EGT (Euro Games Technology)

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A late company in the gambling industry, Euro Games Technology (EGT) began with gambling equipment. Their strategy involved constantly improving their product by adding solutions. This showed deep care and consideration and value to their clients. Currently, they have games in 65 countries. Furthermore, operators and casinos continue to look for EGT products.

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With this sort of demand, you’d expect some great games right? In this review, we’ll cover why they’re in high demand and how they stand out from the rest.

EGT Online Casinos

Since EGT focused on gambling equipment, they created physical games first. From slots to other styles of games, you could only get real money from them by going to various casinos. As their popularity started to grow, they began shifting from land-based casinos to online. Today, you can play the games they offer to casinos now online.

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EGT has a large variety of games, and there are plenty of player favourites. The most notable games are EGT Slots, Versailles Gold, and 40 Super Hot.

Digging further into the games, what makes them so appealing is the exciting feature of Jackpot Cards. This is EGT’s brand of multilevel jackpot system. It features four levels: Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and Hearts. The higher the level the more real money you make. On top of that, players can get random jackpots which EGT guarantees a player to win at least one at any of those levels every time.

As you can see players have a great fighting chance at winning some real money. They walk away with some larger winnings compared to other games since they hit a jackpot guaranteed. What’s not to love about that?

EGT Online Slots

As mentioned above, your experience between online and on a casino floor will be the same when playing with EGT slots. The company has worked hard to make the integration between these two to be as seamless as possible.

EGT Slots

Looking at the games, they are colourful, interesting, and are inspired by familiar themes and topics. They can be purchased from operators across the globe. But what makes these games so interesting and appealing?

Well, what EGT slots differ from other gambling machines are:

  • These games are downloadable.
  • The widespread of themes and stories attract a diverse group of gamblers.
  • The graphics are professional and are highly detailed.
  • Solid sound performance.
  • Easy interface with flexible settings.
  • Slots also have profitable bonuses and cumulative jackpots.
  • Multi-currency payment option. You’ll get real money however you like it.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • 24/7 technical support to those running these machines.

As you can see they are a benefit to both players and casinos. The mythical and fantasy stories attract players and offer a lot of value to them in guarantee jackpots and other perks. The casino wins as they attract more players who’ll spend more. Real money is flowing in from this strategy.

EGT Mobile Slots

Once mobile gambling became more readily available, EGT jumped at the opportunity as well. Today, they have a wide variety of online mobile games available. This is made possible thanks to the download functionality of their games.

But what’s even nicer about this is that the mobile games offer the same kind of incentives to players. This means regardless of what device you are using, you have access to random jackpots and Jackpot Cards. What’s not to love about getting some real money on your phone?

EGT Casino Games

In terms of casino games, EGT’s focus has been on online slots. Still though, players can spend real money on a small pool of other games they have. These games at their core focus on blackjack, roulette amongst some other on-table games that are now digitalized. They offer various themes and types of these games but in essence, they are these games.

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Based on this, it’s clear that the company is focusing mainly on their video slots. And while it makes variety a tad lacking, it’s not always a bad thing. After all, they place much care into the games and machines. You definitely see that when looking at the reliability and security.

Their security is top notch. They make a habit of ensuring they have everything they need to do business in international markets. They also ensure each machine has compliance certificates.

The security of the games and systems is indisputable. Both the GLI and the SIQ acknowledged this. And these two institutes are some of the harshest control laboratories around.

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With this security and so much value to customers and casinos, EGT is giving their competition a run for their real money.

About EGT

EGT was founded in 2002 offering gambling machines to online and offline casinos. Since the start, the company had a policy of constantly improving the software. They did this by adding new solutions to their products. As a result, they grew in popularity as their machines offer plenty of value and customer satisfaction. Not to mention earning large casino profits. They now have machines across 65 countries.

EGT Options and Platform Settings

Options and Platform Settings

The company’s main headquarters is in Bulgarian and occupies a territory of 12,000 square meters. They also own an assortment of restaurants, cafes and 4 other buildings and a premise for expositions.