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Rooster Fury is an online slot from Endorphina, a Czech game developer. The theme is cockfights, but in a playful way in cartoon style incorporated in this slot machine. A cockfight tournament has been incorporated into the bonus game.

Video Rooster Fury™ – Endorphina

The further you progress, the more you win and the higher the prizes per battle won. At best, the bonus game consists of six fights of at least five spins each. And then you can double your winnings ten times in a row via the Risk Game!

Rooster Fury

You play Rooster Fury with 5 fixed paylines. They run horizontally (three pieces) and diagonally (two pieces). You win when you spin three of the same symbols on a payline. That really has to be three of the same symbols, because Rooster Fury does not have a Wild symbol.

The minimum bet is 0.05 CAD per spin, or 0.01 CAD per active payline. You play a maximum of a tenner per payline, so that the maximum bet is 50 CAD per spin.

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Do you win? Then you can play the Risk Game. Contrary to, for example, Stakelogic and Novomatic slot machines, there is no maximum bet for the Endorphina Risk Game.

Rooster Fury symbolYou win if you draw a higher card than the dealer. When you open the Risk Game, you are not obliged to play. So you can check what card the dealer has. Does he have a high card? Then you don't play. And does the dealer have a low card? Then you'll play.

The best strategy for this Risk Game is to play when the dealer has a 2, 3, 4 or a 5 lying around. The payout percentage of the Risk Game is then above 100 percent. And so it is beneficial to play at these times.

Rooster Fury: Symbols and Payouts

Rooster Fury revolves around seven different roosters fighting each other in the ring. In the basic game, you have to spin three of the same roosters on a payline. That will earn you a cash prize.

The roosters deliver payouts ranging from 0.6 times your stake up to 100 times your stake. On the Rooster Fury slot machine, one rooster is not the other.
Rooster Fury only gets fun in the bonus game. So let's quickly move on to the bonus game.

Bonuses in Rooster Fury

Rooster Fury scatterThe “Rooster Fury” logo is the bonus symbol. Three times this bonus symbol gives you a cash prize of 5 times your bet and the bonus. Before the bonus starts, the “Random Number Generator” selects one of the seven roosters. This is your rooster. And your rooster competes against the other roosters. One by one.

Each fight consists of five rounds. In other words, five spins. A winning combination of your rooster earns you one point. Will there be a winning combination with the rooster that your rooster is fighting? Then your opponent gets one point. Whoever has the most points after five rounds wins. Is it a draw? Then there is an extra spin. Until there is a winner.

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Does your rooster win? Then you take a cash prize and move on to the next round. There is another one of the other roosters ready to take on your rooster. Winning a fight becomes more lucrative with the fight. The first fight is good for 6 times your stake, while the sixth and final fight is good for 30 times your stake.

Rooster Fury feature

Is another rooster chopping your rooster? Then the bonus game is over and you return - with the prize money played together until then - to the base game.

What Do We Think of Rooster Fury?

Rooster Fury is well put together. The bonus game is quite exciting. Every battle will give you a prize (if you win) and meanwhile, the winnings you make from the spins add up nicely.

To be successful in the bonus game you need to get far in the cockfight tournament. So you need a portion of luck to win nice prizes, but that applies to every slot machine.