Jackpot Raiders

Jackpot Raiders slot
Slot Details
Yggdrasil Gaming
Min Coin Size:
Max Coin Size:
160.000 coins
Auto Play:
Progressive Jackpot:
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star Off
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Jackpot Raiders has a lot of visual appeal right from the get go. It is a 5x3 game with 20 paylines. There 2 free spin modes as well as 2 bonus games. It’s a 1930’s era with an Indiana Jones kind of feel to it. The game feels like you’re inside a ship and the features on the reels correlate well with this vibe.

Video Jackpot Raiders™ – Yggdrasil Gaming

When you spin, there are 4 card suit symbols that may come up. There are things like backpacks, hats, and the two stars in the game. They offer you some great wins. You can get up to 200 times your stake when there are five of the characters on a line that pays out. There are lot of ways to win in this game and the way the points morph into cash on your account is pretty amusing. If you like adventure and a lot of activity in a video slot, you’ll want to try this game out.

Compass Scatter Symbols

In this game, there are no wilds. However, other aspects of the game make up for it. The compass scatter symbol will trigger features of the game. It is the pivotal part of Jackpot Raiders. If two of the symbols come up, you’ll get the Pick-and-Click Chest Game activation. There will be 5 treasure chests, you have to choose one. The prizes range from 20-80 coins, Free spins, the Treasure Hunt Bonus, or a map you can put in your map collection which comes in handy later.

Jackpot Raiders

If there are 3 compass scatter symbols, you activate the Compass feature. This will get you the Treasure Hunt Bonus or the Jackpot Free Spins.

Treasure Hunt Bonus

When you get the Treasure Hunt Bonus, you can play as one of the two characters in the game. It’s a mini-game within the main game. Apparently Bear will give you a better chance of winning something but the prizes aren’t as valuable. Sam is volatile but there’s a chance for bigger wins.

Jackpot Raiders symbolWhatever character you use, they have 3 chances to get across the river and open the chest. When a chest gets open, you get to level up. This will give you a greater chance of bigger awards. There are 3 levels in total. When this feature is active, you can win up to 1,800 coins or obtain collection maps and relics.

When you get the Jackpot Free Spins, there will be 10 spins and whatever you win during those spins are tripled. If there are 5 gems that match, you trigger one of 5 jackpots.

Maps to Collect

New players start off with 2 Summit Shrine Maps and one other random map. You get 5 maps that match, you trigger Jackpot Free Spins and you’re given a gem for a greater chance to get the Jackpot collection.

  • Summit Shrine
  • Highland Gate
  • Jungle Ruins
  • Desert Tomb
  • Templar Grave
Sunken City Free Spins

Jackpot Raiders scatterWhen you have collected 5 relics, you get a Treasure Hunt Bonus. Your wins will be multiplied by 10. This feature is rare but when you get it, get ready for some big wins. You get a gem to start with which would give you a greater chance of activating jackpots.

Jackpot Free Spins

With the Jackpot Free Spins, you get one of 5 Jackpots. They have a starting value as follows:

  • Forgotten Jackpot - €40
  • Rare Jackpot - €200
  • Mythical Jackpot - €600
  • Ancient Jackpot - €1,500
  • Legendary Jackpot - €15,000

Jackpot Raiders scrolls


There are plenty of way to win in the game which makes it exciting play. There is a deeper plotline than many of the other video slots out there too.


While there are plenty of graphics that are exciting in the game, it’s slightly grainy compared to other games.