Novomatic: What is the Secret of Success of Slot Machines?

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During its existence, the Austrian company has managed to accumulate a large number of developments, which set it apart on the background of other providers. Novomatic games are popular in the sphere of online-casinos. The company creates poker slots, electronic tables for blackjack, baccarat.

Novomatic Products

But first of all Novomatic is a company, which creates slot machines and offers its players a lot of features and capabilities.

What is so special about Novomatic slots? Each game is developed by professionals, it means they are experts in the sphere of psychological technologies of neuro-linguistic programming.

Strawberry slot machines

Let's start with the basics and consider how slots are created in Novomatic company. Slot machines are systems with three reels (today all slots are released with five reels) and with picture symbols. The first machine appeared at the beginning of the last century and was in its essence a hybrid, where the game element functioned together with a device which produced chewing gum. And so there were the famous "strawberry" machines. Bananas, strawberries, cherries and plums - it all are gum flavors. When three identical symbols were lined up in one line, the machine gave out a gum with the taste of the corresponding fruit.

Special Encoding in Slots

This idea got its continuation when cartoon characters are begun to use to create slot symbols. And here began the problems with the game elements: no one understood which symbol is a bonus, and which one does not carry much value. As a result, a concept, which is still relevant today was introduced.

It involves the using of elements from a deck of cards: Tens - 10, Jack - J, Queen - Q, King - K, Ace - A.

The letter symbolism was not introduced by slot creators in order to simplify life for themselves at all (many players mistakenly believe that it is much easier to draw a letter). Thanks to the letters, the player has an understanding of where the valuable symbol is and where it is not. Any modern online casino playing system uses images as bonus symbols.

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Color coding technique is used in order not to get confused in symbols, (each letter is colored in its own color). They are the same in most of the slot machines of this Austrian slot producer, so the player subconsciously perceives them as a whole. This means that Novomatic games program players even with color.

The “Novomatic” company colors the letter symbols as follows: 10 - crimson, J - blue, Q - green, K - red, A - gold.

This color coding system is considered the standard for “Novomatic”company, which they rarely depart from.

Semantic coding of Novomatic

Many players probably know the game of the Novomatic company called “Book of Ra”. It demonstrates the concept of encoding the form and content of symbols. It has already been told that each letter has a certain color. The older symbol (scarab beetle, figurine and pharaoh), which launches a free round. It has a more expressive structure than any other simple element.

Book of Ra symbolsBook of Ra symbols

Bonus symbols are different from the standard ones with more elaborate appearance. Specialists from various spheres are involved in the development of slot machines in Novomatic company.

Encoding Slots by Sounds

Everyone who played in the slots of the Novomatic company‚ surely noticed, that the slot machine occasionally makes a sound, which causes associations with the bell at the school. This is a signal of winning. It is worth noting, that modern versions of games offer an improved sound scheme in which recognizable features have been preserved, but at the same time a peculiar gloss was added.

Video Slots of Novomatic company offer simple audio coding:

  • sounds of an official nature;
  • context-related sounds.

The first group is universal. For example, the ringing transfer of the won coins on the deposit and the ringing trill notifying of a winning. The sounds are quite sharp themselves. A new casino gaming system (generation of upgraded Deluxe slot machines) has a softer sound. It is explained by the fact that previous versions of slots were intended primarily for game rooms, where it is usually very noisy. New slots created directly for online casinos.

Ivan PavlovSoviet academician Ivan Pavlov used no melodic sounds during experiments on animals. He proved, that you can leave a trace in memory and link it with the context with the help of a sharp sound. As you may have guessed, the Novomatic company took over the experience of this scientist. It's all about the involved neural networks (for example, viewing clips is more enjoyable than listening to music, etc.).

As for the second group, here the casino connects software sounds with specific events:

  • 3 letters or 2 images - sharp sounds;
  • ordinary symbols - sharp sounds, slightly longer than the previous ones;
  • 2 older symbols - short sound;
  • 5 usual letters - melody, ending with a tonic;
  • 5 bonus letters - melodious trill, longer than the previous one;
  • 4 or 5 bonus symbols - melody playing for five seconds.

Thus, the player associates the size of the prize points with sound. This technique was borrowed from the cinematograph. By the way, casino encodes its software not only with the help of sounds: it uses also an animation for it. Winning combinations are accompanied by distinctive animations with various special effects.


Summarizing all the above, let us note, that Novomatic company takes the creation of its slot machines very seriously.