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Hammer of Vulcan - It really got our hopes up, thinking we’d see the pointy ears and stoic expression of Spock and his people somewhere in this game. We were disappointed, but not by that much, once we learned some facts about the game.

Video Hammer of Vulcan™ – Quickspin

The Roman God of Fire, Vulcan, was known to reside deep in Earth’s crust with volcanoes as his only outlet. He spent his days deep underground, working away and forging mythical weapons, such as the game’s namesake, the Hammer of Vulcan.

Hammer of Vulcan

The design of the game takes you straight to the heart of it all, somewhere deep in what seems to be the depths of a volcano. The grid is made up of strong metal blocks on a rock pillar and held up by chains.

You can almost feel the heat as you wait for the game to begin!

Hammer of Vulcan Details

The mythological theme has been done to death. Hammer of Vulcan has a trick up its sleeve, but more on that feature later. The game looks great on paper with a 6×4 grid and an astounding 4,096 paylines. That is more than 2,000x other regular slot game pay ways!

Hammer of Vulcan wildWith so many ways to win, it’s only natural that you’d expect a big jackpot - and you’d be right! The maximum win in Hammer of Vulcan is up to 20,000x your initial bet. That isn’t too shabby at all when you compare it to other slot games.

The betting range is quite standard, from 0.10 to 100, which makes the payways and winning jackpot even more impressive.

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Unfortunately, there are two major drawbacks of Hammer of Vulcan. One is the RTP (return to player), which is at 95.81%, below the average 96. To rub salt on the wound, the volatility is at an all-time high of 10/10 on the scale. But if you stop to think about it, it’s only fair since the gains are so great. The developers can’t make it that easy for you!

Features in Hammer of Vulcan

Hammer of Vulcan sets itself apart from other mythical creatures game with four main features - Hammer Strike, Light the Forge, a buyout feature and Strike Again. As you can guess, most of these terms have something to do with the forging of the legendary Hammer of Vulcan.

Hammer of Vulcan scatterThe wild card in Hammer of Vulcan is the hammer. Whenever they are triggered, the Hammer of Vulcan comes down hard on the grid. Depending on where it lands, all the symbols underneath it will turn into wilds as well. Don’t worry when the hammer comes down - it’s actually a good thing!

The scatter symbols are the volcanoes, and they activate the next feature on the list - Light the Forge, which in turn leads to the free spins. You can land anywhere from 3 - 6 scatters, which then give you 10,12,15 or 20 free spins. Whenever you get the wild card on the grid, it adds a 1x multiplier to the free spins.

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Strike again is a bonus feature that may present itself in the free spin if you are awarded no wins. As a last hurrah, you will get one more free spin until you get a winning combo. Basically, the developers make sure you don’t leave empty-handed.

Hammer of Vulcan hammerwild

They also offer a bonus buy feature that you can purchase to guarantee the landing of 3 - 6 scatters that will lead to free spins and more wins.


Despite the low RTP and high volatility, Hammer of Vulcan gets our stamp of approval. The payways are more than we bargained for, and the 20,000x jackpot is beyond our wildest dreams. Don’t believe us? Give it a try!