot game.

Gates Of Olympus 1000 scatterFree spins are a slot player's dream come true. And with the option to win up to 100x the bet plus 15 free spins, it's hard not to imagine hitting that jackpot. But the real excitement starts when multipliers get involved. With each multiplier symbol that hits during the free spins round, the total multiplier amount grows, and if that symbol lands on a winning spin, watch out!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, landing three scatters during free spins grants an additional five free spins. It's a rollercoaster ride of excitement and anticipation, where each spin could be the one that leads you to the ultimate jackpot.

Gates of Olympus 1000 Slot: Analysis

The Gates of Olympus 1000 is one of the latest slot games to hit the market, and while it may seem like it came out of nowhere, the truth is far more convoluted. Trace it back and you'll find that it's a clone of Starlight Princess, which itself was followed by Starlight Princess 1000. It's a bit of a head-scratcher, like trying to find the origin of an infinite loop. On paper, it's not exactly the most thrilling of proposals. However, as any true slot-game aficionado knows, sometimes looks can be deceiving. So, let's take a closer look at just what Gates of Olympus 1000 has to offer and how it stacks up against its predecessors.

Gates of Olympus 1000 is the new and exciting game that offers players a chance to win big! With a larger winning potential of 15,000x the bet, it's clear that this game is not for the faint of heart. The game's updates include a new 1,000x multiplier, making it possible to reach payouts much higher than those seen in the original Gates of Olympus.

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While it remains to be seen how frequently this new multiplier will be in play, gamers can rest assured that they are in for a thrilling experience. The game provides smooth gameplay, scatter wins, and the potential to receive huge multipliers for those who are lucky enough. So, if you're looking for a new gaming adventure with higher wins on the line, Gates of Olympus 1000 should be your go-to game!

Gates Of Olympus 1000 win

After experiencing the original Gates of Olympus and later on, Starlight Princess 1000, there were no surprises while playing GOO 1000. While this may sound like a letdown, it actually turned out as expected and was neither for better or for worse. If you're not opposed to trying your hand at yet another iteration of this type of game, then Gates of Olympus 1000 should be a bigger-than-before scatter win choice that satisfies your gaming needs. All in all, the review of Gates of Olympus 1000 has come to an end and it's safe to say that it offers exactly what it promises - a familiar yet enjoyable gaming experience.

Gates of Olympus 1000 FAQ

What is the RTP of Gates of Olympus 1000?

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Gates of Olympus 1000 is 96.5%, which provides players with a fair chance of winning while playing the game.

How do the multiplier symbols work in the game?

Multiplier symbols can appear on any reel and at any time during both the base game and free spins round. When a tumble sequence ends, the values of all multiplier symbols are added together and applied to the total win, significantly boosting potential payouts.

What is the betting range for Gates of Olympus 1000?

The game caters to both casual players and high rollers with a betting range from 20 cents to $/ˆ100 per spin, allowing players to choose a stake that suits their budget and playing style.

Can you explain the Ante Bet feature?

The Ante Bet feature increases the base bet by 25% and brings more scatter symbols onto the reels. This feature can enhance the chance of triggering free spins and leading to more substantial wins.

Are there any special symbols or features in Gates of Olympus 1000?

While the game does not include wild symbols, it has nine regular pay symbols and provides features such as tumble mechanics, multiplier symbols, scatter wins, and the Ante Bet option. Additionally, free spins and multipliers can significantly enhance winning potential.