Mahjong 88

Mahjong 88 slot
Slot Details
Play’n GO
Min Coin Size:
Max Coin Size:
500.000 coins
Auto Play:
Progressive Jackpot:
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star Off
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If you love playing slots and also have a soft spot for Mahjong, then get excited about this new addition. This is the first 8x8 grid slot from Play’n GO and it comes in the form of Mahjong 88. From the minute the game loads, you get all the information you need to understand how to play (and win).

Video Mahjong 88™ – Play’n GO

This is a new idea for the classic tile game. There are some cool new features that don’t exist in other tile games like how the symbols are revealed on the game. Instead of the symbols doing a cascade onto the grid as a standard tile game might have, they are revealed from under the grid. Much like the Price is Right!

How to Win

To win, you have to match 4 or more symbols. In Mahjong 88, there are no pay lines. Instead, they are clusters that connect vertically and horizontally. This is for the standard win but there are a few other ways you can grab winnings. There are four different Wilds. They can sub any symbol on the grid. The symbols are connected to the seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. During your game play, seasons will change which is what determines what Wild shows up.

Mahjong 88

Every Wild has a different feature but what they all have in common is they get you bigger wins when they show up.

Here’s the rundown on the Wild functions:

  • Spring Wild: This is going to be put on the grid randomly.
  • Summer Wild: It’s put on the grid and destroys adjacent symbols.
  • Autumn Wild: Falls down the grid and destroys symbols.
  • Winter Wild: When this Wild attaches to a winning cluster, it sticks onto it so you can get some pretty big winnings from this one.

Mahjong 88 super frogThere is a Mahjong Meter on the game. You can charge the meter during a game round which then triggers the cool features of the game. This includes Fortune Frog and Super Charge. How much the meter is charged is defined by how many symbols are in your winning cluster in a round.

Review of Game Play

When I logged onto the game, it was super simple to just start playing. They give you instruction in the beginning that’s really easy to follow. The game is really fun and easy to play. Exciting things pop up like the changing of the seasons. When spring showed up, I got a bonus. The Super Charge function gives you 5 times the win when it shows up. I felt my dopamine levels rise with the feeling of a big win.

Mahjong 88 season bonus

The graphics and the relaxing music made me feel like I was in a real casino. The balance I was given to try out the game was 25,000 which was an ample amount to get to know it well enough. There is a big green button on the play screen and that’s what you press to reveal the tiles. Very easy format. When there are matches, a lot goes on with the game. Their tiles start to shimmer and what I can only describe as some kind of magical light goes over to the frog on the screen. This makes him ribbit which I thought was kind of cool.

AutoPlay Feature

You can bet from 0,5 to 5.00 and if you want, you can set up Autoplay. There are cut off options you can set up before playing too.

They include:

  • If a single win exceeds your desired amount, the AutoPlay will discontinue.
  • If balance increases by the desired amount, the AutoPlay will discontinue.
  • If balance decreases by the desired amount, the AutoPlay will discontinue.


  • Easy to play.
  • Lots of opportunities for winning.
  • Nice features that you don’t get with other tile games.
  • Impressive graphics.


  • The loading time was slow which had nothing to do with my wifi at the time.