Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 slot
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Reactoonz 2 is a classic grid format setup, featuring a 7×7 cascading video slot game, utilizing the cluster pays system for creating new wins.

Video Reactoonz 2™ – Play’n GO

The rewards offered on the video slot are up to 5,083x the stakes in each round, and the Return to Player (RTP) is at 96.20%, which is one of the major highlights of the game, bringing in multiple new players and holding on to the dedicated ones.

Reactoonz 2

Want to know how winning combinations are formed? The requirement is the landing of five or more symbols in a cluster adjacent to each other. The payout increases with the increase in the size of the cluster.

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The game's graphics and theme are an eye-candy, featuring a dark purplish-blue background with a cosmic touch. The tiny monster-face symbols with one and two eyes are what drives your game. Topping it off with an electrical sound effect, Reactoonz 2 is well-designed gaming software.

Reactoonz 2 Game Features

A one-eyed symbol is chosen to fluctuate at random on each new round or spin, as we call them. On forming a winning cluster, by the fluctuating symbol, an Electric Wild is generated randomly and fills up the Fluctometer. When the Fluctometer is full, it creates one, two, or three Electric Wilds released in the grid.

Reactoonz 2 electric wildThe zapping Electric Wilds replace any other symbols on the reels randomly. The Electric Wild that zaps and removes the non-wild one-eyed and two-eyed symbols contributes to the Quantumeter as charges that fill it. Each symbol is equal to one charge.

In Reactoonz 2, the Quantumeter is a meter charged when Electric Wilds remove fluctuating symbols in winning clusters. The Quantumeter has 4 charge levels, being able to hold up to 135 charges.

The different charge levels of the Quantumeter are as follows:

  • Level 1: 55 charges
  • Level 2: 85 charges
  • Level 3: 110 charges
  • Level 4: 135 charges.

The Level 3 charged state of the Quantumeter is called a fully charged state, but the Level 4 charged state is considered an overcharged state.

The charging of the Quantumeter continues unhindered after the release of an Energoon Wild, but on the release of a Gargantoon Wild, the charging of the Quantumeter is disabled.

On reaching each of the above levels, the Quantumeter in Reactoonz 2 releases the following Wilds:

  • Level 1: 4 symbols of 1×1 Energoon Wilds.
  • Level 2: Single symbol of 2×2 Energoon Wild.
  • Level 3: Single 3×3 Gargantoon Wild.
  • Level 4: Multiplier worth x2 for all wins, including Gargantoon Wilds.

On Level 3, the 3×3 Gargantoon Wild will activate a cascade; it breaks down to two 2×2 Gargantoon Wilds. These also trigger a cascade in the grid, following which nine 1×1 Gargantoon Wilds replace them.

Reactoonz 2 energoonThe presence of two or more Electric Wilds on the grid triggers the Wild Pair Explosion. In this, two Electric Wilds are randomly selected; the preference is given to those that are horizontally or vertically adjacent. The adjacent pair of Electric Wilds removes all symbols except the wilds from the grid.

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In selecting any non-adjacent Electric Wild pair, the pair will destroy any one-eyed or two-eyed symbols between the wilds in Reactoonz 2. The destroyed symbols do not participate in the payout but can get charged from the adjacent winning clusters and Wild Pair Explosion.


Reactoonz 2 can seem a confusing game initially, especially if you are a beginner, but it is an easy game to follow and can be grasped quickly. The out-of-the-world graphics, pun intended, and the silly but cute monster faces add charm to the gaming experience.

Reactoonz 2, a classic cascading video slot game, has a lot to offer; let us not forget the handsome 5,083x rewards offered for stakes in each round. Our recommendation would be to experience the seamless graphics and interface of Reactoonz 2. You will get hooked to it in no time, that is for sure!