Adventures of Doubloon Island

Adventures of Doubloon Island slot
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The game Adventures of Doubloon Island by Triple Edge Studios is a thrilling adventure slot game where you can expect to win big rewards. This slot game allows the player to place bids ranging from $0.15 all the way up to $75.00 and consists of 20 payline combinations.

Video Adventures of Doubloon Island™ – Microgaming

Payable via 12 different signs: 4 “Low” Signs, 4 “High” Signs, Scatter Sign,  Wild Card, Doubloon Sign, Skull Doubloon Sign.

Adventures of Doubloon Island

Adventures of Doubloon Island has other aspects, such as the hyper hold meter, boosted hyper hold jackpots, free spins, and a win booster for the player to take advantage of. These aspects in Adventures of Doubloon Island are there to ensure you make a profit while you play.

Signs and Aspects in Adventures of Doubloon Island

The first four signs you should be aware of while playing Adventures of Doubloon Island are the Low Signs. These consist of a diamond, spade, heart and club, and vary in value, depending on how many appear in your payline combination, ranging from $0.50 when it appears thrice to $4.00 if it appears five times.

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Adventures of Doubloon Island scatterThe High signs in Adventures of Doubloon Island are characterized by a pair of swords, a parrot, a pirate and a captain. These signs also vary in value, depending on the number of times they appear in a payline combination, and depending on which sign it is; it can range from $0.50 for three appearances to $20.00 for five.

The Scatter sign is pictured as a treasure chest filled with gold doubloons and jewels and also has a ranging value, dependent on the frequency of its appearance in the paylines. The Adventures of Doubloon Island Scatter sign can be very useful, paying in any position. Scatter wins are added to line wins and multiplied by the total bet, raking in sufficient rewards. The Scatter sign awards free spins, with the Low signs removed during the free spins.

Adventures of Doubloon Island wildAdventures of Doubloon Island’s Wild sign is a substitute for all signs, except for scatters and hyper holds. Again, the values vary based on how many times they appear in the payline and can result in a ranging amount of $2.00 to $50.00.

The next two signs are a part of the hyper hold aspect, with the first of the two hyper hold signs being the Doubloon Sign, characterized by a golden coin and the second being the Skull Doubloon sign identified by a golden skull and cross-swords that can prompt the jackpot, while 15 of the hyper hold signs award the Mega Jackpot (awarded when the hyper hold aspect is complete).

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The hyper hold aspect plays a significant role in Adventures of Doubloon Island and can prompt free spins. Each of the hyper hold signs that it lands on is collected into the hyper hold meter, which resets on every spin. However, if you collect 6 to 14 hyper hold signs on a single spin in any position, it will prompt the hyper hold aspect, where each hyper hold sign awards you a cash prize or reveals a jackpot. To begin, you are given three re-spins, and each prompting sign is held on the reels. The unheld sign positions will continue to spin independently. It can either land on a hyper hold sign or a blank position. All additional signs do not exist in this aspect. As the reels spin, they will begin to fill with hyper hold signs, with each sign resetting the re-spins to 3. You have the chance to win the hyper hold jackpots, consisting of Mini: $50.00, Minor: $200.00, Major: $1,000.00, and Mega: $5,000.00. The aspect will end when you have no more re-spins or when 15 hyper hold signs are held on the reel.

Adventures of Doubloon Island coinThe last notable aspect is the win booster, which does not have an effect line pays. This elevates the jackpot and cash prize values, allowing Mega to be awarded by the Skull Doubloon sign. It is important to be aware that the win booster elevates your bet by 1,5x.

Final Thoughts About the Adventures of Doubloon Island

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. A bonus added to the fun gameplay is that we left with a profit of $110.00. We recommend Adventures of Doubloon Island to anybody looking for a slot game that you actually profit from.