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If there is one thing that has added magnificence to those boring and wordy storybooks, it’s the Forts and the Fantasy that comes along. While word of mouth today states that it is practically impossible to experience the luxury of your fort, Microgaming has other ideas. It brings you the sublime Fortress Charge slot where you are the emperor and the guardian!

Video Fortress Charge™ – Microgaming

Fortress Charge has three different paylines. It comes with a six-reel and three-column layout and is jam-packed with multiple features. You can multiply your stakes by as much as sixteen thousand times. Not to forget its ability to return around 96% on every stake, which makes it moderately volatile.

Fortress Charge

Theme is an important part of every slot as it helps to maintain the interest of the players. Fortress Charge seeks to take this sentiment on a whole new level. The Microgaming family has brought to the fore a completely new dimension of design, which shall act as the new standard for other slots.

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In the background, you have a three-layer fortress surrounded with a thick forest cover behind.

Fortress Charge has got three distinct categories of symbols, namely:

  • Heroes - dragons, dwarfs, knights, elves, and minotaur.
  • Villains - boulders, scorpions, and spikes.
  • Accessories - chests, armours, spears, and wands.

The symbols even have shadows associated with them to offer a more optimized gaming experience.


  •  The sixth reel of Fortress Charge is filled all over with fortresses.
  • The heroes of the game start from the left and race to reach the fortress. With every spin, the heroes shift to the right with a single step. On their way, they are confronted with various villains and can also collect different accessories. The chest gives multipliers ranging from four and a half times to fifteen times.
  • Among the accessories collected, there are also multipliers having a magnitude of two or four. Once the heroes reach the final destination, they win top prizes, and the prize gets multiplied by the accumulated multipliers. Thus, you stand a chance to multiply your stakes by sixteen times.
  • Each enemy defeated awards a specific prize. However, these prizes are also available in combinations. For example, defeating a team of ogres and spikes can fetch you as much as a hundred dollars, provided that the hero is the dragon. Here’s how much you get by defeating villains.

a) Ogre — 0.75 times of your bet
b) Scorpion — 0.9 times of your bet
c) Spike — 1.05 times of your bet
e) Boulder — 1.2 times of your bet
e) Snake — 1.35 times of your bet.

  • It’s not always the case of winning. Your hero can be defeated as well by the villain. After all, forts are required to be protected through fierce battles.
  • Fortress Charge fireThere is an additional Fireball feature that helps you defeat villains. Fireballs appear randomly and land directly on the villain, thereby killing him and clearing your path to advance towards the fort.
  • The fortresses at the sixth reel are of different colours housed in three different colours. Once the hero reaches the fortress, he gets the jumbo multiplier housed in it. This, of course, is in addition to the multipliers collected through on the way. Multipliers associated with the three fortresses are as follows:

a) Red: 150-1500 times of your bet
b) Purple: 22.5-112.5 times of your bet
c) White: 15-21.75 times of your bet.

Betting and Prize Dynamics

Just like other Microgaming slots, Fortress Charge offers a flexible betting range starting from ten cents to fifteen dollars. The jackpot is a solid sixteen thousand times of your bet that can change the skies of your fortunes.

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Fortress Charge symbolHowever, with a hit frequency of 12%, the game has high risk associated with it, perhaps, justifying the notion “those who risk it all, win big”. But that’s not the end of the road. This high risk is equally balanced by 96% returns on every stake. So, for cautious players, Fortress Charge is a slot game worth trying.


Fortress Charge is a perfect blend of modern-day gambling and fantasy gaming, the two things, which slot players love. The payouts are massive, and the gameplay is intriguing and attractive to catch your attention for hours. Though Fortress Charge has limited paylines and high risk, yet it is one of the slots that you should try out.