88 Frenzy Fortune

88 Frenzy Fortune slot
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Many number-themed games out there have a throwback design, much like 88 Frenzy Fortune. BetSoft brings you to the wide expanse of outer space with nothing but a limitless universe in front of you with stars, constellations and colorful nebulas.

Video 88 Frenzy Fortune™ – Betsoft

The grid doesn t take away from the cosmic design as it s almost fully transparent. You can make out pinkish fuchsia shades of novas or nebulas with faint outlines of planets. We think we can make out Jupiter or a planet that resembles it on the above right hand corner.

88 Frenzy Fortune

As for what s below, it looks like we are hovering above Mother Earth. One thing that is strangely but very interestingly integrated into the outer space theme is a Chinese element in 88 Frenzy Fortune that is clearly seen in the lucky number 88 and other symbols.

88 Frenzy Fortune Detailsv

For a game that is based on luck, 88 Frenzy Fortune really does make you rely on Lady Luck for help without any extra aid. The RTP (return to player) is strictly the standard 96% - no more and no less. It s a small 3x3 grid that will see an extra 4th reel appear, but more on that later.

There is only 1 payline, which we will also get into a bit later. The betting range is between 0.60% and 30, which makes it a low value game catering more towards conservative players.

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The max payout in 88 Frenzy Fortune is 2,386x your initial bet, which isn t bad, and the volatility is only around medium, which is a point in favor of the game.


88 Frenzy Fortune symbol88 Frenzy Fortune has a larger main grid and a reel that is separated from the rest. You form all your combos on the main 3x3 grid and a feature symbol appears on the straggling 4th reel. Your goal is to line up the feature symbol on the last reel with the combos on the main grid to get any use out of it.

Why does 88 Frenzy Fortune only have 1 payline? This is because the symbols have blank spaces between them, which make it more difficult for them the line up. The grid will award you prizes via the extra 4th reel. What you can get are 8x to 18x your initial bet, 2x, 5x, 8x multipliers, or respins.

You only get 1 respin, but you can reap the rewards right when you get them. You can retrigger the respin up to 5 times as long as you get that symbol again on the 4th reel.

88 Frenzy Fortune Symbols

88 Frenzy Fortune is a mix of 2 unrelated themes into a very interesting one. It takes Chinese elements and literally gives it an out-of-this-world spin by implementing them into a cosmic theme. What you will see on the grid includes: 1 Chinese lucky Koi fish, 2 Chinese lucky Koi fish, Silver 88, Gold 88, Orange 88, Multiplier symbols.

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It s all pretty basic in terms of symbols, but the celestial theme is oddly mesmerizing. Your goal is to land as many combos as possible aligned with the symbol on the 4th reel.


88 Frenzy Fortune fish symbolThe slot theme is not for everyone, and it s almost as if the developers had a very specific demographic in mind. The pretty design is definitely something going for the game, but as far as the specs go, they can always be improved. Since there is only one payline and combos are not easy to come by, we would have liked it if they raised the RTP a little.

Luckily, 88 Frenzy Fortune doesn t rank high on the volatility scale and the betting range is quite low. However, it is unique, we ll give it that.