Northwest Territories Online Casinos

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The very unique landscape in the Northwest Territories includes forests, mountains, Arctic tundra, and a bunch of small islands. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

The land is largely conserved and is like taking a trip back to a simpler, more prehistoric time. On top of that, the people in Northwest Territories – the population is just under 45,000 – are extremely friendly and hard-working.

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On the topic of gambling, the Northwest Territories doesn’t have any casino locations in their territory. But online gambling is easily accessible and is quite popular among the population.

The Laws of Gambling in NWT

Northwest TerritoriesYou must be 19 years old to gamble in the Northwest Territories. If you are any younger, you should be gambling. The Government of the Northwest Territories Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) regulate gambling laws in the territory.

Online Casinos in Northwest Territories

Even in other Canadian provinces and territories that have casinos, online gambling is popular. Online platforms are very secure and many people began trusting them in the last 15 years or so.

It helps that these Internet casinos are really well built and they’ve gone through all of the proper regulations in creating a proper platform. Now, they are great websites that are used by tons of people in the Northwest Territories.

The most popular online casino is Jackpot City. This casino has a nearly 10 star rating among users and will pay new users a sum of money just for signing up. This money can be used on their platform to play the many games they have accessible.

Jackpot City is Canada’s favourite online casino that is secure for all users to use and enjoy.

Other Internet casinos that are popular in the Northwest Territories are:

We ask that you operate safely when using an online casino and be careful when inserting your payment information.

Northwest Territories Online Casinos FAQ’s

What’s the minimum age for gambling in Northwest Territories?
You must be 19 years old to legally gamble in Northwest Territorites. It might be tough to enforce laws when dealing with online gambling, but the government keeps a close eye on underaged gambling and take it very serious.
Is there a lottery in Northwest Territories?
Yes there is a lottery. The Northwest Territories and Nunavut have a joint lottery called When You Play. It is run by LottoMax and Lotto 64.
Who rules all gambling in NWT?
The Government of the Northwest Territories Municipal and Community Affairs look over all gambling activity in the Northwest Territory.
Is it safe to use online casinos in NWT?
As long as you stay on the best Internet casinos, you can stay safe while gambling online. Be sure to check out our list above of the best websites to visit.
Do a lot of people gamble in NWT?
Yes, safe gambling is very popular in the northern territories of Canada.
Is there sports betting in NWT?
Yes, you can bet on sports. Hockey is one of the most popular sports and is followed very closely by the population.
What payment methods should I use for online gambling in NWT?
When you use a Visa or a MasterCard, you will be the safest. These are companies that have been around for a long time and they have been trusted by millions. When using another platform, you should be very careful.
Do I need to claim my winnings from gambling?
Only if your winnings make up the large majority of your income will you need to claim them. If you are a casual gambler, you will not have to include them on your next income tax filings.

There are no actual casinos in the Northwest Territories, but I still recommend you visiting here. While you’re visiting, you can jump online and enjoy some of the great Internet platforms that are available to people living here.

Follow our above guide to the best websites and you’ll love gambling on the Internet in the Northwest Territories.