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Terminator 2 is a remastered casino game based on the classic 1991 movie of the same name. This is a much-beloved film, and Microgaming tried to capture the original motion picture's mood and tone. There are some fun features such as the T-800 vision, which "targets" characters for bonuses, and the free spin feature, which plays some of the iconic Terminator 2 movie clips.

Video Terminator 2™ – Microgaming

Terminator 2 is a dark game. The music is dark and ominous, the colours are dark blue and black, and the background is so dark it's difficult to figure out what it is. This makes sense, given the tone and feel of the source material.

Terminator 2

Terminator 2's win graphics are pretty low-key, with the low-pay symbols simply flashing and the high-pay wins playing short gifs from the movie. If you "win big," a slightly larger movie clip will play, some with audio and classic lines from the film.

The music is from the original Terminator 2 movie score, but I muted it as I found it intrusive. Even with a win, it feels overly dramatic for what's happening onscreen. The gifs that play are small and quick, so it's sometimes difficult to discern what they are.

How to Play Terminator 2

Terminator 2 is a 5 x 3 reel with 243 ways. During the free spin feature, the number of ways increases to 1,024. The minimum bet is 0.30, and the maximum bet is 27.00. There is a bet multiplier of 30 for each spin, so make sure you know how much you're betting, as a bet of 1.00 is, in fact, a bet of 30.00 each time you spin.

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The RTP for Terminator 2 is above average at 96.62%, the volatility is medium, and the maximum win is 2,952x the stake. A Hot Mode can activate randomly during the free spins, which increases the frequency of wins.

Terminator 2 has an autoplay feature, and you can set win and lose limits to have it stop automatically when these limits are reached. The autoplay feature does not restart if you go into the free spin feature.

Features and Symbols in Terminator 2

Terminator 2's low-pay symbols are the royals, shown as uninspired hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. The high-pay symbols are characters from the movie: Sarah Conner, John Conner, Arnold Schwarzenegger's terminator, and the T-1000 in metal and human form.

Terminator 2's special symbols and features:

  • The wild symbol is the T2 logo and substitutes for all symbols except the scatter and the T-1000 symbol during free spins.
  • The scatter symbol is a lightning orb with a terminator inside it, and you must land three or more of these to score free spins. The exception to this is during the T-800 feature explained below. You get ten free spins, and they cannot be retriggered.
  • The T-800 bonus feature may be triggered randomly after any non-winning spin. The Terminator symbol will target one of the high-pay symbols to pay a bonus, and a single scatter symbol will now generate the free spin feature.

Terminator 2I really liked the Terminator 2 movie, and I wanted to like this remastered game from Microgaming. However, I found it a little uninspired and even repetitive. The wins felt like they should have been more exciting, and the background was, I hate to say it, boring. I felt like Microgaming could have done more with this material, but I know many will disagree.

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If you're looking for upbeat and fun, Terminator 2 is not for you. However, you can win a reasonable amount, and for die-hard fans of the movie and those here for straight-up gambling with enough winning to keep you engaged, Terminator 2 is worth checking out.