Frank Scoblete

Frank Scoblete, born in 1947, is a renowned American author with an extensive oeuvre that spans casino gambling literature. Dubbed by The Washington Post as "a highly-regarded expert on casino games," Scoblete's influential works include titles such as "Beat the Craps out of the Casinos," "Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution," and "Beat the One-Armed Bandits."


His expertise extends beyond print; he has made appearances in television documentaries, notably participating in The Travel Channel's "What Would You Do If...?" and has been a prolific contributor to gambling magazines and online platforms. Additionally, Scoblete has produced educational content on the intricacies of craps and blackjack through a variety of videotapes and DVDs, making his insights accessible to a wider public.

Early life and education details

Raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Frank Scoblete is the eldest sibling in his family. He commenced his education at Our Lady of Angels before transitioning to St. John's Prep. An accomplished athlete, he secured a full athletic scholarship reflecting his prowess in both baseball and basketball. Upon graduating from high school in 1965, Scoblete furthered his education with an academic scholarship, focusing on history, literature, and philosophy in college. His educational achievements include obtaining three Master's degrees, culminating in a graduation year of 1969. More details about his academic and professional milestones can be found on his official website.

Professional Development

Between 1969 and 1974, Frank Scoblete honed his writing skills as a contributor, editor, and latterly publisher for Island Magazine, a regional publication focusing on Long Island’s news. His voice also graced the airwaves with the "Frank Scoblete Live!" radio show, in addition to a period teaching English and a trailblazing Science Fiction course at Lawrence High School, where he was affectionately dubbed "Mr. Scobe" or simply "Scobe."

In 1975, Scoblete ventured into the acting world and eventually co-founded The Other Vic Theatre Company in 1979 - a professional touring group that delighted audiences at dinner theaters, resorts, and charity events. He wore many hats during his tenure, producing, directing, and acting in about 50 plays. His theater work led him to a notable gambling exploration in 1985; while preparing for a role as a gambler in "The Only Game in Town," he and his fellow actor, Alene Paone, took to Atlantic City for research and discovered a newfound passion for the thrill of the game over the stage.

By 1989, Scoblete had transitioned from his theater shares to writing gaming columns for various magazines, including WIN Magazine, dedicating much of his time from 1986 to 1992 to mastering casino games. His initial foray into gaming literature, "Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos," was published in 1991 by Paone Press - an enterprise initiated by Paone, who also brought educational enrichment to Lawrence Middle School. Scoblete and Paone's partnership extended beyond professional realms as they tied the knot in 1993 and celebrated their union with blackjack sessions aboard a Mississippi riverboat.

Literature Selections

Frank Scoblete's influence extends beyond his books and columns; he has carved a niche as an expert in gambling documentaries like the Travel Channel's "What Would You Do If...?" His insights have frequented the pages of the Detroit News and Kansas City Star and during the 2003 gambling scandal of former Education Secretary William Bennett, The Washington Post acknowledged him as "a widely published authority on casino games."

Scoblete's entrepreneurial spirit led him to self-publish "The New Chance and Circumstance" through Paone Press, a quarterly magazine on casino lifestyle. His expertise also shines in the digital realm, contributing to websites such as and, plus managing his own content on Up until at least 2007, his advice column "Ask Frank" was a fixture in Casino City Times.

Recognized as a knowledgeable figure on card counting and dice control, Scoblete regularly conducts weekend seminars to share his strategies. His notable events include "gamblers jamborees," which bring together celebrated gambling experts like Dr. Henry Tamburin and Jean Scott. In 2006, Scoblete's "World Craps Championships" was a highlight in the gambling community, attracting 166 participants.

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