Hyper Strike

Hyper Strike slot
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New age and old school come together with Hyper Strike slot. You can find that Microgaming offers the best mix of themes that provide the best payouts. The colourful options are what jump off the slots at you. Check out the winnings and make sure to read the exciting extras the makers have added to the game.

Video Hyper Strike™ – Microgaming

For those who want to keep that action going, find out the many features you can grab from Hyper Strike, welcoming everyone inside. Hyper Strike can be played with just about any Internet browser, or even with any of the operating systems that you use to download the casino on. When you are looking for a game that doesn’t take much to run but runs like you have the highest quality screen, then this is where you want to find yourself playing.

Hyper Strike

The best news is that the graphics don’t just stop at the computer version of Hyper Strike. You can be sure to get an excellent quality gaming experience from the mobile version, as well. This offers more for those looking to play and win.

Visuals and Theme

Microgaming is one of the most popular software developers out there. You want to check them out because you know the graphics and sounds are good. This is how many players describe the games from Microgaming, including Hyper Strike.

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With clear graphics, crystal clear sounds, and more, you won’t have to worry about missing something or not enjoying your time.

How is Gameplay with Hyper Strike

You can find that this smaller sized slot might not pay out a lot with five to three different reels. However, this is not the case. Hyper Strike can provide the best payout at the end of where they land. It would help if you lined up the right symbols at the correct times in Hyper Strike.

A 96.24% RTP is a high amount that is exceptionally well for spinning. Twenty active pay lines match up on the bars, so when you see them all land on the same winnings, what you get as a payout is going to be extraordinary.

Other Features Available

Hyper Strike free spinsThe top prize is around 2,000 times the amount that you put in on Hyper Strike. This means that the more and higher you bet on the slot, the higher the payout will be. You’re going to get a decent payout if you line up the right symbols. Check out a couple of jackpot side games offering some more cash. The volatility of this is medium, giving you a fair chance.

A few scatters and wilds are what comes around the board. When you get to these top-paying wilds, you won’t have to worry about turning around. The bonuses are also ones that pay out a higher amount at Hyper Strike.

Should You Play This Game?

In short, you should play this game. You can find that you can get more from the use of this game. You will get a good payout, you will end up having a decent amount of fun, and you will see the payout and return on your time.

  • RTP of over 96.24%
  • The jackpot prize of $120,000
  • The highest quality gameplay
  • Colourful, bright, and fun to spin and win.

Those who are interested in Hyper Strike should check out what they have to offer. With so many happening, big wins, and even bigger jackpots, you can enjoy bigger, better payouts. Of course, if you are not into fun, quality graphics and sounds, colours, and bright graphics, then this might not be for you.

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The same is for those who are not looking for a big payout. If you want to win less, have less fun, and not have a good time at all, go somewhere else. Check out Hyper Strike at an excellent time today.