Super Showball

Super ShowBall slot
Slot Details
Min Coin Size:
Max Coin Size:
11.000 coins
Auto Play:
Progressive Jackpot:
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star
Rang Star Off
Rang Star Off
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Bingo games are no longer only associated with a certain age group because Super Showball takes it to a whole other level. It takes after bingo in the concept, and you can play up to 4 cards per game to increase your chances of winning.

Of course, you can also lower your chances and give yourself less to keep track of if you pick fewer cards to play. You then set your bet on each card and start with the random draws and wait for your winning combinations.

If you are close but aren’t quite there, that’s when the extra balls come in. So if you think about it, Super Showball does offer players a fair chance at the winnings.

If you like bingo or keno (game of chance) games, then you will definitely love Super Showball. The more complex and exciting version of bingo is also matched up with music to get you pumped up.

Super Showball Features

The design in Super Showball is simply straightforward, and easy to understand. The patterns you need to achieve sit at the top of the screen, and the ball machine plus numbered balls sit under it.

Super ShowBall extraThe play button is located on the right-hand side of the card, and you press it whenever you want to begin the game. It’s not quite a slot game, but it offers just as many chances at winning and excitement a traditional slot game gives. The music and the graphics and visuals are also very fitting. It does seem like a lot to keep track of when you look at the screen initially. But it just takes some time to get used to it.

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If it’s too much for you, Super Showball has an auto button that will keep track of everything for you while you sit comfortably in your chair, just waiting for the jackpot. We suggest playing with all four cards just to increase your winning chances since playing with less than that won’t guarantee as many earnings and won’t be as worthwhile in the long run.

Super Showball Details

In Super Showball, you get a total of 30 balls, and you need to rely mostly on luck for a winning combination with those numbers. The winning patterns come in 15 different combinations and, of course, are worth different amounts. Let’s take a look at them in descending order.

Don’t fret if you don’t win even with 15 different combinations because Super Showball will give you one last hurrah. This last hail Mary comes in the form of a bonus ball for purchase.

Super ShowBall 30balls

Sometimes you can get them for free, but you can also choose to buy it. There is also a possibility that you win a mystery prize, which could contain prizes of 10x all the way up to 11,000x your initial bet!

You can start with a safe 0.10 bet if you just want to test the waters in Super Showball. But as the show goes on and you gain more confidence, you can start betting at the max 10 per ticket. Get ready for a jackpot of 1,500x your stake and bonus features for extra incentive!


You might be used to slot games being Microgaming’s primary content, so this bingo/keno game is a proof they are trying to diversify their range. If you are looking for something different, Super Showball will provide you with the same amount of excitement, comparable winnings, and just as much fun.