How to Find out if the Casino is Official?

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New players often have a problem when they do not understand how a casino can be trusted, and how not. There are hundreds of sites on the Internet and it is not easy at first glance to determine which of them, as beginners like to express, is an official casino. In our case, you should use the term - license. Now let’s see what it is.

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In order to open an “official casino”, you must obtain a license from one of the regulatory bodies. There are several companies that make control of the casino, thereby ensuring fair play on the sites under which there is a corresponding mark. To obtain a license, you must pay a certain membership fee as well as undergo an inspection procedure, under which the licensing company will look for various violations, verify the authenticity of games, and so on. In general, performs a full audit after which, if no violations have been identified, issues a license, which is essentially a sign of quality.

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As a result, you probably have a logical question - how to find out if the site has a license and whether this casino is official or not. The easiest way is to scroll to the bottom of the page and see the information there. There must be details of the company for which the casino is registered and the banner of the licensing authority.

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888 Casino - On the right there is an icon like the coat of arms. When you click on it with your mouse, you will be taken to the site of the company that issued the license - in our case it is the MGA license.

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The site will contain the legal address of the casino, the status of the license (it can be active, suspended and revoked), as well as an email for complaints. For the player, the main benefit of such an official casino is that if he has a dispute in which the casino will in any way infringe upon his rights, he can complain to the issuing company and the problem will be solved at a higher level. If it is decided that the casino did not have the right to take any action, they will be forced to meet the player’s needs, since under the agreement they cannot but obey the decision of the company that issued the license. Otherwise, it is simply annulled.

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All companies issuing licenses of casinos are carefully and regularly checked, so if you find information that the casino has any of these licenses, you can safely assume that this casino is official and there should be no problems with the game.

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For a quick comparison, you can open our casino review section and go to the page of any of them. And then, according to the above instructions, find which license the casino has.