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Incan Adventure - Just by looking at the name alone, you may be thinking this is just another Incan, Mayan, or Aztec inspired game that is almost as played out as ancient temples and Egyptian themes. While it is one of those themes, the entire design of the game leaves much more to be desired.

Video Incan Adventure™ – Microgaming

While it’s still considered one of the slot games, Incan Adventure doesn’t feature a regular grid, paylines or reels. You basically just take your pick of blocks of rock, and your little guy just drills the ones you pick to win.

Incan Adventure

Other than earning coins, drilling these blocks will also gain you super drills, which will help your drilling attempts, and get you statues as well as batteries. It’s a very fun game that really adds something different to a regular slot game.

The design is very simple, and seems to take place in an Incan cave, hence the name Incan Adventure. On the top left side of the screen, you can see a large battery counter, and on the right, you see a drill counter.

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Your little guy in a hard hat is ready to get to work by drilling the blocks directed by you. You will get a taste of what the game has to offer as you make your way down the cavern.

Incan Adventure Details

Incan Adventure symbolAlthough there isn’t the presence of a regular grid, Incan Adventure does still have the same statistics of a basic slot game. The RTP, or return to player, is at a very healthy 96.25%. While that does lift your spirits, you need to keep in mind that the volatility sits on the high end of the spectrum.

Your bets can start at 0.2 and go up to 100. This is a pretty wide betting range and will make most players feel comfortable enough to enter a bet. The max jackpot isn’t too high, offering 2,880x your initial bet. All in all, it’s really not too bad. But with a slot game that doesn’t follow the regular design, what type of features can you expect from Incan Adventure? Let’s find out!

Incan Adventure Features

First, we mentioned that you could gather batteries as you drill the blocks in Incan Adventure, which will fill up the battery counter on the top left of the screen. You need battery to place your bets, so it’s a good idea to keep that bar full.

There is also a normal drill feature, which you can see on the top right-hand side of the screen. With each regular drill, you get a 1x multiplier. However, there is also a super drill symbol that offers a 3x multiplier that will give you a cash payout. You can only get these super drills by filling up the basic drill counter.

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The statue gives you access to the free bonus round, but you need five to trigger it. Once it’s triggered, all the blocks are now free and do not require battery. There are 7 levels of the bonus rounds, and you can access the subsequent levels by locating the bonus key. If you don’t find it within the allotted block counts you are allowed, the game stops.

Incan Adventure Symbols

There also aren’t very clear symbols in Incan Adventure, so we’re going to talk about the different blocks, which include:

  • Regular block

Regular blocks yield the other basic symbols, and all you need is a standard drill to get through them.

  • Trap block

These blocks can deplete your battery if you break enough of them with a standard drill. It will countdown to when a weapon will shoot you and take some of your battery power.

  • Wall block

A wall block in Incan Adventure is a tough block that will need many drills to break.

  • Gold block

Requires many attempts to break and can yield up to 240 coins.

  • Diamond block

Similar to gold blocks, but can yield up to 480 coins.

  • Power block

Once you manage to drill these blocks, they will randomly break 10 other of the other blocks, except diamond or gold. This is because the random destroyed blocks will turn into them and bring you more wins.

Incan Adventure free bonus

Then there are the symbols you can collect in Incan Adventure, which include statues, batteries, and drills.


Incan Adventure is an awesome fresh take on a regular slot game. While the theme isn’t a new one, the theme is less what this game is about. What Incan Adventure offers is a ton of innovative features that makes this more of an interactive arcade game than a regular slot game. You can play the game on your mobile or desktops, so you never have to miss an adventure.