Aquatic Treasures

Aquatic Treasures slot
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So you’d like to give the Aquatic Treasures a shot? Should you play it? Is it worth your time and attention? Keep reading this honest and completely unbiased Aquatic Treasures slot review to find out the answers.

Video Aquatic Treasures™ – Microgaming

We’d like to warn you right away. If you’d like to find anything super exciting, dynamic, thrilling, the Aquatic Treasures slot from Microgaming has little to offer you.

Aquatic Treasures

Let’s face it. This is simply not the best shot from Microgaming. Forgive us Microgaming but your team could do much better instead of ending up with a little bit dull slot like Aquatic Treasures. And here’s why.

Calming Gameplay and Features

Well, the theme of Aquatic Treasures online slot revolves around ocean and dolphins. If you are tired of a fast pace of life and love dolphins very much, you can definitely stick with it. It might have even resonated with you somewhere deep in your soul if you were a dolphin in your past life. Just kidding.)

Aquatic Treasures symbolThe gameplay is calming and looks not bad in general. However, there is nothing extraordinary or super exciting in visuals & features that you can see in Aquatic Treasures. What else? Sounds of the ocean can calm your mind and this is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this slot.

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All other features are really disappointing if you compare them with those in other games from Microgaming. For example, the Jackpot is ridiculously low. It’s only 357x of the stake. Isn’t this a robbery for real gamblers who are hunting for big prizes on a regular?

Other stuff to mention here:

  • RTP is nothing special (96.03%).
  • Like in the majority of slots you can find 3 reels and 5 rows that form 20 paylines for you.
  • You can decide on the size of your bet and put in anything in between of 0.20 and 100 per one spin.
  • Hit Rate of Aquatic Treasures is 32.58%. At least something good for you giving you an opportunity to win each 3d spin.
  • There are free spins and bonuses that are pretty much common for slots of this type.
Are There Any Exciting Bonuses in Aquatic Treasures?

It’s time for some bonuses. And perhaps they are exciting to some extent. At least something good from Microgaming in this game besides dolphins and bulbs.

First of all, there are Expanding Wilds. They can spice up the monotonous gameplay of Aquatic Treasures a little bit. Not a bad feature to support new players.

Aquatic Treasures scatterThe next bonus you can enjoy in Aquatic Treasures is Free Spins. You can trigger it if you land at least 3 Scatter symbols. It grants you with a small winning and 8 free spins (not more than 25x of initial stake). It’s possible to re-trigger it. For this, it’s necessary to get Wilds on the reels during the Free Spins.

The next feature is a little bit risky. It’s called Double Up. The principle that stands behind it is very simple. You bet on either multiplying your bet 2 times or losing all your winnings with 50/50 odds involved in your choice. Tricky? Perhaps. So it’s up to you whether you want to go for it or not.

Should You Play Aquatic Treasures?

Honestly, we don’t recommend you go for Aquatic Treasures unless you are a huge fan of dolphins and don’t care about other aspects of your gambling experience. No thumbs up for Aquatic Treasures. Sorry, Microgaming. If you’d like to dive big, search for other slots.

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It might be a way better decision to look for other games from Microgaming or other slots reviews that you can find on our site and find something really well worth it.